How to Create Glitter Lash Extensions | Step-by-Step Instructions

It's that time of the year again! Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the festive spirit than by jazzing up your clients’ lashes? We're talking about glitter lashes - yes, those sparkly, eye-catching beauties that can turn any look into a holiday masterpiece. Whether you're a lash pro or just starting out, this guide is your secret weapon to mastering the art of glitter lash extensions. So, grab your lash tools, and let's add some sparkle to those lashes! 

Green glitter eyelash extensions
Stunning green glitter lashes by  @darja_lashandbrowsecrets

What's the Buzz About Glitter Lashes?

Glitter lashes used to be solely associated with fantasy lash looks created for competitions. However, nowadays, they’re gaining popularity all year round. Especially during the festive seasons like Halloween and, of course, Christmas! Glitter lashes are like the fairy godmother of eyelash extensions, they transform regular lash looks into something magical. And the best part? They're the perfect beauty statement for Christmas! Imagine combining the gorgeous look of regular lash extensions with festive colors like redgreen, and gold. That's what we're aiming for! When your client walks into a room with those sparkly lashes, trust us, they'll not just be turning heads; they'll be starting conversations. And isn't that what we all want during the festive season? A bit of drama, a touch of glamor, and a whole lot of fun!


Customizing the Look:

One of the coolest things about glitter lashes is how versatile they are. You can mix and match colors, play with different lengths, thicknesses, and curls, and even combine them with classic black extensions for a more nuanced look. You could create a set of eyelash extensions with subtle hints of red and green, topped off with a gold liner for that perfect metallic finish. It'll be like Christmas in your client’s eyes!

Gold eyelash Extensions
Stunning lash set by incredible London Lash Trainer @irina_londonlashpro

Prep Like a Pro:

First things first, let's talk about you  lash extensions kit. You'll need quality lash extensions (shoutout to us, London Lash, for our amazing range of colorful lash extensions). You’ll also need to make sure your client's natural lashes are prepped with a thorough pretreatment routine - a squeaky clean base is key to a long-lasting, stunning look. If you’re unsure about why pretreatment is so important for flawless lashes, you can check out our handy blog post “Is Pretreatment Worth it?” for more info.

Applying lash primer with a micro swab

How to Create Glitter Lash Extensions:

Pick Your Players: Make sure to analyze your clients’ facial structure, and perform a thorough consultation, so that you choose the right length and curl for your client. For the holiday season, why not try some red and green lashes? They’llscream Christmas!


Base Lashes, First: Apply your base eyelash extensions as usual. If you’re working in layers, this will help you to easily incorporate your colored lashes into your set. We have a blog post all about how to incorporate colored lashes into your lash sets, including how to apply them in layers for different effects - so check that out if you want to learn how!

Isolating the lashes in layers

Bring on the Glitter: If you already have pre-made glitter lash extensions, then pop them on now. You can focus on the outer corners for a subtle twinkle, or apply them to the lower lash layer and go all out for full-on glam. However, if you’re making your own glitter lashes, then you’ll need to also grab a glass dish and your glitter. At London Lash, we try to be as environmentally conscious as possible, so we recommend using biodegradable glitters to be eco-friendly. We’d also suggest using fine glitter rather than chunky glitter with large pieces, as they may not adhere as effectively and can overpower the look. You can also use a fine glitter liner to create your own glitter lashes by gently coating your regular extensions with them. Gold or silver liners work wonders to create a gorgeous metallic look. Just be sure they’re lash-friendly!


Select Your Tweezers: Now’s the time to grab your favorite pair of trusty lash tweezers! If you’re creating fluffy Volume lash fans, make sure they are suitable for volume lashing techniques, like Mega Volume eyelash tweezers. Using your eyelash tweezers, carefully dip the tips of your lash fan, individual lash, or spike into a clear lash glue like Crystal Bond, and then gently dip it into your glitter. Make sure to tap off any excess before allowing it to dry. Once dry, you can then apply your glitter lashes to the natural lashes like any regular lash extensions. Check out the video below for a demonstration of our recommended technique!

Applying glitter lashes is an art. So you want to ensure each lash is perfectly placed for maximum impact. It's all about creating a look that's not just beautiful, but also comfortable. Remember, a happy client is a returning client!

Glitter Lash Extensions Aftercare:

Safety First: When working with glitter and adhesives near the eyes, safety is paramount. Always use a professional eyelash glue like one from our London Lash range, just like you would with a regular lash set, and make sure your clients know that while glitter lashes will look stunning, they do require a little bit of extra maintenance and care to protect their natural lashes. Glitter lashes are NOT for the long haul and should only be worn for a short period of time, like for a special occasion, as there’s still a risk of the glitter coming loose and getting into the eyes, and the natural lashes facing some strain from the additional weight of the glitter on the lashes.

If your client has a specific event that they want to wear these lashes for, or if it’s simply for your social media content, make sure to book them in as soon as possible, to get them removed. You can replace their glitter lashes with some classic black lashes or colored ones for a vibrant touch! 

colored lash extensions

Aftercare: If your client can’t come in as soon as possible to have the glitter lashes removed, then advise them to use a lash shampoo as usual, but to practice a more gentle cleansing routine when cleaning around the glitter. Because the glitter only covers a portion of the lash set, your client can clean between the lashes without the need for heavy scrubbing. To ensure proper aftercare, it's crucial to make sure that you’ve demonstrated the correct cleansing technique to your clients.

shampoo for eyelash extensions

Marketing Your Glitter Lash Services

As a Lash Technician, offering glitter lashes during the holiday season is a fantastic way to attract new clients and impress your regulars. If a client requests a glitter lash set, then utilize this opportunity and showcase your glitter lash creations on social media. Don't forget to highlight the unique, festive touch they bring to any look! You could even offer these services at a discounted price if you wanted to add to your portfolio and amp up your online lash content. During the appointment, why not also encourage your clients to share their glitter lash selfies afterward? Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing!

Taking eyelash extensions social media content

To wrap up, glitter lashes are more than just a festive accessory; they're a reflection of your client’s personality and your skill as a Lash Artist. With the right approach, technique, and safety precautions taken, you'll be all set to create eye-catching, festive lash looks.This Christmas, let's go beyond the traditional and embrace the glam. Bring on the glitter and make those lashes sparkle!