Do you sell mink lashes?

All our lashes are made from synthetic material so are completely cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, they are soft and lovely to work with.

We do have two main collections: Mayfair Mink and Chelsea Silk but the names are only used to differentiate between the collections. Both are still made from synthetic materials. The main difference is in the way the lashes are finished - the Mayfair collection has a shinier and darker appearance than the Chelsea. Chelsea is a great option for clients looking for a more natural volume set or classic lashes, whereas Mayfair is a bolder, darker option which will give a more dramatic and glamorous finish. 

The strip that the Mayfair comes on is also a little bit less sticky, so some lash technicians prefer this for creating fans, depending on their favored fanning method. For classic lashes, Mayfair and Chelsea are both well-loved by lash artists and their clients alike. 

What are the best eyelashes to buy?

The best lashes for you will depend on your preferences and the look you are hoping to achieve, but in quite general terms our best-selling Classic lashes are 0.12 and 0.15 thicknesses.

For Russian Volume sets, our 0.05, 0.06 and 0.07 are well-loved! Or if you're after those super fine lashes for mega volume looks we have 0.03 and 0.04.

Almost all lashes are available in mixed and single length trays so that you can either try out a bit of everything or get all of the lengths you love best and use the most. We have a few different curls on offer, but the best-sellers are C, CC and D curls across all ranges, and a new love M-curl!

To find out more information on our lash extension range, read our blog:

Different types of eyelash extensions and when to use them

A guide to London Lash lashes

How to pick the best lash supplies as a beginner

What is the maximum thickness you would recommend to create volume fans?

When choosing the thickness for volume lashes, we need to take into consideration few factors:

Thickness of client’s natural lashes

General condition and health of client’s natural lashes

Final effect you want to create

The more volume you want to create, the thinner the lashes you will use should be. Mega volume fans = thinner lash extensions

For 2D volume, we recommend either 0.10 or 0.07 thickness.

For 3D-5D volume, we suggest 0.07 or 0.05 thickness.

For volume 6D or more we recommend 0.05, 0.04 or 0.03 thickness depending on the final effect you want to achieve. 

Please also remember that if you would like to create longer looking lashes, it is good to then reduce the amount of volume, to keep the client's natural lashes in good condition.

What lashes are best for creating a volume set?

All our lashes, except for Matt Flat Ellipse lashes, are perfect for creating a gorgeous volume lash set. It is the lash technician’s personal preference, if they would like to use Chelsea or Mayfairlashes, as both collections can be used for creating fans.

We also sell Easy Fanning Lashes that have mixed lengths on the strip to create an effortlessly easy wispy effect.

Alternatively, you can use Premade Fans which have been handmade already in the factory, allowing you to create a quick volume application, without spending time on creating fans.

What lashes are best for classics?

It is the lash technician’s personal preference if they would like to use Chelsea or Mayfairlashes, as both collections can be used for classic sets. We sell a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.12 to 0.20 so you can choose the most suitable thickness. 

You can also use our Matt Flat/Ellipse Cashmere Lashes, which due to their ellipse shape create a slightly thicker looking and more dramatic classic set. Due to their flat base (instead of the rounded base with the Mayfair/Chelsea range) it helps to create a better bond between the natural lash and the eyelash extension. Additionally, Matt Flat Ellipse lashes have a split-tip, creating an even softer wispiness to a classic lash set.

What are your lash extensions made from?

All London Lash Pro lashes are made from a synthetic material so are completely cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, they are beautifully soft and lovely to work with.

What is the difference between the Mayfair and Chelsea collections?

The Mayfair Mink lashes are made from the same synthetic material as the Chelsea Silk, meaning that they are hypoallergenic, hold their curl perfectly and last equally well! The main difference is in the way the lashes are finished - the Mayfair collection has a shinier, darker and bolder appearance than the Chelsea, which is a more natural lash color and perfect for creating a beautiful soft natural look. The strip that the Mayfair comes on is also a little bit less sticky, so some lash technicians prefer this for creating fans, depending on their favored fanning method. For classic lashes, Mayfair and Chelsea are both well-loved by lash artists and their clients alike.

