What is the Difference Between Hybrid Lashes and Volume Lashes?

Whether you’re a lashing pro or a beginner who’s just starting out - we’ve got all the tools that you’ll need for your career to flourish. We’re sure you’ve seen tons of trending lash maps swirling around the internet, but let's strip things back to the basics for a second. To create a set of gorgeous lashes, you’ll need to understand whether or not your client wants Classic lashes, Hybrid lashes, or Volume lashes. To determine which one they should go for, you’ll need to know the style of lashes that your client wants and what will best suit their natural lashes. If your client wants an ultra-glam set that will be too heavy for their natural lashes, then they may be disappointed when they leave your salon with a set of Classic eyelash extensions instead. Since Hybrid and Volume lashes are in such demand, it’s vital that you get to grips with them!

How to pick eyelash extension styles

What are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

When it comes to deciding between natural or voluminous lashes, Hybrid eyelash extensions offer the perfect medium. Although they are not as dramatic as Volume lashes, Hybrid lashes still offer a full and lengthening effect. Hybrid lash extensions can provide more flexibility in terms of style as you can mix and match individual lashes and volume lash fans, all in one set. 

Hybrid lashes contain a mixture of individual lash extensions that you would use for Classic lashes, and lash fans used for Volume lashes. It really is the perfect combination, and is a great option to choose for clients who want a bolder lash look that isn’t as dramatic as Mega Volume lashes. The ratio that you use for individual lashes to lash fans can vary. For example, you could create a half set of lashes with a mixture of single lash extensions and lighter lash fans to produce a natural and enhanced look; or to add a bit more fluff, you can instead use more lash fans in the sparser areas to close the gaps, and individual lashes in the denser areas of the lash line

A diagram of hybrid lashes

What are Wispy Hybrid Lashes?

The uneven top line of Hybrid lashes creates a textured, spiky, and wispy appearance - so when your clients ask for the popular style of ‘Wispy Hybrid lashes’ this is what they mean. You may think that uneven means messy, but not exactly. The term ‘wispy’usually refers to a set of light, spiky lashes, as opposed to full-on spikes, which can look like a Kim K set or Wet-look lashes, depending on the intensity of the spikes. To create the most wispy lashes possible, you would form a super wispy and spiky top line using a combination of lighter Volume lashes, with individual Classic lashes that are 2 - 4 mm longer than the fans. To achieve the ultimate fluffy, wispy lash extensions set, it’s best to use wider fans, rather than narrow ones, for bold spikes with a really dramatic effect.

If you want to learn more about how to create a set of gorgeous Wispy Hybrid lashes, we’ve got a blog all about it!

Wispy hybrid lash extensions

What are Volume Lash Extensions?

Let’s talk Volume lashes! If your clients love bold and dramatic lashes, then Volume lashes will be your go-to. Your clients could either show you examples of the types of lash sets that they like, or if they wear false lashes, then you can find out what styles they are used to wearing so that you know which style will suit them comfortably. It’s a rule of thumb that Volume lash extension sets only contain lash fans. If you’re using mostly Volume fans for a Hybrid set, you could still technically class it as a volume set, too, as you will be using Volume lash techniques. 

Dense volume eyelash extensions

To create Volume lashes, individual eyelash extensions are fanned out whilst they’re still on the strip, or by hand, to form lash fans that are applied to each of your client’s natural lashes. This is known as the Russian Volume method and requires more technical skill than the Classic lash technique. In comparison to Classic individual lashes, lighter and thinner extensions are used in a Volume lash set (usually 0.07) to avoid the fans adding too much weight to the client's natural lashes. Whereas with Hybrid lash extensions, Volume lashes are used to create a bolder appearance and an even more striking look. It’s always important to keep in mind when creating any lash look that it should be catered to your client’s unique appearance when you’re deciding on what lengths, curls, to use and the number of fans you apply to each lash. 

Fluffy volume eyelash extensions

What are Mega Volume Lashes?

It’s important to note that a number of fans can be added to an individual lash, which will significantly impact the overall look of your Volume lashes. When two extensions are applied to a single natural lash, it is called 2D. If three extensions are applied to one natural lash, it is called 3D, and so on. Most volume courses teach techniques for creating 2D-6D sets, and for anything above 6D, a Mega Volume course is usually required and will be considered a Mega Volume lash set. Mega Volume lash extensions are the most voluminous and dramatic set, with lash fans of over 6D offering an even more bold effect.

Mega volume eyelash extensions

Should I Choose Hybrid Lashes or Volume Lashes?

Choosing the right lashes for your client can be tricky, but with a thorough consultation and some practice, you’ll get to know what lashes will suit each client by just looking at them! All in all, the perfect type of lashes for a client will always depend on the look they want to achieve and the condition of their natural lashes. Here are some deciding factors that you and your client should consider before choosing between Hybrid and Volume lashes.

Your Client Should Opt for Hybrid Lashes if:

  • They have a sparse lash line
  • They want to achieve volume and texture
  • They want a step up from Classic lashes
  • They want a bolder look that’s not as dramatic as Volume lashes.

Your Client Should Opt for Volume Lashes if:

  • They have a sparse lash line
  • They want desire an ultra-glamorous look
  • They want a fuller, more dense lash set than Hybrid lashes
  • They enjoy the look of false strip lashes
Picking up a volume lash fan with lash tweezers

That’s this series wrapped! Now you know the difference between Classic and Hybrid lashesClassic and Volume lashes, and Hybrid and Volume lashes - and you can use this expert knowledge to your advantage. If you want to keep up with the latest lash trends, tips, and products, check out the London Lash US BlogInstagramPinterest, and Threads!