Top 6 Summer Lash Trends

Eyelash extensions are the perfect treatment for summer. Not only are they low maintenance, but they will ensure your clients look stun in the sun at all times. From sultry and subtle, to daring and dramatic - lash extensions are always the answer. Year after year, makeup and lash trends alike change. Summer has seen the resurgence of the ‘barely there’ aesthetic, the infamous wispy lash sets, and surprisingly bold and brightly colored lashes.

As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and what better way to enhance those gorgeous features than with eyelash extensions? So, if your clients want to keep up with the must-have lash trends of the summer, here are our top 8 Summer Lash Trends!

eyelash extensions in summer

Wet Look Lashes

If your clients want to look like they've just stepped out of the sea, Baywatch style, then Wet Set Lashes will be perfect. Rising to fame in 2020, Wet Look Lashes have stood the test of time and are still thriving. They are perfect for the warmer months as they provide a natural, yet eye-catching and textured finish. These gorgeous Volume lashes offer a natural and effortlessly wispy look that will resemble your lashes after you’ve just stepped out of the shower. Who doesn't want that?!

A Wet Look Lash Set can seem a little unconventional in the sense that it uses Volume lashes, but they aren’t fanned out. Instead, you're aiming for closed fans to create a textured, spiky look. However, if your client has sparse lashes and the lash line needs more coverage, you can apply several open fans through the middle layer of the lashes for that extra fluff - but make sure to still save room for the spikes on the bottom layer.

The result: A wispy and voluminous spiky effect.

If you want to learn more about how to create the ultimate Wet Lash Extensions Set, click here!wispy wet lashes on an eyelash extensions model

Half Lashes

Make way for this burning hot summer style; Half Lashes are a go-to style for clients who desire a more subtle enhancement for their eyes. This isn’t to say that they won’t still give that wow-factor, because they do, but just in a more natural way. We’re sure you’ve seen Half Lashes across your social feed for a while, and as a Lash Tech, we bet it threw you off guard too - only lashing half of the lashes? Get out of here! 

Half Lashes rose in popularity when beauty influencers began using Half Lash falsies - but of course, Lash Techs can offer a better solution. Half Lash extensions are what you would expect; the lashes are applied to the outer section of the eye, creating a delicate Fox Eye look. It gives the illusion of lifting the eye, much like an eyeliner effect. If you're aware that potential clients are using half strip lashes in your area, then shoot your shot and try to appeal to them to get this treatment as a more permanent solution. Highlight on your business page that Half Lash eyelash extensions are a much better alternative, and the posts of your lash sets will speak for themselves!

The result: A snatched, alluring, and fluffy look.

You can check out our full step-by-step guide on how to create a Half Lash Set here!Half lashes on a lash extensions model

Amazing Half Lashes by @lashattraction

Mermaid Lashes

Think sun, sand, and stunning lashes because they’re the vibes we’re going for! With the release of The Little Mermaid in May, Mermaid Lashes have quickly become a must-have trend. Halle Bailey rocked this lash style in the movie! They are the ultimate wispy lash set, and you could even add a pop of color to give those gorgeous lashes more dimension.Mermaid lashes inspired by The Little Mermaid Movie by Disney

Similar to a Cat Eye, to map Mermaid Lashes you should increase the length of your Volume lashes while working towards the outer corner of the eye. It is recommended, by Ariel’s Lash Artist herself, to overlap and blend the lash thicknesses, lengths, and curls across length zones to create a less uniform look. What really makes the Mermaid Lash look is the inclusion of narrow lash fans in the outer corner of the eye, to make it really pop.

The result: A mythical, and siren-like appeal.

Do your clients yearn for a beautiful beach look? Then take a look at our Mermaid Lashes Tutorial for more details!wispy and natural mermaid lashes on a lash model

Angel Lashes

Wispy Angel Lashes are out of this world!. As the name suggests, these lash extensions are heavenly, for any client receiving them and for any Lash Tech creating them. You could say they are a more elevated version of the Half Lash, or a more toned-down version of Mega Volume lash extensions. They give a fluffy and natural effect as lighter thinner Volume lashes are used to create a textured and spiky appearance. 

With many clients requesting a more natural set for summer, Angel Lashes are the perfect style to map as they will complement your client’s eye shape, face shape, and natural lashes. Like Half Lashes, they flare out in the outer half of the eye to give a subtle Cat Eye effect that will suit most clients.

The result: Weightless, wispy, and textured lashes.

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Brown Eyelash Extensions

If your clients want to look glam whilst they are lounging poolside, brown eyelash extensions are it! With a more subtle lash line than regular black lashes, brown lash extensions offer a seamless blend between your client’s natural lashes and the eyelash extensions with the warmer brown pigment mimicking their natural lashes. Many clients want the perfect ‘I woke up like this’ look and that’s what you’ll give them!

Typically, Lash Techs assume that black lashes are every client’s go-to and that's simply not true! Although black lashes are more common, brown lashes should have their moment too. They create for a look that still has an impressive wow-factor, but with a more toned-down twist. The options are endless with brown lashes because no matter which style you choose to map, brown lashes will suit each and every one.

The result: Effortlessly gorgeous and natural lashes.

Check out how to create this dreamy natural look here!

Brown eyelash extensions with brown lashes

Gorgeous brown lashes created using Mayfair Brown/Black Lashes 

Colored Lashes

Turn up the heat this summer with Colored Lashes! Whether your clients opt for fierce and bold Colored Lashes or some subtle intermittent colored spikes,then Colored lash extensions are perfect for the summer season. They are an ideal choice for festivals, parties, and any event you can justify them at (all of them!). Colored lash extensions are a great way for your clients to express their personality and style as the color combinations are endless. From a seamless ombre, to a burst of color, or a subtle top line - colored lashes offer a multi-dimensional look that other lashes just can’t.

Lashes are meant to be fun! We can guarantee that there will be potential clients who are desperate to get Colored Lashes, but there aren't too many Lash Techs out there that offer these types of lash sets, so those clients  have nowhere to get them done. Do yourself a favor and give your business an edge that many other Lash Techs don't offer.

The result: Ultra glam, vibrant, and eye-catching lashes.

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A picture of Kim K eyelash extensions with colored lashes 

We hope we’ve provided you with some valuable lash inspo for this summer. Keep an eye out for our Fall Lash Trends later this year. If your clients are unsure of how to take care of their lashes during the summer months and need some more advice, then check out our Guide to Eyelash Extensions Aftercare: Summer Edition.