How to Create Mermaid Lashes | Free 'The Little Mermaid' Lash Map Included

Do your client’s want to live out their Little Mermaid fantasy? If so, then look no further! Mermaid eyelash extensions are the perfect summer treatment to offer if you want to create the most gorgeous wispy volume lashes or add a pop of color to your lash sets. It’s the ultimate lash treatment for clients who love a natural looking wispy set of lash extensions, or those who love a wink of color. A subtle hint of color will help to enhance your client’s natural features, whilst adding dimension to their lashes. So hop on the mermaid lashes wave - it’s an upcoming trend that you won’t want to miss out on!

Halle Bailey's lashes for The Little Mermaid
Halle Bailey in full glam. Photo: Courtesy of Kat Ali

What are Mermaid Lashes?

Mermaid lashes are the ultimate fantasy lash set, embodying cool aquatic tones that are inspired by the deep blue. Using vibrant hues of green, blue, and purple are perfect for creating a stunning mermaid lash set. Colored mermaid lashes are usually placed in an ombre style for a seamless gradient of color across the top lash line. This results in a beautiful set of eye-catching eyelash extensions which exude serene siren vibes. However,  if your client desires a more subtle version of this look that is still really stylish, you can design a different type of mermaid lashes using your regular black lashes, similar to a wet lash look. But if you want to learn how to create the most mythical mermaid lashes, then read on…

Mermaid lash extensions on model

Colored Mermaid Lashes

Captivating and mysterious, colored mermaid lashes feature universally flattering cool tones, meaning they’re great for everyone! Coral greensdeep sea blues, and pearly pinks are used to encompass the perfect mermaid aesthetic. These ocean-inspired lashes are excellent for festivals, themed parties, or lash competitions - they will definitely be turning heads! When you are mapping your mermaid lashes, we recommend creating the illusion of a colored flick by using a selection of colors in a similar tone. However, if your client is asking for a mermaid lash set with a subtle pop of color, Ombre Two-Tone Lashes, as shown on our gorgeous model below, are the perfect choice!

Blue ombre lash extensions on model's eyes


To create an ombre effect, it’s best to use shades that complement each other, our mixed trays are perfect for this. Once you have mapped your lashes with our mermaid lash map, you can then start to think about where you want to place the colored individual lashes. We suggest adding a lighter shade to the bottom layer of the lashes, and on the middle layer adding your second, darker-colored lashes in a length that is 1mm longer than the bottom line. Adding colored lashes to the lash line in this way will result in a seamless blend that you’ll be able to see when your client opens their eyes. When it comes to what variations of colors you use for these sets, the world is your oyster!

Colored lashes ombre effect lash map

How to Create ‘The Little Mermaid’ Lashes

Ria Biggerstaff, who is none other than Ariel's lash artist, has kindly collaborated with us to create a Mermaid Lash Map! So, if you want to truly channel the ultimate under the sea vibes, then you can follow this free lash map. Although Ria tailored these stunning lashes to compliment Halle Bailey’s unique eyelashes, this is the lash mapping she used for the movie. Your clients can become a real-life Disney princess!

Similar to a cat eye style of lash mapping, mermaid lashes also increase in length as you make your way to the outer corner of the eye. Here, Ria has used B curls and C curls as these are very natural curls that will give the illusion of an enhanced natural lashes look. However, these should also be designed to complement your client’s eye and face shape - one size does not fit all. To amplify the natural and longer lash look shown, a few bold spikes have been added in the outer quarter of the lashes. This style of lash mapping is perfect for your clients who are after a flawless ‘I woke up like this’ look, it's the ultimate dreamy lash set.

the little mermaid lashes lash map by Ria Biggerstaff and London LashTop Tips from Ria Biggerstaff herself: 

  • Don’t be too strict with your length zones, it’s good to overlap and blend the sizes of your lashes. To create a wispy look for mermaid lashes, overlap and filter in the next size.
  • Mermaid lashes aren’t exactly uniform, you can mix your thicknesses, curls, and lengths. To fill in any growth gaps and to give depth to the natural lashes, add in narrow lash fans.
  • Safety is key! If a natural lash can’t hold the length of an individual lash or lash fan, either add a shorter lash or none at all.

London Lash Top Tip: Why not add silver spikes into this lash set, or even glitter lashes? Adding a colorful element will take those lash extensions to the next level. 

If you want to try out this mythical mermaid lash look then be sure to tag us in your wonderful creations on Instagram! If your clients are embracing the mermaid lifestyle this summer and need aftercare advice, click here.