Reasons Why You Need To Follow a Pretreatment Routine

We cannot stress enough the importance of a solid pretreatment routine. It is a MUST. Scratch that, it’s absolutely necessary. Especially if you're a beginner, it may seem pointless to clean the lashes beforehand, but we can assure you it’s not. In fact, we would argue it’s just as important as applying the eyelash extensions themselves. 

We know from personal experience that there are many lash techs out there that still don't perform any sort of lash pretreatment. Not to sound too harsh, but there are so many pros to offering a lash pretreatment service - it would be silly not to.

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Why Is Pretreatment Important?

Increases Lash Retention

The number one goal for any lash technician is to increase your clients’ lash retention. No one wants their clients' lashes to fall out after a couple of days, it’s the ultimate nightmare. To ensure you are on top of your lash game, pretreatment is necessary to ensure all of your products, and your clients’ natural lashes, work together in perfect harmony. Think of it like a car, you definitely wouldn't be getting into a car if it was missing a few parts!

There is nothing worse than receiving messages from clients who are disappointed because their lashes lasted no longer than a few days. Save the anxiety and stress of replying to angry customers, and re-doing lash sets, by simply incorporating a pretreatment routine into your lash treatments. Unhappy customer messages are the worst! 😣

Without any pretreatment products, the lash extensions will adhere to the dirt on the natural lashes rather than the natural lashes themselves. Meaning that when your client goes to wash their lashes for the first time, their eyelash extensions will simply slide off their natural lashes as the soap will be removing the dirt that they have been attached to. 

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Positive Customer Feedback

If you don’t clean your clients’ lashes beforehand, and their lash retention is poor due to this, they will, unfortunately, leave you a negative review. There is no point in jeopardizing your lash business just because you missed a few simple steps - trust us,pretreatment is always worth it!

From a client’s POV, your client will usually want you to take your time rather than rush your way through the treatment and is more likely to recommend you to other people and leave a shining review.

Positive customer service is the best way to promote your lash business - it’s basically free advertisement! Reviews with a 5-star rating show potential clients that your business is reputable and reliable, and will, in turn, compel potential clients to use your services. The more positive reviews, the more clients you will have! 

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The Luxury Experience

Not only does performing a pretreatment routine extend the overall life of your clients’ eyelash extensions, but it also enhances the lash treatment experience as a whole. By taking your time and showing that you care, your clients will get the impression that you are determined to give the best service possible and will be more than happy to spend their money on the treatment. 

Although your client may not know exactly what you're doing, making them feel like they are receiving a luxury lash treatment will guarantee lash retention and client retention too. 

Check out the second part of this pretreatment series to find out what the best products to use in your pretreatment routine are. You won’t want to miss it!