Premade Lash Fans Benefits | When to Use Premade Lash Fans 

As a lash technician, you're no stranger to the need for adaptability in your profession. Whether it's switching to a quicker drying lash glue during the warmer months or choosing between premade and handmade lash fans, every decision impacts the final result. So, when should you opt for premade fans? Let's delve into the scenarios where they shine.

Premade lash extensions

Time Crunch Situations

We've all encountered that client who dashes in, anxiously inquiring about the duration of the session because they've mistakenly overbooked their day. Previously, the only solutions might have been to offer a Classic or Hybrid lash set or compromise on coverage to accommodate their tight schedule. Enter premade lash fans! These gems can slash your application time by as much as half compared to regular handmade fans. This efficiency ensures you don't skimp on the pre-treatment steps or the meticulous check for stickies. In essence, you maintain your high standards without the time pressure.

Sparse Lashes Needing Full Coverage

Another common scenario? A client books an infill session but arrives with barely any fans remaining, yet they anticipate walking out with a dense, lush set. While it's crucial to educate them on the difference between infills and a full set (and adjust your pricing accordingly), premade volume fans can be your ally. They allow you to cover more lashes in less time than if you were relying solely on handmade lash fans.

Picking up a premade lash fan with lash tweezers

Clients Seeking Mega Volume Lashes

Imagine a client blessed with a plethora of natural lashes, desiring a Mega Volume look. Achieving this with handmade fans can be time-consuming, especially if you aim to cover a majority of their lashes. However, with premade fans, you can significantly reduce application time, and potentially achieve FULL coverage. This not only eases your workload but also leaves your client ecstatic with arguably their best lash set ever.

premade lash fans

One might say premade volume lash fans lack quality and are a lazy option, but that truly isn’t the case! They optimize your application time, potentially boost your earnings, and consistently deliver the exceptional coverage and retention your clients have come to cherish. It's the same premium finish they've always loved, just more efficient.