Enhance Eyelash Extension Retention with Expert Pretreatment Tips

Are your clients' eyelash extensions falling short of expectations? Discover the secrets to extending the life of eyelash extensions from 2 to 5 weeks with our comprehensive eyelash extension pre-treatment guide. Learn the correct usage of essential pre-treatment products for outstanding results.

Recommended Pre-Treatment Products from London Lash for Exceptional Eyelash Extension Retention:


Eyelash Extension Shampoo

Regular lash cleansers and primers might not always achieve the desired level of cleanliness. Specially formulated to be safe on lash extensions - begin with an Eyelash Shampoo to ensure lashes are impeccably clean.


Protein Removing Pads

Specially designed to eliminate any remnants of makeup, natural oils, and proteins from the lashes. It's the unsung hero of a pretreatment routine that is a must-have in your lash extension kit.


Lash Cleanser

You can never be too thorough! For thorough cleaning, follow up with a Lash Cleanser. This step is crucial for removing oils, proteins, and any makeup traces, ensuring superior lash extension retention.


Lash Cleansing Brushes

For an impeccable lash cleansing experience, our Cleaning Brushes are a must-have. Specifically designed for eyelash extensions, these brushes are gentle yet effective, ensuring a deep clean without damaging delicate lashes. Their soft bristles are perfect for reaching the base of the lashes, removing buildup and residue with ease. By incorporating these brushes into your pre-treatment routine, you ensure squeaky clean lashes - crucial for if you want impeccable lash retention!

foaming lash shampoo for lash extensions

Lash Primer

Our Eyelash Primer restores moisture to natural lashes after cleansing, and as a result of this, improves the bond between the natural lash and the adhesive. It even accelerates the adhesive's drying time!


Micro Swabs with Flexible Tips

Our Micro Swabs with Flexible Tips are the ultimate tool for precision application in any eyelash extension treatment. These swabs are designed to provide utmost accuracy, especially in applying products like primers, bonders, and boosters. The flexible tips allow for meticulous application, ensuring that each lash is properly coated without any wastage or over-application, making them essential for professionals who demand precision and perfection in every step of the eyelash extension process!


Retention & Speed Booster

The high alkalinity of our Retention & Speed Booster gently opens hair cuticles, allowing more adhesive to bond with the lash extension and natural lash, thus boosting retention.

Applying booster to natural lashes with bendable micro swab

Post-Treatment Must-Have:


Superbonder Sealant

Our Superbonder Sealant instantly polymerizes the glue without causing shock curing - incredible right? It also traps the fumes from the adhesive, significantly reducing irritation and sensitivity, and ensuring a more comfortable experience for your clients.

Apply superbonder to lash extensions

By incorporating these recommended pre-treatment products and techniques, you're not just enhancing lash retention; you're elevating the entire lash extension experience for your clients. From the deep-cleaning power of our Foaming Lash Shampoo to the precision of our Micro Swabs with Flexible Tips, each product plays a pivotal role in achieving that perfect set of lashes. Embrace these essentials in your lash extension kit, and watch as your clients enjoy beautiful, durable eyelash extensions like never before!