Spruce Up Your Salon With Our Must-Have Lash Room Decor & Accessories

Appearances are everything! Think of it from a client’s perspective - when they are parting with their hard-earned cash, they expect 5* service and 5* surroundings. We’re talking about your salon, of course. If your clients feel comfortable in your lash room, they will most likely come back time and time again. You want to make your clients feel as if your lash room is their haven and their safe place - because as you know, not only are you a lash tech, you’re a friend, counselor, and confidant. 

So, if you want to spruce up your salon to ensure you're truly ready for business, read on!

Lash Room Decor, lash supplies on lash trolley

Essential Lash Room Decor - Our Top 8 Must-Haves

1. Super Cute Accessories

Beautify your lash room in the best way possible with some stylish accessories. Small but mighty, these cute accessories sure do pack a punch. If you simply want to zhuzh up your studio, the final touches are important and they can make a world of difference! 

From lash pens to handy aftercare leaflets, a classy notebook or schedule diary, or even a stunning drinks tumbler. This sort of lash merchandise will make an impression on your clients, and who doesn't want to look like the most boujee lash artist in town? On your vanity, desk, or lash trolley - these cost-effective items really do stand out.

Pink stanely cup for sale

2. Lavish Lash Bed

Not only do you want your lash bed to look luxurious, but it must be comfortable for your clients too. The last thing you want is for your client to hate coming to their appointment because your lash bed is unbearable to lie on, it'll feel like the longest two hours (roughly) of their life! To avoid this, we suggest investing in an ultra-comfy memory foam lash pillow and a soft bed cover. Provide your client with comfort whilst you create the most stunning wispy hybrid lashes! A lash treatment or a spa day, who’ll know the difference?!

beige lash bed

3. Salon Lighting

Take the best lash selfies, shoot the best content for your lash Insta (or personal Insta, we don’t judge), and showcase the best lashes in the area - yours obviously! Salon lighting is a MUST for any salon, especially when you want those close-up details of your perfect lash fans. Our Glamcor range contains the best lighting products in the industry; from a lash light that conveniently clips to your lash bed or desk to a multimedia glam light that makes content creation fun and easy! Not only will you see every single lash, including baby and blonde lashes, but your salon’s immaculate lighting will also result in unreal pics, tutorials, and reels.

Glamcor lights collection

4. Stylish Storage

If you have a clean and organized environment, you’ll feel happy, motivated, and ready to work! Store and protect your lash palettes from dust, bacteria, and dirt with a stylish palette organizer. Display your favorite lashes on a sleek acrylic palette, and store all of these in a glossy acrylic organizer so they are on hand at all times. There’s no greater joy than having an organized workspace - your clients will admire your professionalism and you won’t have to deal with the stress of losing your fave lash products. 

lash storage palette organizer

5. Salon Uniform

Dress to impress! Besides looking ultra-professional, wearing a lash tunic orlash apron protects your clothing from unexpected spillages and stains. You’ll look smart, calm, and collected at all times, even if you don’t feel it! It’s extra handy if there’s a front pocket that can become a temporary home for your lash tools while you're lashing.

lash apron, lash tunic for salon

6. Hygrometer & Thermometer

In addition to being the cutest gadget ever, a hygrometer and thermometer will also measure your lash room’s environment. It will be your first point of call for when your lashes aren't sticking like you expect them to. It measures the humidity and temperature in your workspace so that you can check your adhesive is working within the optimal conditions, and if not, you can alter it. Retention, unmatched!

hygrometer for lash room humidity and temperature

7. Cleansing & Sanitizing Supplies

It’ll come as no surprise to you that we preach sanitation and cleanliness. Sanitizing and disinfecting your lash tools should be one of your main priorities in the salon. While you're working your magic on your client’s lashes, health, safety, and cleanliness should never drift to the back of your mind. One of a lash tech's worst nightmares is to give your client an infection due to contamination. This should be avoided at ALL costs, so remember cleaning is key!

sanitize lash products, clean lash products

8. Salon Mirrors & Wall Decor

How else are you going to impress your client? By showing them the end result, obviously! The final result is what you and your client have both been waiting for, they can finally see if all of your hard work has paid off. Having a glamorous mirror on standby, on your lash trolley or hung up on the wall, is useful for showing off your client’s fabulous eyelash extensions to them. If you want to take your business content to the next level, a Riki mirror doubles up as a streaming device and a light-up mirror.

If you’ve already decorated your salon walls with a few mirrors, why not take your lash room to the next level and pair them alongside lash posters and lash-related artwork? At London Lash, we have a gorgeous range of salon decor posters that will bring life to any lash room.Whether it's stunning model shots or photos of lash extension products, we’re sure that any of them will enhance the feel of your lash studio.

Lash Room Decor

Have we given you any lash room decor inspo? We hope so! We cannot wait to see how you re-decorate your lash salon, tag us in all of your pics, we love a good transformation - lashes and lash studios alike. Now, what are you waiting for? Introduce some new pieces into your working life, you know you want to.