WORRIED ABOUT RETENTION? | Prep, Application, Glue - Tips & Tricks

Yes, we know - retention has been every Lash Artist’s biggest worry since eyelash extensions were invented! 

You’ve got a client coming back with only 30% of their lashes, what’s the issue? They don’t wash them? The glue was old? Well, what if we tell you that YOU are in charge of the retention for every client that comes to you, and in 90% of cases it is up to you to make sure that clients’ lashes last? Don’t believe us? Try this:

Here are our top retention tips from Hanna Putjato, founder of London Lash.

Hanna Putjato

Preparation is key!

It sounds like an obvious thing, however, we know how many lash technicians are either ignoring this step or don’t pay as much attention to it as they should. In order for lashes to last, each lash needs to be free of any oils, dust and makeup. It’s easy enough to spot the mascara on the lashes, but can you spot the transparent eye serum your client applied on their lashes in the morning? This is where the biggest problem is - most of the products which are preventing a glue from sticking to the natural lash properly are INVISIBLE! So be very THOROUGH when cleaning the lashes - make sure you use Cleanser to break down these oils, makeup residues and dirt on each lash from root to tip - focussing on that attachment area - and then use Primer to moisturise the lashes, preparing them for perfect application. On average, experienced lash technicians will spend at least 10 minutes on the preparation of the lashes, not just 2 minutes! 😉

Pretreatment routine
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Your application

Okay, this one is a big one. The way you apply your lashes is absolutely crucial for great retention. One of the biggest issues with the application among many lash artists is either slow attachment, (glue is already half dry when the extension is placed on the natural lash), or lack of confidence with application (shaky hands). In order to achieve great retention, the extension needs to be placed on the natural lash in a fast and steady motion, i.e. with confidence. This can only be achieved through practice and experience, so please don’t panic or give up if you experience inconsistent retention within your first two years of work - your retention will gradually become better as you complete more and more sets. We promise - we’ve been through it too!

Many lash technicians are afraid to grab a bit more adhesive because they are worried about “stickies”. This is exactly right! Too much glue makes your lash set look “messy” and you might end up with unwanted stickies, which are uncomfortable, and unsafe. However, grabbing too little glue can also  have an impact on your retention. Make sure your attachment area is at least 2-3 mm (if you're not sure what this looks like, grab a ruler and get familiar with this measurement!). Make sure too, that when you are dipping the extension into the glue that the layer of glue on the extension is not too thin, seeing a tiny little bulb of glue at the end of the extension is a good thing!

Your Glue

Your glue contains a mixture of different ingredients, so in order to make sure it works the same way every time you apply the lashes - SHAKE it. Please. We know it’s boring. We know it’s annoying. But it’s something you need to do religiously and thoroughly. Our lash glue shaker is the perfect gadget for this!

Using a lash glue mixer

Also, don’t forget to keep your nozzle CLEAN, keep your bottle TIGHTLY closed all the time you are not using it, and store it away from direct sunlight, sources of heat, and humid places. The best way to keep your glue fresh is to store it in a special airtight container and change it out every 30 days if you use a regular bottle, and every 2-3 days if you use a sample bottle.

Lash glue storage

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This post has been prepared by Hanna Putjato, founder of London Lash

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