Get Pride Lash Inspo From Our 8 Free Lash Maps

Representation is fundamental! Following on from our Pride 2023 Lash Inspo blog, we’ve now got the ultimate Pride lash maps for you - so no matter which flag you’re wanting to represent, we’ve got you covered. As Paris Hilton famously once said, “The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go”, and we think Pride month is the perfect time to live by this motto - but with eyelash extensions that is. Love is never wrong, and it’s never too late tobe yourself! So, if your clients are wanting to zhuzh up their fit for pride, or even elevate their day-to-day style, follow these eyelash extension lash maps for the most gorgeous, colorful, and wispy lashes. 

6-Stripe Pride Flag Lash Map

Featuring the iconic colors from the 6-stripe pride flag, these eyelash extensions will be the ultimate final touch to your client’s Pride event outfit. Dare to be bright, brave, and bold!

pride lash map, 6-stripe lash map with colored lashes

Bisexual Pride Lash Map

These pink, purple, and blue lashes are to slay for! It's giving… unicorn extravaganza, and we love it. 

Bisexual lash map, lash map with color lashes

Gay Men’s Pride Lash Map

A Pride lash go-to style. This gay men’s Pride lash map embodies the cooler tones of greens and blues which will really make those eyes pop. Giving gorgeous icey vibes, this lash map will suit absolutely anyone!

gay men's pride lashes, gay men's pride lash map with colored lash extensions

Lesbian Pride Flag Lash Map

Show support for the gals with our lesbian pride lash map! Fabulous and fierce - the redpink, and orange hues are playful, fun, and experimental. The gradient of warm colored lashes will look outstanding on the lash line. 

Lesbian pride lash map, pride lashes, lash extensions with color

Non-Binary Pride Flag Lash Map

Living up to its name, our non-binary lash map appears dark and stormy but with some rays of sunshine. The colors used for this look vary from purpleyellow, black, and white. When you’re not sure on which color palette to choose, why not choose them all?!

non-binary lash map with colored lash extensions

Original 8-Stripe Flag Lash Map

If you didn’t know, the LGBTQ+ flag originally featured eight stripes with eight beautiful colors. Just like the renowned six-stripe Pride flag, the original flag also showcased colors that reflected the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, but with two extra stripes including a hot pink and a vivacious violet. This lash map is perfect to use if you really want to embody the spirit of Pride and go all out for these unmissable June celebrations. 

Original 8-stripe lash map with lashes with color

Pansexual Pride Flag Lash Map

Manifesting all the positive vibes, our pansexual lash map features three brilliant colors: pink, yellow, and cyan which represent the attraction to any individual. This stunning trio of colors will create for an eye-catching lash look - there’s no such thing as being too extra, especially during Pride month!

pansexual pride lashes, pride lash map created with colored lashes

Transgender Pride Flag Lash Map

One of the more subtle lash looks, our transgender lash map features pastel tones of light blue, pink, and white just like the transgender flag. This soft-hued trio is sure to match any Pride look. Or if your client wants to wear these eyelash extensions when doing their everyday errands then they should go right ahead - be loud and be proud!

Transgender pride flag lashes, transgender lash map with colored lash extensions

Make sure to tag us in all of your wonderful Pride creations on Instagram, we would love to see them - we want to see your clients wearing their colors with Pride!