What is the Difference Between Classic Lashes and Hybrid Lashes?

If you’re new to the wonderful world of eyelash extensions, it can be overwhelming - for both clients and Lash Techs alike. Even if you are a certified Lash Technician who has been in the game for years, it’s always good to refresh your knowledge and strip it back to the basics, especially when there is a multitude of trending lash extension styles that your clients probably won’t understand. There are three main types of eyelash extensions that you’ll likely think of which are Classic lashesHybrid lashes, and Volume lashes. In this series, we will discuss all three, but for this blog, we are focusing on the popular Classic and Hybrid lash extensions! 

An illustration of classic lashes vs hybrid lashes vs volume lashes

What are Classic Lash Extensions?

Classic lash extensions are applied on a 1:1 ratio, meaning one lash extension is applied to one natural lash. Unlike Hybrid lashes, which use a mixture of lash fans and individual lashes, Classic lashes only use individual lash extensions which will result in a subtle enhancement. For those seeking a more natural look, Classic eyelash extensions are the perfect choice.

Model wearing classic eyelash extensions

Though you may feel like you can’t be very creative with a Classic lash set, you are wrong! Based on your clients' expectations, and your expert opinion, you can map out whichever style you desire using the Classic lashes technique. As a Lash Technician, you can use various lash thicknesses based on what your client wants, the condition of their natural lashes, and what will suit their face shape. For example, if your client wants a subtle enhancement in the outer corner, you can opt for a mascara effect or a half-lash look - you’re not limited to one thickness or length!

It’s also important to note that eyelash extension lengths may vary from 0.03mm to 0.20mm, but we suggest that you choose a lash that is no longer than 3mm than the client’s natural eyelashes; but if you want to achieve a more dense lash look, then shorter lashes are the way to go. This ensures a safe application, great durability and retention, and helps to maintain a natural appearance. With Classic lashes, you can still achieve a beautiful, natural look without adding too much length.

what classic eyelash extensions look like

What are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid lashes truly give you the best of both worlds. If your client is unsure whether they want a natural effect or a voluminous result, then Hybrid eyelash extensions are the perfect middle-ground between Classic lashes and Volume lashes. They’re the saving grace for clients who are seeking a look that is bolder than Classic lash extensions, but not as dramatic as Volume lash extensions. Although you are not limited with the curls, lengths, or thickness you can use for Classic lashes, Hybrid lashes offer you more opportunities to customize your client’s lashes so that you can achieve the perfect look that will complement their natural features. 

hybrid lashes on the eye

Many clients may come to you and ask for Hybrid lashes, or wispy Hybrid lashes, without knowing what they actually are - so let’s give you the lowdown! As we’ve previously mentioned, Hybrid lash extensions are a combination of Classic lashes (one lash extension per natural lash), and Volume lashes (lighter lash extensions that are fanned out and applied to each individual natural lash). This could be a ratio of 50/50 or 30/80, there's not an exact percentage for how many individual lashes or lash fans can be used in a Hybrid lash set. You could even argue that a Wet Lash look or a Kim K lash set that is almost entirely made up of Volume lash fans as well as some flat lashes, can be classed as Hybrid lashes.

Rather than a uniform top line, Hybrid lash extensions create an irregular top line, which makes them appear textured, spiky, and wispy. In a Hybrid lash set, lash fans can be used to add thickness and volume to more sparse areas of the lash line, whereas individual extensions can be used in denser areas to create length. Wet set lashes on a lash model

Should I Choose Classic Lashes or Hybrid Lashes?

This is really an age-old debate that lovers of eyelash extensions and even those who have just been introduced to them, go round in circles on. You may feel a little disappointed with this answer, but choosing the right type of lashes ultimately depends on the look your client wants to achieve and the condition of their natural lashes. To make the decision easier, here are some characteristics of each technique that could serve as deciding factors:An illustration of hybrid lash extensions

Your client should opt for Classic lashes if… 

  • They want a subtle, natural lash enhancement
  • They are focused on achieving length over volume
  • They have naturally thick lashes
  • Typically more affordable than Hybrid lashes 

Your client should opt for Hybrid lashes if… 

  • They have a sparse lash line
  • They are focused on achieving length and volume
  • They usually opt for Classic lashes but want a bit more oomph
  • They want a dramatic look, but not one as bold as Russian Volume lashes.

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