To see the lash collections for yourself, watch our video London Lash Chelsea, Mayfair, and Flat Lashes

Which glue should I use when working with Color lashes?

Clear glue is the best friend for coloured lashes, especially lashes which are light in color, for example, light blue, pink or white!. To create a bright and colorful look that truly pops - use a clear adhesive. This way the bonding won’t be visible, which is especially helpful when using bright colors. Our Crystal Bond adhesive is the perfect choice for this!

Alternatively, you can use a black adhesive to create a more defined eyeliner effect. When working with darker coloured lashes, for example, dark blue or brown - try using black glue. You will be surprised how easily you can achieve an eyeliner effect this way.

P.S. Make sure your glue application is spot on, as it will be more visible with coloured lashes!

Which of your lash collections are the softest?

All of our lash collections are made from a super-soft synthetic material.
We have various lashes in our range - 

The Mayfair (Bold Finish)

The Chelsea (Natural Finish)

Matt Flat / Ellipse Lashes

Premade fans

Easy Fanning Lashes

Naturally, the more you go up the thickness of the lash extensions, i.e 0.20 thickness, the lashes will feel harder in comparison to a thinner lash, i.e 0.03, 0.05 or 0.07. 

For classic lashes, why not choose our Matt Flatt Ellipse lashes that have a split-tip, which makes them super-soft and perfect for wispy classic sets!

For more information on which lashes to choose, read our blog!


Which glue is the fastest?

Our fastest glues are Power Bond and Royal Bond, and they both dry in 0.5-1 second if used in their recommended temperature and humidity range. 

Power Bond works best in 64.4 - 71.6°F (18-22°C) and 50-65% humidity.

Royal Bond works best in 64.4 - 71.6°F (18-22°C) and 30-80% humidity.

Remember, that the higher the humidity in your room, the faster any glue works! Please note that both of the adhesives are extremely fast and should be used only by HIGHLY EXPERIENCED technicians. Incorrect work with fast-drying adhesives can cause retention problems.

Which glue is best for me?

The best lash glue for you will depend on a few different factors. As a beginner, you’ll be looking more at glues like Lady Bond or Satin Bond which have a more gradual drying time. Check out our glue comparison table for a complete guide to picking your glue. 

For the most accurate suggestion, you’ll need to know

Your room temperature

Your room humidity

How long it takes you to place an extension on the natural lash after you’ve dipped it into the glue

So it’s worth investing in a hygrometerto keep an eye on your typical room conditions.

For more information on how to select the perfect lash glue for you, check out our blog A Guide To Picking Your Perfect Match!

Or alternatively, contact our customer care team at support@londonlash.com 

Retention Issues 

Have you found your client's lash extensions are falling out after a few days, or you’re experiencing ‘brush-offs’ during your lash set? Here is a retention checklist to make sure that your client’s lashes are applied correctly and last as long as possible:

- Make sure natural lashes are cleaned very well prior to the treatment. Use Lash Shampooand Protein Removing Pads to clean the eye area from any makeup, dust and oils. Then prepare the natural lashes using Cleanser and Primer.

- Use Booster to improve the speed and retention. Booster due to its alkaline pH opens the cuticle of the natural lashes and improves the glue bonding power. Also, Booster speeds up the treatment as glue polymerises faster with it. 

- Ensure that your attachment is always spot on: there is enough glue to hold the extensions and that the base of the extension (at least 2mm) is fully attached to the natural lash.

- Ensure your hands are not shaking. As the glue dries in seconds, the application should always be steady and accurate. Do not touch the lash once you have placed it on the natural lash. Allow the glue to dry and form a strong bond with the natural lash. Do not brush out the lash extensions as soon as you have placed them. 

- Always work with a fresh glue drop and shake the glue before each use. Ensure your glue is stored correctly and is not expired.

- Work with a glue that is suitable for your experience and work conditions.

