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Foaming Cleanser / Lash Shampoo

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Problems with retention? One of the most common reasons for bad retention is a poor pre-treatment procedure. 

If you want eyelash extensions to last long, natural lashes need to be absolutely free of any traces of oils, protein or make-up before you begin the lash application. With just lash cleanser and primer it's not always possible to clean natural lashes up to the excellent standard. It's very easy to miss the invisible oils on the natural lashes - from oily skin, creams or serums. 

If any oils remain on the natural lashes - retention will be affected. That's the unfortunate fact. 

For the best retention, always wash client's lashes before the treatment with our FOAMING CLEANSER / LASH SHAMPOO.

You can also stock Foaming eyelash extension Cleanser in your salon and sell it to your customers to maintain their aftercare routine at home. Regular lash wash with lash shampoo has proven to improve the retention by at least 20%. It also helps to maintain the client's eyes hygiene and avoid infections and conditions like Stye or Blepharitis. 

Pair with our aftercare leaflet for the ultimate client aftercare package.

How to Use:

  1. Dispense a single pump of lash foam cleanser onto the back of your gloved hand.
  2. Grab a bit of the lash shampoo foam with microfibre brush or disposable lipstick applicator and massage gently into the lash line.
  3. Rinse with lots of cool or lukewarm water or saline solution. Make sure you completely wash away foam cleanser from lashes with water! (If you leave some traces of lash shampoo foam on the lashes - it will affect your retention in the same way as if you'd leave oils or traces of make-up there. )
  4. Pat dry after the eyelash shampoo foam has been rinsed off. 

IMPORTANT! Please note, that one of the ingredients of the foaming cleanser is Tea tree extract. Tea tree oil has the antibacterial quality to prevent common eye conditions like blepharitis, however, it might cause irritation for clients with sensitive eyes. If the client reports any stinging or irritation, stop using the eyelash shampoo immediately, rinse it with lots of water and don't use for the same customer again. 

Product Details:

  • Contains tea-tree extract to help the prevention of eye infections.
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Paraben, Gluten, Collagen and Guanine Free
  • Capacity: 50ml

MSDS for Lash Shampoo available to download here

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