Lash Aftercare Tips: Using a Lash Cleanser

How many times during your lash career have you wondered 'how do I encourage my clients to clean their lashes?' - I’d say at least once per day, usually around the time your client comes with her brand new eyeshadow palette perfectly pressed on and squeezed in between your masterpiece extensions, right? I know it may sound impossible but believe me - you can effectively convert your clients to daily lash washing. Yay!

You may think 'Yeah, easy for you to say...' but what if I tell you that actually it isthat easy? 

Sure, you can just tell your client 'please wash your lashes daily with an oil-free cleanser', but would that convince you? No? Me neither. Instead, show them a product that will give them a touch of luxury from the packaging to the texture, that is easy to use and will look beautiful with all their other toiletries.

'So what should I recommend?' - A professional lash cleanser. Your clients need a product they can trust, something you trust and one you’re sure works.

While buying a new cosmetic, we always check the list of ingredients. Why? To be sure that what we use will actually work and will not do more harm than good. It is the same with a lash cleanser - it goes straight on our eyes, so come on, let's be sure we use the right thing! London Lash Pro Foam Cleanser contains ingredients that will help your clients in keeping their lashes healthy and clean. 

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What is Lash Cleanser?

First of all, London Lash Foam Cleanser containstea tree extract,which is widely known for its antiseptic and gentle, natural cleansing properties. This key, active ingredient will help your clients avoid eye infections, for example, Blepharitis, whilst also giving a beautiful fresh smell!

Another great ingredient isLauryl Betaine known for its hair and skin conditioning characteristics, which make it the perfect addition to lash cleansers. If that wasn’t great enough, it also creates a rich lather and helps the product to eliminate oil and dirt leaving the skin clean and soft. Remember, the shorter list of ingredients the better for our skin.

Once you tell your clients what's inside the bottle, remember to explain to themwhy it is important to keep their lashes clean. Our clients have to be aware that without proper eye hygiene, they will be more prone to an infection - and don't be afraid to use this word! Tell your clients the truth - dirty lashes equals eye infection.

From my experience, the more you make your clients aware of the possible side effects ofnot cleaning lashes, the better they will understand and will be more willing to clean them. Using a lash cleanser will also prolong the retention which will make you both happy - your work will be easier and your clients will enjoy their lashes for a longer time: WIN-WIN!

How to Use Lash Cleanser

So how do you use London Lash Pro Foam Cleanser? It couldn't be simpler! Dispense a single pump of foam onto the fingers and massage gently into the lash line. Rinse with cool - lukewarm water and voila! Lashes are clean, soft and healthy.

If that's not enough to convince you, let me tell you a little secret... having those beautiful luxurious bottles which your clients can take home will INCREASE your profits - who doesn't like going back home with a new beauty product? 

Place the cleansers in a visible place, for example near your reception desk so while clients pay for their treatment those gorgeous packages will catch their eye! And I promise you - with a good little chat about all the benefits of using a lash cleanser (24 hours) after the treatment, your client will leave your salon not only with beautiful lashes but also with a new lash cleansing routine!