- Use Superbonder to polymerise the glue and add elasticity. Elastic glue is less likely to snap off/chip off the natural lash. Also, after using Superbonder, clients can make their eyes wet straight away without the risk of shock polymerisation and retention problems caused by it. 

- Make sure your clients are following the aftercare advice and are not picking the lashes and are keeping them clean. We have online aftercare leaflets available to purchase so that you can ensure you’re giving your clients clear instructions on how to care for their extensions.

- Wearing masks for a long period of time (during and after appointments) may influence retention.

- Spring/Autumn lash shed - during those periods clients experience a natural shedding where more lashes are naturally falling out.

- Changes in weather - during Winter/Autumn time we start to use heaters that are increasing room temperature but also decreasing the humidity, which creates a difficult environment for the glue.

For more information on what could be causing retention issues, check out our Education Hub

Quick Links:

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Retention 103: Top Aftercare Tips For Ultimate Lash Retention!

And of course…

It’s Time To Stop Blaming Your Lash Glue

Glue Trouble? No Thank You! 6 Pro-tops For Perfect Glue Care

For more help with any lash retention troubles, get in touch with our customer care team at support@londonlash.com, who are always on hand to help!

Which glue is suitable for sensitive eyes?

All our glues contain the same active ingredient, which is cyanoacrylate. The majority of allergic reactions are caused by the fumes of cyanoacrylate. If a client has experienced a reaction, the likelihood is now they will always be allergic. That is why we do not recommend performing a treatment on a client who had previously developed an allergic reaction to the adhesive or is showing any signs of the reaction.

If you perform a treatment on a client with contraindications to the treatment, you may not be covered under your beauty insurance.

Clients who experience just mild discomfort from the glue fumes may benefit from reducing the fumes with Superbonder at the end of the treatment. 

Another tip will be to reduce the glue fumes around the client’s face by using the Glamcor Flow to extract the glue fumes and improve the air quality.

My glue is drying too slow?

Your room conditions may be affecting the polymerisation process of the adhesive. 

We would suggest trying to increase the humidity in the room for faster adhesive polymerisation and adjusting your temperature accordingly. You can also use Boosteron the lash strip and on natural lashes to increase the speed of polymerisation and improve the retention.

We would highly recommend purchasing a Hygrometer to monitor your room conditions and ensure you are working within the optimal room conditions for your adhesive. 

Here are a few tips on how you can increase the humidity in your lash room/salon:

Place a damp towel over the radiator
Get a humidifier - you can pick up cute little ones on the internet, and for an added little touch of relaxation and luxury for you and your clients, you can add a little drop of essential oil to give out a delicate scent!
Add some little droplets of water along the eyepatch using a microfibre brush
Apply Primer in sections as you work to keep the lashes moistened

Alternatively, if you have been lashing for a while, you may simply have improved your lashing speed! In this case, your lash glue may now be too slow for you. Why not consider testing out a faster-drying adhesive?

Shop the range of Lash Glue Samples here to try before you buy!

My glue became gloopy, why?

There are a few reasons why your glue could become gloopy, however, it usually comes down to incorrect storage and care of the bottle itself. 

Here is a little checklist to prevent it from happening:

Ensure your glue is not expired and that it was stored correctly in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and protected from humidity

Ensure that no residue glue in the nozzle has been pushed back into the glue bottle - this may ruin the rest of the glue

Check if your glue has not been opened for longer than 8 weeks

Ensure you close the glue correctly straight after pouring out the drop of glue as otherwise, the glue can start changing its consistency 

Do NOT wipe the nozzle with a wet wipe as it may cause the glue in the bottle to become gloopy

If you require any assistance with your lash adhesive, get in touch with us by emailing support@londonlash.com including your order number with a description of the problem.

My fans are closing, why?

The number one reason why your Russian Volume fans will be closing from the point of dipping them in the lash glue, is simply that your lash glue is drying too slowly for you.

We would first recommend reviewing the necessary room conditions for your glue and adjusting accordingly to increase the temperature and humidity. A great solution to prevent fans from closing and control and improve the bonding process is using Booster on the lash strip before you pick off the lashes to create your fans. You can also apply Booster to the natural lashes to increase the porosity and ensure the lash glue does not travel. 

