Summer Lash Tips For Your Clients | A Lash Extension Guide For Summer

Summer is fast approaching, well, in fact, you may already be feeling the warm rays of sunshine! Although this could be music to your ears, reality can come crashing down when you realize the lash extensions aren’t sticking, or your clients’ previous lashes  are shedding like crazy, and your lash glue is curing before you’ve even placed the extension on to the natural lash. Panic strikes, you check your hygrometer and thermometer, and you come to the realization that it’s way too hot and humid in your lash room!  eyelash extension care, how to take care of eyelash extensions, how to care for eyelash extensions,

Not only should you be monitoring your lash space and ensuring it’s at the optimal conditions for your lash glue to work perfectly, but you should also be discussing effective lash aftercare with your clients - because once they walk out of your salon, it’s all in their hands. You’ve done your job (fabulously we might add), but now it's their turn. 

Top 10 Aftercare Rules

If you’re facing high humidity and temperatures, or if your client is jetting off to a sunny location, these are ten top tips you can give to ensure the best possible retention.

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1. Don’t Get Your Lashes Wet for 24 Hours

As a rule of thumb, your client shouldn’t get their eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours after application. This is to ensure that the lash glue has fully cured and it doesn't become brittle as this will directly affect the retention of the lashes. To avoid this altogether, try adding Superbonder at the end of your treatment. It instantly cures the glue whilst keeping it flexible - perfect for clients who are likely to swim, shower, or even cry (we hope not) after their treatment.

2. Don’t Use a Steam Room for 48 Hours

You may already know that high humidity is a no-go when it comes to lash extensions. Humidity can weaken the bond between the natural lash and the lash glue, which can cause premature lash shedding. This includes any sort of steamy environment; for example, your bathroom during and after a shower, saunas, and hot tubs. We suggest lowering the water temperature when showering, keeping your bathroom well-ventilated, and avoiding hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas altogether. 

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3. Avoid Pulling / Rubbing Your Lashes

This goes without saying, don't pull your lashes! If your client wants the appearance of a full set of lash extensions, rubbing, picking, and pulling at them is not the way to go. Not to mention, they'll also be pulling out their natural lashes from the root which can lead to permanent damage!

4. Brush Lashes Daily With a Spoolie Brush

Your client can keep their lashes looking full and fluffy by brushing them daily with a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush. Brushing your eyelash extensions will help to break down and brush away any dust, makeup, and dirt away from the eye. After cleansing, brushing the lashes will help them stay in the desired shape. Pop a lash wand into your client’s aftercare package, it will encourage your clients to look after their lashes. 

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5. Ditch The Mascara

It is unlikely that your client will feel inclined to wear mascara after getting eyelash extensions, but just in case, you need to warn them of the cons. Not only will mascara clump and close up your fans if you have a volume set, but most mascaras are oil-based which can also interfere with the glue bonds. Waterproof mascara is an even bigger no-no as it takes extra force to remove, meaning you will be rubbing your lashes and causing unwanted friction. It’s summer! The last thing you want is mascara to be streaking and smearing due to the hot weather. 

6. Use an Oil-Free Sunscreen

To ensure that your clients are getting the most out of their lashes, make sure your clients are using oil-free sunscreens, and this goes for any product on or around the eyes such as moisturizers, serums, or eye creams. Although not all oils cause the adhesive on the eyelash extensions to weaken, many oils do, such as mineral oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil. Oils can break down the cyanoacrylate bond over time, (this is the main ingredient present in your lash glue), so to be on the safe side we would suggest avoiding any oily products around the eyes, or at least washing these oils away regularly with lash shampoo

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7. Avoid Salt Water and Chlorine

Eyelash extensions are the best way to stay glam by the pool. Synthetic eyelash extensions are waterproof, so of course you can swim, don’t let your stunning lashes get in the way of a sunny day at the beach! However, be aware that while a quick dip in the sea or pool is unlikely to cause any problems, too much exposure to salt water and chlorinated water can damage the lash adhesive bond between your natural lashes and extensions, causing the glue to become brittle. If your client is a frequent swimmer, we suggest using a pair of lash-friendly swimming goggles.

8. Cleanse The Lashes

The MOST vital step to caring for eyelash extensions is to cleanse them daily. Using a lash shampoo and a lash cleansing brush is the best way to clean your lash extensions, facts. After the 24-hour period of having to keep the lashes dry, use the foaming lash shampoo as a daily eyewash to maintain the hygiene of the eye area and improve retention. It’s a great retail opportunity too! Try offering a foaming lash cleanser and brush to your clients, there will be no excuses for dirty lashes!

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9. Regular Infills

If your clients want fresh, full, and beautiful lashes at all times, infill appointments should be booked every 2-3 weeks. This is dependent on your client’s natural hair growth rate, and how well, or not well, they care for their lashes. If your clients delay getting infills, they will be left with sparse lashes and gaps along their lash line due to natural lash shedding. These clients will also be spending more money on getting new fresh lash sets, rather than spreading the cost with infills. To save your clients’ money and time, try advising them to book infills while they're in the salon so that they don’t forget once they get home!

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10. Wear a Sweatband

To avoid getting sweat, sebum, and dirt on the lashes, we advise that your clients regularly, and gently, wipe their face with a towel or wear a sweatband. This is more for the fitness fanatics of your clientele, who love to look effortlessly gorgeous while they're running along the promenade or doing pull-ups in the gym. You go!


TOP TIP: Consider offering your clients an aftercare card, it includes some of the tips we’ve listed above and more…

Embrace the vacay vibes and look after your lashes! There’s nothing better than waking up and knowing that you have a low-maintenance morning routine, especially when you want to rush outside and enjoy the hot rays. Whether you're chilling poolside, lounging at the beach, or braving the outdoors, we hope we’ve provided you with some invaluable tips that your and your clients can consider.