6 Reasons to Remove Eyelash Extensions

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Unfortunately, lashes don’t last forever (depressing we know). It’s inevitable we’re afraid, and happens naturally as part of our lash cycle. If your client is desperate to remove their lashes at home, stop them! Getting eyelash extensions removed by a professional, ie. a lash technician, is the only way to guarantee that the natural lashes and the eye won’t be damaged. As a lash tech, you should be able to effectively and safely know how to remove lashes.

Not only are you creating stunning, fuller lashes for your clients - you should be offering to remove them too! The process of removing a set of eyelash extensions is just as important as applying them in the first place; this is something that every lash technician should offer. 

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6 Reasons to Remove Eyelash Extensions

1. Allergic Reaction

This is a lash technician's worst nightmare! We dread the day that a client walks back in through the salon doors and requests a removal because, for one reason or another, they are having an allergic reaction. Remember, you are not a medical professional, do NOT advise any sort of medical treatment or medication - simply remove the lashes, it’s the safest option. Whether your client has prolonged symptoms of super watery eyes, itchiness, soreness, or redness of the skin, the best thing to do is remove the lashes to avoid any further irritation. As a safety precaution, and to ensure that you are covered, always make sure your clients take a patch test 24-48 prior to their treatment, but keep in mind that these don’t always show us when a client is allergic! We recommend using Cream Remover in these cases as it’s not going to run into the client’s eyes, so will help them to remain comfortable.allergic reaction to eyelash extensions, hypoallergenic eyelash glue

After the treatment, if your client shows signs of bloodshot eyes and not the symptoms listed above, it is unlikely to be an allergic reaction and more likely to be a chemical burn which should go down by itself. If you are unsure of the differences of chemical burns and allergic reactions, we advise you read Chemical Burn vs. Allergic Reaction for must-have tips and information!

Top Tip: Although a client’s allergic reaction isn’t your fault, we would still recommend that you offer a full refund to clients who develop an allergic reaction after the treatment, or offer an alternative discounted treatment instead. As a lash tech you should strive to deliver excellent customer service and maintain strong client relationships.  

2. Your Client Doesn’t Like Their Lash Extensions

We hope this doesn't happen, but it sadly does happen every now and then. If your client absolutely hates their eyelash extensions, offer to remove them. Obviously, if you’ve spent hours applying a gorgeous set of lashes, the last thing you want to do is remove them. If you are stuck in this uncomfortable situation, don't panic, it can be resolved one way or the other. 

Firstly, sincerely apologize and allow the client to express their concerns. Remember, customer service always comes first, so kindly ask your client why they’re are unhappy, ie. “Is it the shape, length, or thickness that you aren’t sure about?” and ask what you can do to resolve this. If you don’t have the time to fix their lashes and rectify the issue straight away, maybe suggest they come back for a free appointment to fix their lashes or offer a reduced price for another treatment.eyelash remover, lash removal, lash extension removal

3. Removing Another Lash Techs Work

We’ve almost all had a potential client come to you with absolutely HORRENDOUS lashes. It should be criminal! It’s sad to say that there are a handful of ‘lash techs’ who aren’t fully qualified and just want a quick buck. We’ve seen clients with lashes glued to their eyelids, eyelashes stuck together, excessive adhesive, and incorrect thickness and lengths used - I know, scary right?! 

These ‘lash techs’ are going out and buying their disposables at the cheapest price, using the  cheapest glues that they can find, and the cheapest lash products that can cause irritation to and around the eyes, and their clients have no clue! Remove, remove, remove. Immediately. Poor application from other lash artists can lead to damaged natural lashes, and that’s the last thing you or your client want. But look on the bright side, you could have a potential long-term client as a result of this fiasco!how to remove individual lashes with eyelash extension remover

The key thing here is patience – go slowly and remove the lashes in sections or layers if you have to. Explain to the client that it may take a little while due to there being lots of glue just so that they know what to expect. Going slowly will be more comfortable for your client, and will also result in far less damage than if you try to rush the job. 

4. Client Has a Change of Heart

Great news, this isn’t on you! Your incredible lash work is not to blame, your client just had a change of heart. This usually happens with regular clients who want to regularly switch up their look, or if a client has received a dramatic bespoke lash set for a special occasion and wants to tone it down a notch. Your client has probably mentioned what they're getting their lashes done for; top tip, write this down on their appointment card so you can ask them about it in their next appointment, they'll love the personal touch! During their appointment, mention that you offer lash extension removal, and explain that this is the safest option if they want them removed. You can even apply a brand new, fresh set right after a removal if they’re going from a dramatic look to something more subtle, so they don’t have to come back multiple times!lash removal near me, eyelash remover, lash removal, lash extension removal

5. Significant Design Change

As we mentioned above, your client may, after a few weeks, completely change their mind on what style they actually want. This is common with first-time clients who have never had their lashes done before. They’ll come in and voice their desire for mega volume cat eye styling, but then over time realize that they want a more natural classic eyelash extensions set. The best thing to do is remove them and start again. If a client comes in for a full set of lashes, with lash extensions still hanging on, you’ll need to remove them before you start a completely new design. 

Top Tip: For clients coming for a lash fill, it’s easier and quicker to remove the grown out lashes with a little drop of Gel Remover. Simply apply it with a microbrush, ensuring the lashes either side of it don’t touch the remover and then slide the extension off, clean the lash and you’re ready to reapply!

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6. Medical Reasons 

As you should know as a certified lash technician, if your client has had a surgery on or around the eye, or is planning to in the next few weeks, the safest option is to deny them treatment. During or after surgery, having eyelash extensions can increase the risk of infection as they can harbor bacteria. To make sure this isn’t an issue, during your client’s consultation, provide them with a consultation form which they must fill out prior to the treatment. Any indication that they will be undergoing or have recently undergone any kind of surgery will be a reason for you to say no to them on this occasion. Similarly, if your client is due to have surgery of any kind in or around the eyes, removing their lashes will make everything safer for them and easier for their doctor!

But what if they don’t tell you the truth on their form? Well, as harsh as it sounds, that’s on them. If you have it in writing that they are not under any risk due to surgery or similar, they won’t get very far in any kind of complaint against you when something inevitably goes wrong!


We hope we’ve provided you with all you need to know about when to remove eyelash extensions, because sometimes, you could be in two minds. Just remember, if you're ever in doubt, put your best customer service smile on and be prepared to remove the lashes. You’ve got this!