We also recommend checking the amount of glue that you are picking up, as using too much adhesive can also cause the fans to close.

How do I clean my glue nozzle?

Use a glue nozzle wipe to wipe off the glue from the nozzle after every use. Keep the bottle in an upright position and squeeze the bottle gently to get glue residue out of the nozzle. 

When shaking the glue by hand, make sure to remove the cap first, and cover the nozzle with a glue nozzle wipe. This will prevent the glue from getting stuck in the cap. 

When shaking the glue with a glue shaker, ensure to hold the glue shaker in an upright position so the bottle is facing vertically (with the cap at the top) and when finished, remove the cap and wipe the nozzle with a glue nozzle wipe.

For more information on the correct storage of your lash glue, read our Glue FAQ blog!

What is the shelf life of the glue?

The shelf life for our glues before opening is 6 months from the date of production. This can be found printed on the bottom of the bottle or the foil pouch the glue arrived in.

After opening a glue bottle, we recommend changing your glue bottle every 4 weeks for the best retention, and maximum every 8 weeks. To keep an eye on the freshness of your glue, simply stick a piece of tape with a written date when you open your glue.

My glue nozzle got blocked, what do I do?

You can purchase a spare nozzle to replace the blocked nozzle. If the nozzle got stuck to the cap, we recommend trying our Glue Rescue Kit

To prevent it from happening in the future, please ensure to clean your glue nozzle after every use, always store your glue correctly, and do not squeeze the bottle to dispense a glue drop.

My glue bottle has a white residue, why?

The white residue on your glue bottle is adhesive that has shock polymerised due to exposure to moisture. This may be caused by not storing your glue correctly or by not fully closing the glue cap. 

Please ensure you always store the glue in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight and that the glue cap is always fully attached to the bottle.

My glue appears clear, is it normal?

Every glue should be shaken for at least 1-2 minutes prior to use for the ingredients to mix. If you are using a Glue Shaker this time will be cut down. 

Unless you are using Crystal Bond, which is a clear glue, your glue drop should always be black without any traces of transparent liquid. Ensure you shake the glue not only before the first use of the day but also each time you open it to refresh your glue drop.

Why can’t I order more than 10 pieces of glue?

We have limited the number of units for purchase of each variant of glue per customer, per order, to 10 pcs to reduce the possibility of overstocking on a perishable product.

The shelf life for our glues before opening is 6 months from the date of production. This can be found printed on the bottom of the bottle or the foil pouch the glue arrived in.

After opening a glue bottle, we recommend changing your glue bottle every 4 weeks for the best retention, and maximum every 8 weeks.

If you have any questions or queries on this, or would like to order in bulk, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help you. 


How should my clients wash their lashes?

It is always best to recommend to your clients to use a professional product that has been designed and tested to be in contact with the gentle eye area. Our Lash Foam Shampoo has been tested and approved to be used together with eyelash extensions, it removes makeup and prepares lashes for the application. Additionally, it will clean the lashes by removing any oil, sweat and makeup build-up which will help to keep the lashes on longer. 

Baby Shampoo or other products not made specifically for the eye area or lash extensions, in particular, should not be used on the eye area, and quite often can actually cause dryness or irritation on the delicate skin around the eyes.

My client’s lashes are clean but I still have problems with retention, why?

If you are experiencing retention issues make sure to check if you follow all the steps of pre-treatment correctly. Very often lashes that seem ‘clean’ are not thoroughly cleaned and may be causing retention issues. Make sure to always follow a full pre-treatment routine and refer to our glue section to check if you follow all recommendations for the correct work with the adhesive. 

Find out more on how to slay a full pre-treatment routine

Lastly, make sure that your client is also following the lash aftercare as this may also have an impact on the retention.

What is the difference between Booster and Superbonder?

