All About London Lash's Superbonder: The Perfect Lash Glue Sealant 

Superbonder has quickly become a top seller – and for good reason. Imagine the chaos if we ran out! But why is Superbonder a staple in so many lash artists' kits across the States?

Applying superbonder lash sealant with a microfiber brush

What is Superbonder?

Superbonder is, in essence, a revolutionary lash glue sealant. It's the final touch in the lash application process, instantly curing the adhesive without causing shock polymerization or making the adhesive brittle.

When you've perfected your client's lashes and ensured there are no stickies, it's Superbonder time! Grab two microfiber brushes – the same kind you'd use for pre-treatment – and apply a drop of Superbonder, dabbing away any excess to avoid any drips into the eyes.

Then, gently dab it along the glue bonds on the lash extensions. This instantly cures the lash adhesive, maintaining its flexibility and moving naturally with the lashes and in turn boosting the longevity of the lash extensions. Retention = unmatched!

How to apply lash extension superbonder

The Problem with Brittle Lash Glue

Brittle, or shock-polymerized adhesive, is a no-go if you want your clients’ lash extensions to last. If the adhesive doesn't flex with the natural lashes and they don’t move together in harmony, you'll end up with premature lash loss. Your retention will be super poor too as the lash glue won’t have a chance to properly bond with the lashes before it cures - superior retention is not achievable with brittle glue! 

Is Superbonder Compatible with a Nanomister?

Absolutely not. Superbonder should not be used in a Nanomister or any method other than the one recommended. Superbonder contains ingredients that, while safe for its intended use, could be harmful if applied directly to the skin or eyes. This is why we advise to dab off any excess, and why we’re applying it straight to the glue bonds  – to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Advantages of lash superbonder sealant

Could You Use Superbonder Alongside a Nanomister?

There's no need. Superbonder excels on its own! Plus, nanomisters can actually negatively affect your work by making the adhesive brittle, leading to the very retention issues you're trying to avoid. Don’t take the risk of shock polymerization and retention issues; Superbonder alone is your best bet for optimal results. 

What Else Makes Superbonder Stand Out?

Beyond maintaining your lash glues flexibility, Superbonder neutralizes fumes, reducing the risk of chemical burns and allergic reactions. It's not a complete safeguard, but it significantly minimizes potential issues before your client even leaves the salon. Incredible right?!

And for those clients who like to take spontaneous showersswims, or tear-jerker movie sessions right after treatment? No problem. Superbonder has got your clients covered. It's also a lifesaver for Lash Artists working in vacation spots or humid climates. With Superbonder, your clients can step out into the heat and humidity without a worry – their lashes will stay flawless.

lash extension superbonder pros

In short, Superbonder is the secret to extending the life and beauty of your clients’ lash extensions, no matter the environment or activity. Say goodbye to retention issues with this little bottle of wonder!