Lash Extension Booster: How Does it Help Lash Retention?

On the topic of improving lash retention, the Booster is making waves! With over 500 units sold in just the past month, it's high time we dive deep into one of our top picks in the lash game.

Did you know? The London Lash Retention & Speed Booster can be used in two different ways, giving you versatility in your lash routine. Who doesn't appreciate a good 2-for-1 deal?

lash extension booster

How to Apply Booster to Natural Lashes

When applied to natural lashes as the concluding step in your prep process (similar to how you'd use a Cleanser and Primer - a small amount on two microfiber brushes, blotting excess on a tissue, then sandwiching the lashes between the brushes, ensuring even distribution from base to tip, especially on the adhesive area), the Booster guarantees optimal retention. A strong claim, but let us break it down.

The Booster has an alkaline pH. While it's gentle and won't harm the lashes, it's potent enough to slightly open up the hair cuticles when applied. This provides the adhesive with a larger surface area to latch onto when attaching a lash extension.

Retention lash booster

How does this magic happen? Well, alkaline substances impact hair in this manner. Procedures like Lash Lifts, Brow Lamination, or even hair bleaching start with an alkaline solution, often ammonia. This allows the subsequent product to modify the hair's internal structure, and this is why Lash Lifts result in longer-lasting curls, Brow Lamination gives fuller brows that stay put, and bleached hair feels coarse and absorbs color quickly ( and also why it doesn’t always hold color super well) - the cuticle has been opened, altering the hair's natural biochemistry.

However, the Booster's alkalinity is milder than what you'd find in these treatments. We're not aiming to change the hair's structure, just to open the cuticle enough for the lash glue to have more to grip. The Booster is suitable for every client, yielding impressive results, and it's especially effective for clients with oilier skin or those with sleek, glossy lashes that typically resist long-term bonding. With the Booster, expect delighted clients!

A heads-up: The Booster also accelerates your lash glue's drying time. So, if you're transitioning from a slower-drying beginner adhesive to a quicker one, consider getting acquainted with one product at a time to find your rhythm.

Lash booster before and after

Applying Booster to the Lash Strip

For those exclusively using Classic Lashes, this might not be relevant. But if you're considering a Russian Volume course, or are already well acquainted with using volume lash fans, read on. I wish I had this insight when I was a newbie!

At times, Russian Volume fans can close unexpectedly. You craft a flawless fan, dip it in lash glue, and place it on the lash, only for it to close upon release of your lash tweezers. How frustrating?! This can be due to an incorrect dipping technique, or sometimes the adhesive just travels up the fan. This is okay for a spiky Kim K look but not for those desiring lush, gap-free lashes, with a super even top lash line!

The Booster can be your ally here. Using a microfiber brush, apply a drop of Booster, blotting excess on a tissue, then apply directly to the lash strip. You'll notice that the adhesive remains in place, and your fans stay voluminous! Feel free to reapply the Booster during the session if needed. It won't compromise the lashes' quality - just ensure you don't oversaturate them, as this might cause the adhesive to shock polymerize upon drying instead of its intended black.

Applying lash booster to the lashes

When Not to Use Booster on Lashes

Note: Booster is NOT compatible with Easy Fanning Lashes. These lashes fan out naturally due to their multi-layered design, and are held together with a touch of adhesive. Therefore, the Booster can make this adhesive tacky and challenging to work with. Stick to using the Booster with traditional Volume lashes that you fan manually, and you're golden!


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