Calling All Fitness Fanatics📢 Can I Work Out With Eyelash Extensions?

As the days become longer and the weather gets warmer, more and more people are utilizing the summer months and making use of their additional energy to invest in their personal fitness. This goes for lash lovers too! If your clients are desperate to get their lashes done, but are fitness fanatics who aren’t sure if these two lifestyles go hand-in-hand, we’re here to tell you the truth. We've got 5 essential tips that you can take on board and also give to your fitness-crazy clients.

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Can I Work Out and Wear Eyelash Extensions?

This is a common question in salons across the US, and we’ve got the answer for you! Yes you can wear eyelash extensions whilst working out. However, after treatment, we recommend waiting 24 hours before getting the lashes wet. This includes sweating, as the lash glue needs time to cure and exposure to water can result in the glue becoming brittle. After 24 hours it’s completely safe to work out with eyelash extensions. Here are some more tips that you and your clients should follow to help them avoid premature shedding of their lashes, as that’s the last thing we want!

Let's talk about sweat - we know it's not the most glamorous topic we’ve discussed at London Lash. Sweat consists of water, salt, and oils, as you might have guessed. While sweating is actually really good for the body because it helps you to cool down, it can cause havoc for your eyelash extensions. If a heavy amount of sweat comes into contact with your eyelash extensions, particularly during the curing period, it can be a major factor for causing them to fall out. Don't panic! We’ve got you, and your clients, covered…

working out with eyelash extensions, working out with lashes, working out with lash extensions

1. Avoid Oily Products

Before working out, try to avoid applying any oil-based products to your face, this includes creams, face oils, and makeup. These products may drip from your face, especially from the forehead, and onto the lashes. In turn, these oils can affect how long the lash extensions will last, because exposure to certain oils will break down the cyanoacrylate bond (the main component in eyelash glue) over time. To make sure this doesn’t happen, advise your clients to swap to using water-based makeup and skincare products. 

working out with eyelash extensions, working out with lashes, working out with lash extensions

2. Thoroughly Cleanse The Lashes

We cannot stress this enough, pretreatment and aftercare routines are a must! Your clients may be cautious to clean their lashes, but you must promote lash aftercare, not just for clients who regularly exercise but for every single one. Failing to clean eyelash extensions properly will not only lead to the lashes shedding before they should, but it could also lead to poor lash health, potential infections, and even worse, lash mites (ew!). To prevent this, because we wouldn’t wish lash mites on our worst enemy, after giving your client their aftercare instructions, why not offer them a lash shampoo? Maybe even show them how to use one! Your clients shouldn’t be scared or confused about aftercare. Educational videos are a MUST; by posting educational videos on your Insta you are educating your clients, potentially maximizing the retention of their lashes, and bettering your reputation and credibility as a lash tech. 

If you’re a busy bee and don’t have the time to film content, why not send your clients a couple of links to our social media posts? We don’t mind! As they say, education is the most powerful tool. 

Lash shampoo and cleaning brush

3. Wear a Sweatband

Arguably not the most stylish accessory, but if a sweatband saves the lashes then we’ll take the lot! Wearing a sweatband is a great way to reduce the risk of getting any sweat, dirt, or sebum on the lashes. Alternatively, you could gently dab your face with a face cloth/towel to prevent sweat from dripping onto the lash extensions. Many athletes love to wear a sweatband, and your clients’ reason for wearing a sweatband to look effortlessly flawless while working up a storm on the treadmill, is a lifestyle choice we wholeheartedly support!

4. Use Superbonder 

Seal your clients’ lashes with the ultimate retention hero! This powerhouse of a product can be used with any lash glue, and ensures the glue bonds don’t break easily by adding elasticity to the glue, resulting in the best lash retention known to humankind. It also helps to reduce the likelihood of irritation and sensitivity from the eyelash glue fumes by instantly curing the glue, without causing shock polymerization may we add - we know right, insane!

You’ll be pleased to know that by using this product, your clients are safe to instantly get their lashes wet as the bond will have been instantly sealed - same day gym sesh here we come! Trust us, this is a gem worth shouting about.

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5. Avoid Hot Water/Steam

Once the 24-hour period is over after the lash treatment, your client should be washing their lashes with water and a high-quality lash shampoo. However, we still suggest avoiding hot water and steam, as high levels of humidity can weaken the bond between the natural lash and the eyelash glue. Steam and eyelash extensions do not mix if you want lash longevity, which is why as Lash Techs, we advise our clients to steer clear of hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, and even hot yoga classes. We advocate for lash friendly water temperatures and well-ventilated bathrooms at London Lash - we want lashes for weeks, not days!

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Eyelash extensions are the perfect treatment for gym-goers who want to look glam 24/7 but don’t want to wear makeup whilst working out. Gorgeous lashes without the effort? Yes please!