Retention & Speed Booster is a multi-functional product that will enhance your treatment as it increases retention and the speed of work. Due to its high alkalinity, Retention & Speed Boosterhelps to gently open the hair cuticles. This enables more glue to stick with the extension and the natural lash thus increasing retention. Apply Retention & Speed Booster with a micro brush on natural lashes, after cleanser and primer to slightly open hair cuticles and increase the surface for better grip and adhesion. 

Watch a tutorial on how to apply Booster during a treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7tWBTrhAYY

Superbonder adds elasticity to the adhesive. The additional flexibility ensures the bonds don't break as easily, therefore resulting in better retention. Superbonder instantly polymerises the glue, without shock curing. It locks in the fumes from the adhesive and with the fumes contained, irritation and sensitivity are significantly reduced. Additionally, because the bonds have been sealed, the lashes are instantly safe to get wet. So no more waiting 24 hours after the treatment! 

What is the difference between Cleanser and Primer?

London Lash Cleanser is an alcohol-based product that is used to de-moisturise natural lashes and remove any oils and proteins from their surface. London Lash Primer is a water-based product that is used to moisturize natural lashes and neutralize pH levels to improve the bonding between the natural lashes and the extensions.

It is not recommended to use Cleanser without the Primer. This is because the Cleanser is very drying on the lashes, and without moisture, the lash glue will not be able to cure. The Primer must be used after cleansing, as it puts moisture back into the lashes after the high alcohol content of the Cleanser.

For an extra touch of luxury, why not go for one of our scented Cleansers and Primers? It’s such a little thing, but a slight waft of Cherry or Coconut can take your client’s experience from an 8 to a solid 10!

What is your recommended pre-treatment routine for the best retention?

How you complete your pretreatment has as much of an effect on the retention of the lashes as the glue you use. It can be the difference between 2 weeks of retention, and 5 weeks of retention, so it is very important to get it right - lash retention is client retention, after all!

The very first step should always be makeup removal. You can either give your client a lash bath with a Lash Foam Cleanser to wash their lashes or you can hand them the foaming cleanser so they can wash their lashes themselves in the bathroom. 

After removing all makeup, follow the next pretreatment steps to ensure natural lashes are well prepared:

Step 1: Use Protein Remover Pads - If there are some remnants of mascara, makeup, oils or sebum build-up around the lashes, the protein remover pads will do an excellent job at ensuring all final traces of unwanted oils are removed.

Step 2: Use Cleanser - Cleanser has a high alcohol content which gets rid of EVERYTHING - any oils, any residue from foam cleanser that might be left, any little tiny traces of makeup will be gone. 

Step 3: Use Primer - It is a MUST to use Primer after Cleanser because it puts moisture back into the lashes after the high alcohol content of the Cleanser which can be drying. It gets those lashes ready to have extensions placed on them like nothing else.

Step 4: Booster! - Booster may be considered a London Lash holy grail product, and it’s for good reason! Natural lashes can be smooth and silky, which can result in extensions ‘sliding off’. Due to its alkaline qualities, Retention and Speed Booster gently opens the hair cuticles without damaging the natural lashes, enabling the glue to grab on the cuticles and hold better, improving your retention. 

Ta-da! Now you’re ready to go. Get that map drawn and slay some lashes! 

Watch our YouTube video on how to perform a full pre-treatment routine and get the best retention possible! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa572CB1Kdo

Can I use only a Cleanser to prepare lashes?

We always recommend completing all steps of pre-treatment in order to increase retention and ensure that lashes are super clean. We also would not recommend using a lash Cleanserwithout following with a lash Primer. This is because lash Cleansers have high alcohol content in order to completely remove any oil residue on the lashes, which can be very drying to the natural lashes. You will need to follow with a lash Primer in order to replace that lost moisture so that the lash glue has some moisture in order to dry. Without some moisture, the lash glue may be drying too slow for you, or not at all! 

To properly prepare natural lashes, check out some articles and videos on how to slay pre-treatment for that 5-week retention goal!




Can I use a saline solution in order to clean the lashes?

Saline solution, whilst a great option to clean lashes in a hurry, doesn’t always remove all traces of oil and makeup build-up, which can drastically affect your retention. 

