Our Top 5 Summer Lash Essentials

Summer can be a stressful time for Lash Techs, we feel you! Although the warmer weather may lift your mood, positive vibes and all, it can cause havoc for your lash supplies! It doesn’t matter if you have the strongest glue or even the world's best lash glue - heat and humidity can still have a negative effect on your lash retention and lash products. We may have painted summer out to be an absolute nightmare, but it’s not, at least not with our top 5 essential lash accessories for summer.

eyelash glue in summer

1. Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer

Number one on this list goes to our Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer, of course. This all-in-one device is essential all year round, but especially in the summer when your eyelash glue starts playing up. We would hate for you to have to experience that dreaded feeling of starting your first client and realizing that your glue is way thicker than usual and it is curing faster because of the high humidity and temperature in your lash studio. If you’re fully booked all day, what do you do? Could it be your lash glue that is the problem, has it expired? Or could it be the conditions of your working environment? Luckily, you can take away all of the guesswork and ensure this never happens again with a Hygrometer & Thermometer! 

London Lash hygrometer and thermometer for lash extensions

A Hygrometer & Thermometer will measure the temperature and humidity of the air in your workspace. Once you know your lash room conditions, you can then purchase a glue that is perfect for you. This handy device also helps you immediately rule out reasons as to why your eyelash glue isn’t working at its best - your lash retention will be unmatched! Many Lash Techs have voiced that theywished they had used this from the beginning of their lash journey as it essentially acts as their lash salon bestie. You can store it near your lash bed, on your vanity, or in your lash trolley - not only is it really helpful, but it also looks super stylish!

Check out the suitable conditions for our eyelash glues here and take a look at our lash glue chart here.

2. Biodegradable Lash Glue Nozzle Wipes

Let us set the scene, you’ve noticed that your glue nozzle is blocked - not only has this prevented the bottle from closing properly so air and moisture have riggled their way in, but the cap is also stuck to the glue nozzle. To prevent this from EVER happening again, make sure your glue is stored upright between uses, don’t squeeze too hard when you are dispensing a glue drop as this can suck air into the nozzle, and maybe try using Lash Glue Nozzle Wipes. Our biodegradable wipes help to ensure that your lash glue nozzle is always clean and there’s no lash adhesive buildup, which inevitably causes the glue nozzle to become blocked.

The Results: Better retention and a longer-lasting bottle of lash glue, because who wants to waste their money on buying a new lash glue when you can just look after your current glue better and use it to its full potential! Not to mention, our lash wipes are lint-free so no annoying fuzzy bits will be left behind.

Woman shaking lash glue with a glue nozzle wipe

London Lash Tip: ALWAYS wipe your glue nozzle when you shake your lash glue. To do this, remove the cap and use a half-folded wipe over the glue nozzle while pressing tightly, and shake your glue. This will prevent any glue from getting into the cap so that it won’t get stuck to the nozzle. 

3. Lash Glue Rescue Kit / Spare Glue Nozzles

As you’ve probably noticed, there is a lash glue trend going on here. This is no surprise because if your climate has dramatically changed, your lash glue may now be suffering from the effects if you don’t put the correct precautions in place. However, if your glue has truly given up on you (side eye), you may need to invest in a Lash Glue Rescue Kit or Spare Eyelash Glue Nozzles. You might not think you need one, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

We don’t like thinking about it, but has your lash adhesive nozzle ever dried up or gotten stuck in the cap, especially mid-treatment? The first thing to do is not panic, there is no reason to if you have a rescue kit or any spare glue nozzles. You might not always have an extra glue to hand, and you probably don’t want to open a fresh glue when there’s still so much left in the one you’ve been using! This is when one of these little gems comes into play. The rescue kit may have been kept in the back of your lash cupboard, but now is it's time to shine. We hope you don’t have to use one of these, but if you do, there’s no shame in it. It’s been designed to help you get out of those sticky situations - a tried and true lash-saver!

Clean lash glue nozzle vs blocked eyelash glue nozzle

London Lash Tip: Store your eyelash glue in an airtight container or a thermopack. Our London Lash Glues are already packaged in a handy thermopack with silica gel and are stamped with the manufacturer date so you know it's fresh. 

4. Glue Shaker

It goes without saying that you ALWAYS need to thoroughly shake your lash glue before every use. This is to ensure that all of the lash adhesive ingredients are properly mixed and evenly distributed in the bottle, if you don't vigorously shake the glue bottle, the ingredients will not have been mixed and this will lead to poor retention for your clients’ lashes. But did you know that in summer, the warmer weather makes the lash glues ingredients even harder to mix? 

You can always opt for manually shaking your glue, but the ‘old school’ way may not always be the most efficient. This method can be very time-consuming, you need to know how to shake it properly (a side-to-side motion), and it can cause wrist strain. To guarantee the best results, we recommend using a Glue Shaker. An eyelash glue shaker will not only save you tons of time, this device helps ensure that there will be no glue stuck in the nozzle and that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Trust us! It will also look so cute on your lash trolley and your clients will be super impressed  - we love a stylish lash accessory.

lash glue shaker for lash tech

5. Mini Cooli Lash Fan

To finish up this summer lash accessory list we have… our Mini Cooli Lash Fan! After preparing your lash studio so it’s at the optimal temperature for your lash glue, if you want to speed up your glue’s drying time and reduce any lash glue fumes during treatment, a mini lash fan is the way to go! Small but mighty, this powerful lash fan will do all of this, and also helps to keep your clients cool.. This will make the lash treatment even more pleasant for your clients. We wouldn’t blame you if you just wanted to fan yourself throughout the day too, we also use it for that sometimes!

lash tech lash fan for eyelash extensions

Let's get through summer together! With the right knowledge and summer lash must-have products, we’re sure that you’ll make it through summer with, hopefully, no mishaps. A message from London Lash to you: we believe in you 🫶