How to Give Advice to Clients as a Lash Tech | The Do's and Don'ts 

As a certified Lash Tech, safety should always be your number one priority. Not only does this apply during eyelash extensions treatments, but this also goes for after the treatment too. Although it’s your client's responsibility to take care of their lashes after they leave the lash salon, it is also your responsibility to provide them with invaluable advice about how to properly look after them. This is super easy to do! Whether you post an abundance of lash advice on your Insta highlights, or you simply provide your clients with a handy aftercare card, all this is helpful for your clients. 

We have various blog posts regarding lash extension aftercare advice, but for all of your makeup loving clients, you may need to be a little more specific. So, how can your beauty fanatic clients wear makeup with their eyelash extensions? Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of six do’s and don'ts that your clients should follow if they wear makeup and don’t want to damage their eyelash extensions.Woman applying false lashes over eyelash extensions

 1. Avoid Oily Makeup Products

Annoyingly, oils, whether they be from your makeup, skincare, or just produced from your own skin, can weave their way in between the glue bonds and the natural lash. In turn, this can cause bad retention and premature shedding of the eyelash extensions, which is the last thing we want! To avoid this from happening, it’s best to advise your clients to start using oil-free makeup products, especially your regular clients who frequently wear eyelash extensions. Water-based primers, foundations, eyeliners, and mascaras are the way to go!

In addition to this, we suggest recommending your clients use makeup remover and skincare products that are also oil-free, to ensure the lash extensions won’t slide straight off the natural lashes. Unfortunately, this also includes their beloved SPF too. While we are heavy advocates for protecting your skin, when wearing eyelash extensions it’s important to stick with a water-based sunscreen - your clients shouldn't worry though, there are tons on the market! We know it’s a hard ask, but as long as your clients know to stay away from oil-based products their lash extensions should stay intact.  Face oil in dropper with a summer background

2. Avoid Mascara

Mascara is an absolute NO-GO, and we cannot stress this enough. If your clients, or you yourself, have ever applied mascara whilst wearing lash extensions then you know the chaos that ensues. During your clients consultation, if they have clearly expressed what they want their lash extensions to look like and you have kindly matched that expectation, then it is unlikely that they’ll be reaching for a mascara - but just in case, you still need to warn them of the cons.

As we mentioned previously, most mascara’s are usually oil-based, meaning they can interfere with the lash glue bonds. If mascara is applied, the lashes will essentially clump together and the lash fans you spent all your time creating will close up. The bigger problem arises when your client goes to remove the mascara - especially if it’s a waterproof mascara as they are super stubborn! Your clients will be vigorously rubbing their lashes to remove the makeup, meaning they will also be unintentionally pulling their eyelash extensions out too!Isolating the lashes to apply eyelash extensions

3. Avoid Cream Eyeshadows

Rather than using a cream-based eyeshadow, which most likely contains oils, we suggest using powder eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows, just like other liquid products, can get stuck in the eyelash extensions and can be difficult to remove. Although powder shadows can also get trapped in your eyelash extensions, it won't cause havoc on the glue bonds like an oil-based cream would. If your client wants to wear eyeshadow, advise them to use a dense eyeshadow brush and remove any excess powder by tapping it off before application. Applying eyelash extensions with makeup on

4. Do Brush Them Daily with a Spoolie Brush

It is important that your clients regularly brush their lashes as whilst they are asleep, they can start to cross over and tangle. To avoid this, advise your clients to brush their lashes every morning to keep them looking fresh and fluffy. This is one of the most simple aftercare steps to follow, and will be even easier for them if you provide your clients with a mascara wand. Why not pop a little mascara wand into their aftercare bag, or simply give them one after each treatment - it’s a nice gesture and will no doubt encourage them to brush their lashes.

Brushing lash extensions with a silicone spoolie brush

5. Do Use a Lash Shampoo

Another way that your clients can care for their lashes is to use a lash shampoo. It is essential that your clients follow a consistent aftercare routine, which includes a foaming lash cleanser. Over time, the eyelash extensions will collect excess dirt, oil, debris, and makeup that, if not washed away, can cause bacterial growth and infection. By cleansing the lash line and lashes with a foaming lash cleanser and a lash brush once in the morning and at night, your clients can avoid any build up of makeup that they may have worn throughout the day. If your clients want to get their money’s worth out of their lashes, and want to have full, wispy volume lashes for as long as possible, cleaning their lash extensions is a MUST.

London Lash Top Tip: Why not provide an aftercare pack for your clients to purchase post-treatment? This could include a lash shampoo, a cleansing brushmascara wands, a lash aftercare leaflet, and maybe even a few sweet treats to show your clients how much you appreciate them! 

Applying lash cleanser or foaming lash shampoo to a lash cleansing brush

6. Do Follow the Aftercare Advice

The final step is to follow all of the steps! Shout loud and proud about pre-treatment and post-treatment steps that your clients should follow on your Instagram, or any other social media platforms you promote your business on. Not only is this helpful for your clients, but it will show them that you really care about their lashes and their experience with you. You could even share some of our Pinterest content to your followers, we don’t mind - Lash Techs that learn together, grow together!