Work Smarter, Not Harder: 10 Ways To Efficiently Manage Your Time

Some seasons more than others, can inevitably bring a surge in appointments—it seems like there are more clients than hours in the day! To help you navigate a busy period, such as Christmas, we’ve compiled our best advice for making the most of your time. Whether you’re squeezing in more clients or carving out moments for some well-deserved self-care, these tips are here to help.

Brushing through lash extensions

1. Easy Fanning Lashes

The lash industry has been revolutionized by Easy Fanning lashes! At first glance, they might seem like your typical Volume lashes, but the magic lies in their structure: each strip contains 2-3 layers of lashes. This design allows them to fan out effortlessly when picked up with tweezers, eliminating the time-consuming process of creating fans manually.

This innovative product not only speeds up the application process but also results in a beautifully wispy set, meeting the desires of most clients, because who doesn’t love a wispy set of lashes?

Picking up Easy fanning lashes with lash tweezers

2. Premade Fans

Premade fans are another time-saver, removing the need to create fans from scratch. Despite their controversial past, today’s premade fans are safe, lightweight, and virtually indistinguishable from handmade fans (they’ve also been handmade themselves, just by someone else), thanks to improvements in quality and design. They are also bonded with such a tiny amount of glue that even a premade 3D fan won't cause any additional weight, damage, or danger compared to a self-made fan.

Incorporating premade fans into your services can significantly reduce application time, whether you use them exclusively or in combination with traditional methods.

Picking up premade volume lash fans with lash tweezers

3. Tape Back Layers

Mastering the art of taping back layers is a super useful hack, especially during a rush. This technique can be applied in two ways, depending on whether you’re working on a full set or a fill.

The goal is to gently secure the lashes with tape without causing discomfort, allowing you to isolate and work on each layer effectively. This method not only improves precision but also speeds up the entire process.

The first method involves using a strip of tape to gently elevate the eyelashes, securing the tape lightly at both ends and across the top. It's crucial not to apply the tape too firmly over the lashes themselves, as this can cause discomfort or even pain to our clients upon removal. After positioning the tape to hold the lashes back, use your tweezers to gently pull down the top layer of the lashes. Once this layer is adequately covered, secure it to the eyepatch with tape, ensuring you only fix the tape's ends. Continue this process until all lashes are neatly covered, then proceed to carefully detach each piece of tape.

Alternatively, you have the option to apply lash extensions to all visible lashes first. Then, by lifting these lashes, you'll expose the hidden ones underneath, allowing you to work on them without the initial layer obstructing your view.

Taping back eyelahs extensions

4. Encourage Clients To Clean Their Lashes

Encouraging clients to arrive with clean lashes can save precious minutes. While a professional pretreatment is non-negotiable, having clients start the process with a foam cleanser can give you a head start. There’s nothing worse than seeing a client show up with eye makeup on, and in this case, the prep will take so much longer than it should do. So, requesting them to clean their lashes beforehand will do the world of good. This practice not only ensures a thorough clean but also frees up time for you to prepare your workspace.

Applying lash extensions cleanser to a lash cleansing brush

5. Focus On The Bottom Layer

Prioritizing the bottom layer of lashes can create the illusion of a fuller set. If time is tight, aim for complete coverage on the bottom layer, gradually decreasing as you move upwards. If you are super short on time and can't cover every single lash, make sure to cover the bottom layer fully, the middle layer 80%, and the top layer 60%. By doing so, you can save time without missing too many lashes. However, make sure there are no gaps in between, and the overall look is not affected. This strategy offers a balanced look without the need to meticulously cover every single lash.

6. Organize Your Lash Trolley

An organized lash trolley is key to efficiency! Investing time in organizing your tools and supplies can prevent unnecessary delays during appointments, so don't waste time searching for items that could be found quickly by organizing your cart for just 10 minutes. Whether you opt for specialized organizers or DIY solutions, a well-arranged workspace is essential for smooth operations.

Clean and tidy lash trollet

7. Maintain Adequate Stock

Running out of supplies is a surefire way to disrupt your schedule. This is why it’s super important to regularly check your inventory and plan ahead to ensure you have everything you need for the upcoming month. This foresight can prevent the inconvenience of last-minute orders and delays. That being said, overstocking is just as dangerous – the last thing you want is for your liquids, whether that be pretreatmentlash glue, or Superbonder, to run past their expiry date! This is why you must be super cautious, a good trick is to write the date of opening on the bottles of your perishables, so you can keep track of when they expire. Another option is to subscribe to a lash glue subscription service!

8. Never Skimp On Pretreatment

While finding shortcuts can be tempting, pretreatment is not the place to cut corners! Proper lash preparation is critical for lasting results, and neglecting this step can lead to poor retention and dissatisfied clients. Investing time in thorough pretreatment pays off in the long run.

For more information about why pretreatment is important, and what constitutes great pretreatment, check out this blog post!

Prepping the lashes with lash primer

9. Keep Extra Tweezers On Hand

Having a second set of tweezers can significantly reduce downtime. This allows you to have one set ready to go while the other is being sanitized in barbicide, so you can then switch them over for your next client. This ensures you maintain high hygiene standards without interrupting your workflow.

Just a heads up, your tweezers only need 20 minutes of soaking after use on each client. However, if you only have one set of tweezers, this may not be practical as it would take up a lot of time. It’s also super important that after soaking, they are removed from the solution and completely dried so that they won’t become tarnished over time. All in all, investing in a second set of tweezers would allow you to maintain high levels of hygiene without sacrificing time. 

lash extensions tweezer holder

10. Utilize Lash Palettes

Customizing lash palettes for regular clients can streamline the setup process! By pre-arranging lashes according to each client’s preferences, or even arranging them by length, curl, and thickness, you can jump straight into the application upon their arrival. This not only saves time but also enhances the client experience.


With these strategies, you can navigate seasonal rushes more effectively, leaving you with more time for additional appointments, holiday preparations, or some well-deserved relaxation. What will you do with the time you save?