We always recommend completing all steps of pre-treatment in order to increase retention and ensure that lashes are super clean. How you complete your pretreatment has as much of an effect on the retention of the lashes as the glue you use. It can be the difference between 2 weeks of retention, and 5 weeks of retention, so it is very important to get it right - lash retention is client retention, after all!


Which tweezers do you recommend for Classic Lash extension sets?

There are two ways of using classic tweezers:

1. Using straight tweezers for placing the lash extensions and curved tweezers for isolation

2. Using straight tweezers for both placement and isolating

The choice depends on your personal preferences, as both ways are correct no matter whether you use straight or curved tweezers for isolation. We have a wide range of straight and curved tweezers that differ slightly by length and shape, please click here to see the full range.

Which tweezers do you recommend for Russian Volume sets?

We have two types of volume tweezers available in our store:

1. Fine Tip Deluxe Tweezers

2. Regular Tip Volume Tweezers

Both types have been designed for the perfect fan creation and it is totally up to you which one you choose, as it is down to personal preference which shape one may prefer. However, our best selling volume tweezer is Fine Tip Deluxe!


Both volume tweezers are perfect for making fans up to 8D, and the Fine Tip Deluxe Tweezers up to 10D fans! However, it entirely depends on your own experience and training. Practice makes perfect!

For more great training tips and guides visit our Education Hub

Which eyepatches are best for small eyes?

To precisely apply eyepatches to small eyes, we recommend a smaller shape of eyepatches so they will nicely fit and will not cause any discomfort for your clients.

You can either choose Nano Hydrogel Eyepatches that are very thin and flexible to suit every eye shape. They contain plant extracts that are known for boosting microcirculation, antioxidant and anti-allergy properties, leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant.

Another amazing solution would be Teflon Eyepatches which work especially well for small eyes, oily skin or deep-set eyes. Due to an innovative bottom gel, they stay in place throughout the whole appointment. They also have a specially formulated top surface that creates a non-sticky layer to help prevent extensions from sticking to the patch when working with clients who have downward-growing natural lashes.

What is the guarantee for Glamcor light?

One (1) year unlimited unconditional warranty for manufacturer's defect, loss of functionality, parts, shipping, and service. After one year we will continue to warranty the product provided we have the parts to repair and/or replace.


What are my shipping options?

Shipping Information

Standard Shipping (5-8 working days) -  $4.95 

Express Shipping (1-3 working days) - $7.95 

FREE! Standard Shipping on ALL orders over $99 (upgrade to Express for $7495)
If your order is over $200, it will be shipped with Free Express Shipping 📦

Please note shipping timelines are close estimates, not guarantees. Please ensure you allow plenty of time for your order to arrive.

*Working days are Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)

There is a mandatory $15 shipping surcharge for bulkier items such as Glamcor Lighting & Accessories and Memory Foam Pillows. If you purchase a combination of these items there may be a further surcharge. This will be calculated at checkout.

Please note: We are unable to deliver to PO Boxes or Armed Forces Post Office addresses.

Dispatch Information

All Express orders placed before 6am (PDT) Monday-Friday aim to be dispatched from our UK warehouse the same day via DHL Express.

Standard Shipping orders will be dispatched within 1-2 working days*

*Working days are Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)

During sale periods, we are facing a high volume of orders and advise you to expect slight delays with dispatching orders. We always recommend purchasing your products in advance, with plenty of time before you run out! 

For advice on how to plan your stock rotation, read our Blog Post!

Can I track my order?

All London Lash orders are shipped with a trackable service.

Upon dispatch, you will receive your tracking number of your parcel with a shipping confirmation email. 

Where is my parcel?

You can track your parcel using the link in the dispatch confirmation email or the email or text sent from the carrier.

We endeavor to deliver orders within stated timeframes, however, occasionally there may be unexpected delays during transit with the carriers and your local customs authority that are beyond our control, but, we will always try to resolve this for you.

How can I return an item?

You are welcome to return any unwanted and unused items in their original packaging within 14 days of receiving the item(s).

