Everything You Need to Know About Premade Lash Fans | Your Questions Answered!

Premade fans are making a grand return! However, our latest premade fans differ from the ones we previously offered. Let's dive into the details of our newest shape of Premade Lashes!

Premade lash fans

What Are Premade Fans Made Of?

Our revamped premade fans are crafted from the same material as our Faux Mink Mayfair lashes. If you're familiar with these, these new fans will feel right at home. For those unacquainted with Mayfair lashes, they're produced from a vegan-friendly fiber named PBT. This material boasts impressive durability, water resistance, and heat resistance - what’s not to love?!

How Are Premade Fans Made?

Contrary to some beliefs, our premade fans are meticulously handcrafted. We've collaborated with a remarkable supplier who aligns with our product development team's vision, ensuring the finest quality premade lash fans. The handcrafted nature of these fans ensures they have slender, pinched bases, similar to self-made fans. This design minimizes the chances of "stickies" from broader fan bases and guarantees a polished finish, even for the more voluminous 6D fans.

The difference between london lash old and new premade lash fans

Why Choose Premade Fans?

The benefits are numerous! These fans are virtually indistinguishable from the handmade ones, they help speed up treatment time, are safe for all clients, and can even allow for a higher service charge. The only minor drawback is the slightly elevated cost per fan for premades compared to handmade. However, considering the potential to fit more clients into your busy day and charge a tiny bit more, this hardly seems like a huge factor.

What is the Best Lash Glue for Premade Fans?

Feel free to use your preferred lash glue with premade fans! Given that these fans can be placed a tad quicker than handmade ones, you might require a faster-drying glue. However, it's advisable to gauge your current adhesive's performance before transitioning to a quicker one, avoiding potential retention issues. If you’re unsure of which lash adhesive to use, check out this blog post about our different types of eyelash glue!

lash glue inside of an airtight container

How to Apply Premade Fans

Using premade lash fans is straightforward and, believe it or not, mirrors the application of other lashes. Just like using a volume fan that you’ve handmadeyourself, you'll likely find volume tweezers are the best thing to use. The attachment process also remains pretty similar; however, there's a slight variation in how these fans sit on the strips due to their slender fan leg, meaning there is a difference in the way you pick up these lash fans. 


To do this:

  • Pick up the premade fan from the base and reposition it so it’s flatter on the strip.
  • Pick the fan back up but from its body this time, similar to a handmade fan.
  • Dip the fan into your lash glue as you would usually.
How to pick up a premade lash fan

We hope this Q&A has cleared up any queries or misconceptions you may have had about premade lashes! Whether you love them or not, premade lash fans stand out as a pivotal innovation in the lash industry, reshaping lash artistry for both seasoned professionals and newcomers. These fans promise not only streamlined workflows but also consistent, high-quality results. Why not give them a go?!