Happy Pride! Pride 2023 Lash Inspo

Happy Pride everyone! The gorgeous month of June has welcomed us in a warm and summery embrace, and not only celebrates the Gemini babies of the world, but also promotes the equality and visibility of the LGBT+ community. Here at London Lash, we strive to promote and advocate for individuality and inclusivity, because no one should be subjected to shame or stigma no matter who they are or who they love. Shout about it loud and proud - and not to be biased but there’s a great way to express yourself, eyelash extensions of course!

colored lash extensions for pride

Eyelash extensions are a fantastic way to express individuality, whether it be wispy hybrid lashes, or brightly-colored eyelash extensions for a gorgeous and colorful finish. Beauty treatments are always the way to go when you want to hype yourself up, or you want to prep for an occasion such as Pride. So, if you're attending a Pride festival, a Pride party, or even a unicorn-themed extravaganza, listen up! We’ve got the ultimate Pride lash inspo for you.

Colored Lash Extensions

Colored lashes are the perfect treatment for clients who love a vibrant pop of color. If your clients are partial to a bold ombre lash, then go ahead! Unleash your inner rainbow and support your LGBTQ+ clients by adding colorful lash extensions to your treatment list.

At London Lash, we offer a stunning array of colored lashes. So if your clients want rainbow lashes, unicorn-inspired lashes, or a bold block of color for their eyelash extensions to match their pride outfit, we’ve got you sorted!

pink pride lash extensions


Pride Flag-Inspired Lashes

Although you could create a glam unicorn lash set by adding a pop of pink to the outer corner, with pink lashes on the bottom lash layer and darker-colored lashes on the top or middle layers of the lashes, the Pride flag is also great inspo for any Pride-related celebration. 

By implementing the rainbow colors from the Pride flag, which include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, you can create the ultimate LGBTQ+ Pride lash extensions set. Diversify your repertoire and get your hands on all of those juicy colors! To create a must-have set of Pride lashes, we suggest a beautiful ombre gradient, or you could even try adding intermittent spikes that are 1mm longer than the other lashes to make a statement with a flash of color.

Pride lash extensions map

Glitz & Glamor 

Why not go that extra step and add some cute lash decals, or a sprinkle of light-reflecting biodegradable lash glitter? These striking accents will refine any lash look - your clients will definitely be amazed! 

Top Tip: Use clear eyelash glue to guarantee the most sparkle! Our Crystal Bond Adhesive is the BEST for sparkly colored eyelash extensions.

green glitter lashes

Extra Spiky Lashes

If your clients wish to go for a more subtle look for Pride, you could opt for a mega volume wet lash look, a Kim K style set, or even a bold Manga lash set. Not only do these lashes offer an impressive textured, wispy, and bright appearance, your clients can also rock these lashes for the next 3-4 weeks! These lashes will match perfectly with any stylish Pride fit and won’t have to be removed after their pride event is over. Not saying that colored lashes must be removed, of course not! But many clients request colored lashes as a one-off treatment for an event and prefer them to be removed afterward. This goes for glitter lashes too, as after a few days, clients tend to come back to minimize the risk of irritation. 

Wispy lash extensions using premade spikes

If you’re celebrating Pride this month then do it in style! Up you and your clients' lash game by creating some ultra-bright, ultra-daring, and ultra-stunning lash sets. Happy lashing!