If you wish to return any item for any reason, you are invited to first contact our Customer Care team. Please send an email to support@londonlash.com to discuss any specifics and receive further instructions.

For more information on how to return an item for a Refund or Exchange, click here


Do you provide any training courses near me?

We don't provide courses ourselves. However, we have many London Lash Approved trainers around the world that you can train with. Here is a link where you can find all of our trainers based on location together with their contact details:


Please note that all trainers listed are independent training providers whose skills have been approved by London Lash. To book a course, please contact each trainer directly.

How do I become a London Lash Trainer?

Unfortunately, at the moment the recruitment is closed and we no longer onboard new trainers.

However, if you are a training academy and would like to train using London Lash products, we have a special collection dedicated for training academies. We also offer a Training Academy Collaboration scheme - please click here for more info.

How do I become a London Lash Distributor?

Unfortunately, at this moment we are not looking for new distributors. Thank you for your interest in working with us!

Does London Lash test on animals?

London Lash products are cruelty-free and do not test products on animals.

To check which products are Vegan, Gluten-Free and Halal please visit each product listing and check under ‘Product Properties’. 

How should I store my products?

Depending on the product type, you may want to store certain products differently, however, we always recommend storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

To be more specific for some most important products:

Glue : always keep your glue away from direct sunlight and protect it from high temperature and humidity. We recommend storing your glue in an airtight container


Lashes : keep them in original lash boxes, stored for example in a cupboard, unless you are using them. Then we recommend preparing a few palettes and keeping them in a closed acrylic organizer to protect from dust.


Tape : always protect the tape from dust by keeping it in a tape cutter or any other closed container.


Micro brushes/brushes: always protect them from dust by keeping them in a closed acrylic organizer or any other closed container.

For further information on how to store your lash glue, please visit our Blog Page

What are your regulations on patch testing?

When it comes to patch testing, this is something which is strongly advised but not something you necessarily need to enforce. We recommend checking with your insurance provider if they require you to perform a patch test in order to cover you for the treatment.

A patch test should always be carried out at least 48 hours prior to the treatment by applying a few lashes per eye, the same way you would normally do when performing a treatment. It is usually around 10-15 lashes per eye, the same length as natural lashes, so they nicely blend in.

Few important things to remember:

- If the client has had extensions before and has had no reaction, they may still have one at any given time, as allergies can develop over time.

- If a client has not had extensions before and does not know whether they are allergic or not, it is of course advisable to conduct a patch test, but please be aware that they may still have a reaction due to a lower amount of adhesive being used.

- Patch testing on the skin is not advised but it is quite an old-fashioned way of conducting a patch test, from when eyelash extensions were new and not really widely known. The glue should never be applied on the skin as it may cause redness or irritation almost immediately, which may not necessarily be an indicator for an allergic reaction. The glue can also cause serious burns when in contact with the skin.

- Always check with your insurance provider what their policy is regarding patch testing.

- Always inform your clients that they may still develop an allergic reaction despite having a patch test done, as allergic reaction to glue fumes is a developed allergy and can happen at any point while having your lashes done (even after many years).

- We strongly advise NOT to perform a treatment, if your client shows any signs of an allergic reaction, or you are aware of an allergic reaction that happened in the past.

Is it safe to do lashes on pregnant clients?

This is something which is down to the individual salon/lash technician/client/insurance. When performing a treatment on a pregnant client there is a risk that in the event of an allergic reaction, the client wouldn’t be able to have any medicine to reduce the symptoms. We always recommend checking with your insurance provider if they cover you in the event of working with pregnant clients and making an individual decision based on that.

Do you have a physical shop?

We do not have a physical shop, we are an online-based company.

My client had an allergic reaction, can I do her lashes again?

Unfortunately not, because if a client has developed an allergic reaction once, they are more prone to develop it in the future. You may also not be covered under your beauty insurance if you perform a treatment on a client with contraindications to the treatment.

Clients who experience just mild discomfort from the glue fumes may benefit from reducing the fumes with Superbonder at the end of the treatment. 

