The Lowdown on Foaming Lash Shampoo

While you may have seen some of our other posts about pretreatment, we love Foam Cleanser so much that it has to have its own spot, just like Booster and Superbonder have! Lash Shampoo is vital to have on hand for more than one reason, and we’re going to take you through them right now!Foaming lash cleanser with eyelash brush


Foaming Lash Cleanser is an essential part of your pretreatment routine. If you’ve seen some of our other blog posts about pretreatment, you’ll know that Lash Shampoo can technically used as a one-step pretreatment routine for eyelash extensions, but is even better when used as the first step in our tried, tested, and highly regarded 5-step pretreatment routine

What makes Foam Cleanser so effective as pretreatment is that it is able to get in amongst the lashes right from root to tip and gets rid of any makeup residue, sebum, dust, dirt, skincare leftovers etc. that might be present on the lashes. 

By getting all of this off of the lashes you’re providing the perfect surface for your lash glue to bond with. If you begin by simply placing your eyelash extensions and don’t do any pretreatment at all, all you’re sticking the glue to is dirt. This will come off as soon as your client washes their lashes next, and will result in one of those dreaded ‘all of my lashes fell out!!!’ text messages. Applying eyelash shampoo to eyelashes during lash extensions treatment

Foam Cleanser couldn’t be easier to use - just add a single pump to the eyelid and massage into the lashes with a lash cleansing brush. When you’re satisfied that the lashes and skin are clean, use a dropper to thoroughly rinse the lashes with water, ensuring no residue is left behind. You can repeat this process if your client comes in with makeup on. 


One of the best things about Foam Cleanser is that it doubles up as aftercare for your clients’ lashes. Our Lash Shampoo contains tea tree extract, which is a natural antibacterial ingredient, so as well as keeping your clients’ lashes fluffy and free of makeup residue, it’s also ensuring that they are protected from styes, blepharitis and other horrible unwashed lash related scaries. 

This obviously benefits you from the point of view that you know your clients are getting a good cleanse, but by retailing Lash Shampoo to your clients as aftercare, you’re also effectively boosting your revenue, meaning that you can spend more on business development or even on a few more little luxuries in your life outside of lashing!

One thing to note is that occasionally, tea tree extract can feel a little bit harsh for some of our more sensitive clients, so do keep that in mind when recommending this to your clients as aftercare. applying foaming lash shampoo to a lash brush or mascara wand

All in all, having some Foaming Lash Shampoo on hand is going to benefit your clients in a huge range of ways, from increasing their retention times to keeping them happy and healthy between appointments!