Which Eyelash Glue Is Best For You? 

Lash glue is the backbone of the eyelash extension process, it’s literally the glue that holds everything together! The adhesive you choose can make or break your client's experience, so you obviously want to make sure you choose the perfect one. We get it, there are so many lash glues on the market, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. If you’re on the hunt for the best lash glue for you, then we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide explaining each of our lash extension glues so that you can compare them and decide which is right for you!

A range of professional lash glues for lash extensions

Crystal Bond

The London Lash Crystal Bond lash glue is the only clear glue in our entire collection! If you’re an avid lover of brown lash extensions and colored lash extensions, or simply don’t like the dark look that black eyelash glue provides, then Crystal Bond will be a game-changer for you! At London Lash, we recognize it as the best clear lash glue in the industry. Its superior bonding strength ensures that no matter which style, your clients’ eyelash extensions will stay put, looking fresh and fabulous. 

Clear eyelash glue for lash extensions

But what truly sets the Crystal Bond apart? Its versatility. Whether you're working with classic brown lash extensions or experimenting with bold, colored lash extensions, this lash extension glue promises impeccable hold and is ideal for customers who may have a sensitivity to the Carbon Black pigment in standard lash glues. So, if you're on the hunt for a clear, fast-drying lash glue that is suitable for Classic lashes as well as Volume lashes, then Crystal Bond is the one to choose. This lash glue will allow you to elevate your lash game and help your clients enjoy the beauty of long-lasting, stunning lashes. 


Fast Drying: 1-2 Seconds

Suitable For: Intermediate and Advanced Lash Technicians

Note: Crystal Bond is easy to use and suitable for beginners. Nonetheless, those who are fairly new to using the adhesive may face some challenges in determining the appropriate amount to apply due to its transparent nature, which could ultimately impact retention.

Clear lash glue for eyelash extensions

Satin Bond

Introducing one of our best sellers! The Satin Bond Lash Glue, exclusively available at London Lash, is the revolutionary adhesive you've been waiting for. Whether you're crafting Classic eyelash extensions, Hybrid lash extensions, or Volume lashes, this eyelash glue ensures a lasting bond and impeccable finish. Its unique formula guarantees minimal irritation, making it a top choice for lash professionals. Satin Bond is our slowest drying lash glue with a 2-second curing time, making it perfect for beginner and intermediate Lash Techs and ideal for if you work in a humid and hot environment. It's easy to work with, with a satin consistency that allows you to grab the perfect amount of glue - helping toensure your clients leave with a flutter they'll love. 


Moderate Drying Time: 2 Seconds

Suitable For: Beginner and Intermediate Lash Technicians

Note: Great to use in humid and hot working environments.

Satin bond lash glue for lash techs

Lady Bond

Presenting another one of our best-selling adhesives, the Lady Bond Lash Glue! So, what makes Lady Bond different from our other eyelash glues? Well, Lady Bond is ideal for if your room conditions are particularly unstable and tend to fluctuate in humidity and temperature, with optimal conditions of 64.4°F - 71.6°F and humidity levels between 50-65%. This adhesive not only ensures your wispy lashes stay in place all day, but also guarantees comfortable wear for your clients - so say goodbye to disappointing retention and hello to long-lasting, captivating lashes. Lady Bond is super versatile, with a drying time of 1-2 seconds, and it’s adaptable nature makes it suitable for both Classic lashes and Volume lashes. It’s a perfect fit for Lash Technicians who are at an intermediate or advanced level, as well as those who are new to lash artistry. 


Fast Drying Time: 1-2 Seconds

Suitable For: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lash Technicians

Note: Reliable even in unstable working conditions.

Satin lash glue for eyelash extensions

Flexie Glue

Every Lash Technician knows the importance of a reliable lash glue - and that’s what Flexie is! An innovative product, Flexie Lash Glue is ideal for any sort of lash set you want to create, from Classic lashes to Russian Volume lashes. But what makes Flexie stand out? Flexie actually stays flexible even after curing, resulting in incredible retention. This is a great lash glue to use for low-humidity or unstable conditions, and thrives in temperatures of 64.4 - 71.6°F and humidity levels ranging between 40-70%. This eyelash glue ensures exceptional retention and a flawless finish, with its velvet consistency that allows you to pick up just the right amount of glue every time. 

As we mentioned, Flexie has a wide working range, which is convenient for when you have trouble controlling the conditions of your workspace - and just as the name suggests, this lash glue stays flexible even when it’s completely cured, giving incredible retention. Remember, working in the perfect glue conditions is crucial. To keep an eye on your room conditions, consider using a Hygrometer, and based on the results, you can adjust with tools like an Air Conditioner or Humidifier. It’s important to note that this eyelash glue is extremely fast drying, meaning it’s not suitable for beginners or intermediate Lash Techs who have performed less than 1000-1500 lash sets. So, if you’re an advanced Lash Artist, why not give it a go?


Extremely Fast Drying Time: 1 Second

Suitable For: Advanced Lash Technicians

Note: Easy to use even in low-humidity or unstable environments

Flexie eyelash glue

Royal Bond

For Lash Technicians seeking the epitome of excellence, the Royal Bond Lash Glue will be your crowning jewel - hence its name! This premium eyelash glue has been meticulously formulated to provide the strongest hold with a  thin (watery) texture, perfect for every eyelash extension style. Whether you're creating Classic lashes or intricate Volume sets, the Royal Bond guarantees maximum retention, ensuring your clients feel nothing short of royalty. Due to its fast drying time of a second, it’s the best lash extension glue for low humidity out of our entire lash glue range, and its superior formula ensures that lash extensions bond seamlessly to the natural lash, offering clients a flawless finish that lasts. If you’re an advanced Lash Technician who is on the hunt for a lash glue with superior hold, Royal Bond is the perfect one to choose!


Extremely Fast Drying Time: 1 Second

Suitable For: Advanced Lash Technicians

Note: The best lash glue for low humidity (30-80%)

Fast drying lash glue for eyelash extensions

Power Bond

This lash glue is our fastest drying lash glue in our entire collection, and Power Bond Lash Glue stands out as a Lash Technician's best ally. This is our number one best-selling adhesive! It not only ensures a long-lasting bond but it has a watery consistency, making it a top choice for advanced lash professionals who prefer a low viscosity. This lash extensions glue offers unparalleled hold, ensuring your clients leave with full lashes and keep them! As you may guess, this glue lives up to its name; it’s extremely strong and has an extremely fast-drying time of 0.5 - 1 second, meaning it’s not really suitable for beginners or intermediate lash techs who’ve created less than 1000 lash sets. So,whether you’re creating Classic lashes or even Mega Volume Russian lash sets, this adhesive will be your favorite companion. 


Extremely Fast Drying Time: 0.5 - 1 Second

Suitable For: Advanced Lash Technicians

Note: Our Best-Seller

Power bond eyelash glue for lash extensions

We know it may be a lot to take in, but hopefully with our guide, you can pick the right lash glue for you! If you’re still unsure, we recommend getting our sample sizes to start so you can try out each one and pick your ultimate faves. Not to mention, we have a handy lash glue subscription service which will save you 20% in the long run and ensure that you never run out of your favorite lash adhesive. Remember, don't let subpar eyelash glue compromise your artistry. 

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