Another tip will be to reduce the glue fumes around the client’s face by using the Glamcor Flowto extract the glue fumes and improve the air quality.

Why can’t I order large quantities?

We have assigned maximum limits to our product selection on our websites for a few key reasons:

To avoid customers facing any potential overstocks from bulk buying and the products then reaching its expiry date before use (especially the glues!)

To avoid buying for resale 

Our returns policy states that we cannot accept any returns for unwanted products over 14 days after purchase, and so unfortunately we would not be able to accept any returns over this period if you accidentally overstocked from bulk buying during the sale. The last thing we want is for our customers to lose out, so we have this policy in place to safeguard against any potential disappointments. 

How can I pay for my order?

You can use any of the payment types listed below to pay for your order.





Diners Club



Google Pay

Apple Pay

Shop Pay


We take security and fraud very seriously. As well as your details being safe and secure with us, all credit and debit card holders are subject to validation and authorisation by both us and the card issuer. To better protect our customers when making online payments you may be presented with 3D secure security measures when paying. This is dependent on your bank issuer and may require you to enter a password or get a security code via email or phone.  

You can pay with your order via a Gift Card if you have received a gift card code. Please note delivery charges will still apply. 

Please note: Some payment methods are subject to a soft credit check. 

Buy now, pay later options:

Instalments by Afterpay is a service that allows you to make purchases now and pay for them in four payments made every 2 weeks without any interest. If you choose this payment type, please remember to spend responsibly – sometimes, delaying or splitting up payments might not be the best option. We want you to shop with confidence, so we’ve provided all the info you need on this Afterpay FAQ page.

If you would like to know more about Afterpay, visit the Afterpay website www.afterpay.com for a comprehensive list of FAQs, terms, instalment agreement as well as Afterpay’s Privacy Policy which can be found at https://www.afterpay.com/ privacy-policy

If you have any questions about your Afterpay account, please contact Afterpay directly via a web form found here.

Discount Codes

London Lash reserves the right to cancel or alter any promotions. Discount codes will not work alongside other discount codes. If you have any concerns, please email support@londonlash.com

To apply a discount code to your order:

Enter the code at the checkout

You need to enter the code exactly as it was given to you and without any spaces. Type or copy and paste the code into the ‘Gift card or discount code’ box. 

2. Make sure you click 'Apply' to apply the code to your order

Once you've entered the code, click on 'Apply' and it will add the code to your order. When the code has been applied to your order, you'll see the promo value and the total of your order will change to reflect the code.

You must enter the discount/promo code when you are checking out as it can't be applied later and we cannot grant refunds for missed discounts either. 

Read all the current promo's T&Cs

Promo code not working?

If you find that your promo code isn't working, please check the below:

- You can only use one discount/promo code per order. This applies to any free delivery codes too.

- Some discount codes may only be a one time use code, or have a limit to the number of uses. For more information please check the terms and conditions of the code. You should be able to find the terms and conditions in the same place you found the code whether it be through an email or on our website. Check out our Promo T&Cs page for more information.

- Discount/promo codes cannot be used for any delivery charges.

As our discount/promo codes vary, so too do the terms and conditions of each. Make sure you check when you receive any codes as some may only be valid for certain items and the majority of codes will have an expiry date. Discount promo codes are not applicable on bundles, outlet items, glue subscription services, glamcor lighting, uniform, pre-made fans and flat/ellipse lashes (unless otherwise stated).

Some codes will only work for specific people or for specific countries. The terms and conditions will state if the code can only be used in a certain country.

How can I view my previous orders?

To view your previous order history with us, you can log in to your customer account.

Any previous orders associated with your email address will be listed here. 

If you have previously placed an order but have not created an account, please register here using the same email address you used to place your order. Then, once the account is activated and you are logged in, you will be able to see your previous orders.

Please note, if you made purchases on another London Lash site these may not be visible in your account. To find previous order history on another London Lash website, you will need to visit the original website and log into your customer account. 

London Lash UK

London Lash CA

If you are unable to log in or don’t see your previous orders, please get in touch with our helpful customer support team - support@londonlash.com