Improve Lash Retention with Pre-treatment

Wondering why your clients' lashes don't last?

Watch this eyelash extension pre-treatment tutorial to find out how to increase eyelash extension retention from 2 weeks to 5 weeks and how to use all the pre-treatment products correctly. 



London Lash pre-treatment products we recommend for AMAZING lash retention:

Lash Shampoo

With just lash cleanser and primer it's not always possible to clean natural lashes up to the excellent standard. That's why it is essential to start with a Lash Shampoo.

Protein Removing Cleanser Pads

Formulated to remove any makeup traces, natural oils and proteins from the natural lashes.


You can never be too thorough, that's why you need to double cleanse by using a Lash Cleanser next. Removes oils, proteins and traces of make-up ensuring excellent retention.

Cleansing Brushes​


Our Primer restores the moisture of natural lashes after using Lash Cleanser. This moisture helps improve bonding between the natural lash and the adhesive!
It also speeds up the drying time of the glue.

Micro Swabs With Bendable Tip​

Retention & Speed Booster

Due to its very high alkalinity, Retention & Speed Booster helps to gently open the hair cuticles. This enables more glue to stick with the extension and the natural lash thus increasing retention. 

and for after the treatment:

Superbonder Sealant

Superbonder retention sealant instantly polymerises the glue, without shock curing! It locks in the fumes from the adhesive and with the fumes contained, irritation and sensitivity are significantly reduced!