Lash Extension Aftercare: Choosing the Right Lash Cleanser

Ever found yourself pondering, 'How can I get my clients to regularly clean their lash extensions?' If you're like most lash professionals, this is a daily thought, especially when a client shows up with her latest eyeshadow palette artfully applied amidst your expertly placed lash extensions. It might seem like it's totally impossible, but trust me, turning your clients into diligent lash washers is totally doable.

You might be thinking, 'Easier said than done.' But what if I told you it really is that straightforward? Sure, you could simply advise your client to use an oil-free cleanser daily, but let's be honest, that's not very convincing. Instead, introduce them to a product that not only feels luxurious from its packaging to its texture but is also easy to use and a beautiful addition to their vanity. 

Lash shampoo on mascara brush

Wondering what to recommend? A professional lash cleanser is the answer! Your clients deserve a product they can rely on, one that you trust and know is effective.

When shopping for cosmetics or skincare products, we all scrutinize ingredient lists. Why? To ensure what we're using is effective and safe. The same goes for a lash cleanser, especially since it's used near our eyes. The London Lash Pro Foam Cleanser, for instance, is formulated with ingredients that keep lashes healthy and clean.

eyelash extensions cleanser

What is Lash Cleanser?

The London Lash Foam Cleanser contains tea tree extract, renowned for its antiseptic properties and natural, gentle cleansing action. This key ingredient helps prevent eye infections like Blepharitis and adds a refreshing scent.

Another incredible ingredient is Lauryl Betaine, celebrated for its hair and skin conditioning qualities, making it an ideal addition to lash cleansers. It also produces a rich lather, effectively removing oil and dirt, leaving the skin feeling clean and soft. Remember, fewer ingredients usually mean it's better for our skin.

It’s important to educate your clients about the importance of lash cleanliness. They need to understand that poor eye hygiene can lead to infections and even lash mites – and don't shy away from using that term! Make it clear: dirty lashes can equal eye infections.

From our experience, the more clients are aware of the potential consequences of not cleaning their lashes, the more likely they are to adopt a cleansing routine. Using a lash cleanser also extends the life of their extensions, benefiting both of you – your job becomes easier, and your clients enjoy their lashes for longer. It's a win-win!

lash extensions cleanser

How to Use Lash Cleanser

Using the London Lash Pro Foam Cleanser is super easy! Just dispense a pump of foam onto the fingers or a lash brush, gently massage it into the lash line, then rinse with cool to lukewarm water. The result? Clean, soft, and healthy lashes.

Cleaning lash extensions demonstration

And here's a little insider tip: offering these luxurious cleansers for clients to take home can boost your profits. Who doesn't love adding a new product to their collection?

Display the cleansers in clear sight, like near your reception desk. This way, as clients go to pay for their treatment, those attractive packages will catch their eye. A brief conversation about the benefits of using a lash cleanser (24 hours post-treatment) will likely result in your client leaving not only with gorgeous lashes but also a new cleansing routine!