How to Create Manga Lashes | Free Manga Lash Maps

Manga lashes, also known as Manhwa lashes and Manhua lashes, are STUNNING. Whether you’re a fan of anime or not, you must admit that manga lashes are the most gorgeous and ethereal lash trend of this year. This spider-like lash trend has taken over Tiktok and Instagram and made “Anime eyes” one of the most sought-after lash styles in the game. 

Unlike other recent Tiktok trends, you won’t have to use a filter to achieve this look. Since Tiktok creators such as @Sacheu have been experimenting with falsies and inspiring their audiences to create their own DIY Manga lashes, we need to give our two cents - we’ve got a more permanent solution, that’s less fiddly (for your client that is). If you are unfamiliar with the fascinating universe that is anime, buckle up, you’re in for a thrilling ride.

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What Are Manga Lashes?

Manga lashes take inspiration from popular comic books, shows, and movies from the world of manga and anime. Manga originates from Japan, meanwhile, Manhwa is Korean, and Manhua originated in China. Although these comic styles have differences in storytelling, readership, and art styles, these three terms of lashes all come under the same umbrella. Nowadays, many modern anime characters don’t typically adorn these spiky style lashes, older and iconic characters such as Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon or Kirigiri from Danganronpa do, and these lashes have become synonymous with the anime genre - making them perfect for cosplay. Think doe-eyed, spiky, and wispy, because that’s essentially the look you want to create.

So what do Manga lashes look like? You may already be familiar with Manga lashes, even if you’re not familiar with the term. The eyelashes of the characters’ who we take inspiration from have bold lashes that appear as spiky clusters, and are spaced out along the top and bottom lash lines. These long spikes stand out from the other shorter lashes - resulting in an eye-catching, wispy lash look.

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Incredible manga lashes by @lash.lavida

Who Would Want Manga Lashes?

Manga lash extensions are perfect for anime lovers and beauty lovers alike, you don’t need to be enthralled by Manga itself to showcase Manga eyelash extensions - they are suitable for everyone! This style of eyelash extensions is perfect for clients who want to open up their natural eye shape as these lashes have the power to do that, and who want to incorporate a bold twist into their everyday appearance. They’re great for lash clients who are a sucker for a trend and are a match made in heaven for cosplayers who want to complete their costume and embody the look of their favorite Manga character. Not to mention, if you’re entering any lash competitions, Manga lashes really are a showstopper. The emphasized cartoon-style appearance that Manga characters are known for is officially in!

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Stunning eyelash extensions by @nalash.byngoc

How to Map Manga Lashes

Like we always say, you must map your client’s eyelash extensions depending on their face shape, eye shape, and the state of their natural lashes. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you with our free Manga lash map - you can create a dramatic and wispy lash effect or a more subtle fluttery effect with this, per your client’s wishes and facial features. 

Manga eyelash extensions are distinguishable by their spiky appearance, with noticeable long lash segments alongside shorter, fluffy lashes. Begin by applying the lashes in layers, with the bottom layer harboring the shorter lashes, and the top layer holding the longer spikes. For the middle layer, you will want to use closed fans to create the illusion of a seamless blend through all three lash layers. To create the dramatic spikes for the top layer, you’ll need to form intense closed fans that are situated next to shorter wispy lashes. It is also important to pay attention to the placement of the lashes as they need to be equally spaced apart, more than you would do in a wet lash look or Kim K lash set. The specific placement of the lashes allows the spikes to appear more visible in contrast to the other lashes, creating a must-have doe-eyed look.

manga lashes lash map, manga lash map, manga lashes

Top Layer: We suggest creating closed fans and long spikes using 0.05 lashes, ranging from lengths of 10mm to 14mm. Similar to most lash maps, you will increase the length of the lashes from the inner corner towards the center and outer quarter of the lash line, and then begin decreasing the length as you reach the outer corner. Remember to make sure to place these spikes at even intervals for a super symmetrical lash line. 

Middle Layer: Again using 0.05 closed fans, we recommend using lash lengths of 8mm to 12mm with the same placement as the top layer. The middle layer is essentially the foundation for the top layer spikes, providing support for the longer spikes.

Bottom Layer: The bottom layer will hold the smaller wispy lashes that will help your spikes really pop. We suggest using fluffy, short fans in 0.04, which range from 6mm to 10mm to create a multidimensional look. 

Curls: The curls you use will really depend on the client, it’s best to tailor the curls to your client’s natural lashes. Learn more about lash curls here!


London Lash Top Tip: The easiest way to create spikes is to use Primer on a micro swab and apply it along the tips of the lashes whilst they are on the strip. This will make picking up your spikes really easy, as it will help keep the tips together. Take care to avoid getting the primer on the bases of the lashes as this will cause your glue to polymerize quickly which can cause retention issues.

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Bottom Lashes

As our lash map illustrates, Manga lashes can be applied to the top and bottom lash lines. With the addition of bottom lashes, your client's Manga lash set will truly pop and create a beautiful finish. So, take the extra step and enhance your clients’ eyes with some bold bottom lashes!

Please tag us in your Manga lash creations! We can’t wait to be inundated with Manga lash content over on our Instagram. Love, love, love!