Believe it or not, lash mapping is one of the most important steps of an eyelash extension treatment. Each face is unique, and each client deserves a bespoke lash set which suits their face shape. Who wants their clients to walk away from their treatment feeling upset and disappointed that their lashes aren’t flattering to their face? It’s the worst feeling! We know you want to match your client’s expectations, and we hope you do, but they probably won’t know what actually suits their eye shape or bone structure, and that’s where your expertise comes in.lash mapping with a mapping pen on eyepatches

If you’re not sure where to start, or if you want some inspiration for your next lash set, we’re here to help! We’ve got the most gorgeous lash maps that will help you create the most stunning lashes - from the trendy viral lash maps to underrated showstoppers, we’ve got you covered. This is our long-anticipated part two to the OG The Ultimate Guide to Lash Mapping blog post, so if you haven’t seen those staple lash maps then go and take a look!

Extreme Strip Lash Map

If your client embodies a go-big or go-home aesthetic and loves a bold, glam look, then this is the one for them. We’re talking the ultimate Wispy, Mega Volume lash extensions -  you could even say they’re a more amped-up version of the iconic Kim K lashes. Similar to the Kim K lash map, the Extreme Strip lash map features longer fans that are 3-4 mm longer than the other lashes. To create a flawless blend of lashes, there are 11 sections for various lengths rather than just six. 

Starting from the basics, the shape of these lashes follow a Squirrel Style arch with lengths starting from 6 mm in the inner corner of the eye, to 15 mm in the outer quarter, and decreasing back down to 6 mm. Although you're aiming for a dramatic look, it’s always important to reduce the lash lengths gradually towards the inner and outer corners, as using long and heavy lashes will cause stress to your client's smaller natural lashes.Mega Volume Strip Lash Map for eyelash extensions

Angel Lashes

We’re sure you’ve seen Angel lashes by now, even without you knowing the exact term for them! Just know, they are textured, wispy, and delicate - sounds amazing right? Since more and more clients are requesting a natural-looking lash set, and might want something different than Classic eyelash extensions, Angel Lashes are a fantastic choice. Angel lashes are created by using light and thin lashes with the addition of long spikes to create that desired wispy lash look. They are the happy medium between Classic lash extensions and Volume lash extensions. This lash look will help you to create a weightless and wispy look that can easily be customized to suit your client's eyes and face shape. Like a Squirrel style, Angel Lashes are extremely versatile and will suit round, almond, and narrow eye shapes with the illusion of a gorgeous and subtle Cat-eye effect that many clients request. 

To begin, split the inner section into four equal sections, this is where your smaller lashes will be placed as they increase in length towards the middle of the eye. To map the second section, split it into two equal sections, and split the last section equally again. This will result in three outer sections with the one towards the middle of the eye being the largest - this is where your longest lashes will be placed. Like with any lash map, you can play around with it! If you want more spikes or more lengths then go ahead - it’s all about making it your own and taking pride in your work. 

Want to know more about how to create the perfect Angel Lashes? Click here!Wispy Angel Lashes Lash Mapping

Manga Lashes

Continuously rising in popularity, Manga lashes are an anime lover's dream. But don’t get us wrong, you don’t even need to enjoy anime to adore these wispy lashes. Also known as Manhwa lashes and Manhua lashes, these eyelash extensions create a doe-eyed effect, meaning they’re great for nearly every client as they open up and enhance the eyes. Manga lash extensions take inspiration from Manga characters and the ‘Anime Eyes’ that they possess, making them perfect for cosplay too. Working on each lash layer and placing shorter wispy fans alongside longer closed fans and spikes at equal distances across the lash line, results in a dramatic, bold, and spiky appearance. 

Why not add some bottom lashes too? Bottom lashes will truly complete the look. Unlike some other lash mapping styles, many Manga eyelash extensions are finished with a bottom set of lashes to make them really stand out. 

If you want a comprehensive guide on how to create Manga Lashes, check out our blog post here!Wispy Manga Lashes lash map illustration

Eyeliner Effect

The Eyeliner Effect is an underrated gem of lash styles! They are basically a toned-down version of a Cat-eye, and therefore will suit clients with close-set or proportional eyes. However, even though they are characterized by dense and shorter lashes, the drama is still there. If you want to create a winged Eyeliner Effect that everyone is going crazy for at the moment (because who doesn’t want that snatched Bella Hadid look?) then listen up. 

Start by drawing a line from the middle of the eye, onto the eyepatch. Split each side into four equal sections, and like a Cat Style, the longer lashes will be placed in the larger sections in the middle to outer corner. You’re aiming for a sleek flick toward the outer corner, but still want to protect the weaker lashes, so from the inner corner you will build in lash lengths, and then gradually reduce the lengths in the outer corner. If you want to use longer lashes, try splitting your sections into seven parts rather than six to ensure a seamless blend between lengths.Eyeliner effect lash map which looks like a wispy cat eye hybrid lashes

Nude Look

A Nude Look is basically a stripped-back lash look - these lash extensions are subtle, natural, and even barely noticeable in some cases. This style of lash set is perfect for clients who want to enhance their features but not in a dramatic way. Instead, they just want an ‘enhanced natural lashes’ look. A Nude lash set is also perfect for male or elderly clients who may not want a set of noticeable Volume lash extensions. 

This fluttery look can be achieved by using soft and light individual lashes. We would suggest choosing between 0.07 to 0.10 lashes to achieve a delicate and weightless appearance. If your client has sparse lashes you could use a couple of 2D fans to fill in these gaps. Typically with this lash look, you’re better off using your trusty Classics. No one will believe that they aren’t your clients' real lashes!Lash mapping for natural classic eyelash extensions - nude look lashes

Mermaid Lashes

Since the release of Disney’s The Little Mermaid and the resurgence of natural-looking lashes, Mermaid Lashes have been skyrocketing in popularity. So, if your clients want to embody the magical Little Mermaid look, then we’ve got you! Mermaid lashes are characterized by their natural, wispy and Volume appearance. To create the ultimate Mermaid lash map we have collaborated with Ria Biggerstaff, who is none other than Halle Bailey’s Lash Artist for the movie! 

Mermaid Lashes increase in length as you move toward the outer corner of the eye, creating a flawless flick. To create this gorgeous lash set, Ria Biggerstaff used B and C curls to give the illusion of a naturally enhanced look. Although lash curls should be chosen in accordance with your client’s natural lashes, B and C curls are quite universal. To add a bold touch to this lash look, a few stunning spikes can be added to the outer corner - as The Little Mermaid does live in the sea, it only makes sense to add wet-looking spikes!

Take a look at how to create these Mermaid Lashes here.Mermaid Lashes lash map by London Lash and lash tech Ria Biggerstaff

What are you waiting for? Use these lash maps and get lashing! We hope we have provided you with some fabulous lash inspo for you and your clients. If you do use our lash maps, make sure to tag us in all of your lash creations!