How To Create Half Set Lash Extensions

The half lash trend has been swirling around socials for a while now, but not until recently has it made waves in the eyelash extension industry. By now we are sure you’ve seen the beauty gurus on Insta and Tiktok cutting their falsies in half, or using individual wispy lashes, and placing them on the outer corners of their lashes - well, now it's our turn! 

It’s time for us to give you our hot take on the trend, and give you some well-versed lash advice (of course). 

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Incredible lashes by @lashattraction

What Are Half Set Eyelash Extensions?

As you may assume, half lash extensions are exactly what they sound like - lashes that are strategically placed on the outer part of the eye. This creates an alluring fox eye or cat eye look that can enhance your client’s natural features; it ‘lifts’ the outer corners off the eyes, giving an elegant eyeliner effect.

If you know that your clients are spending time cutting strip lashes in half, stop them immediately! Save them the stress and maybe suggest half set lash extensions instead, it’s an offer they can’t refuse. As you’ve probably noticed, clients are gradually moving away from mega-volume eyelash extensions, and are edging more toward natural lashes. We can’t blame them, who wouldn't want a flawless ‘I woke up like this’ look?

Half lash extensions are the ultimate option for clients who want a natural look but still want that wow-factor appeal.

Half lashes with mapping

Half Lashes VS Full Lashes

Not only does a half set of eyelash extensions look stunning, but it will also save you time and money. It’s a win-win! In comparison to a full set of Russian volume eyelash extensions, half lashes will only cover between 45% to 65% of the natural lashes, meaning your appointment time will be significantly reduced. It’s the perfect option for when your client is in a rush, or even when it’s their first eyelash extension appointment and they are too nervous to get a full set.

Adding half lashes to your treatment list will also reduce the number of regular infills you do. As you aren't using as many lashes as you usually would, as the lashes begin to naturally fall out there won't be noticeable gaps like you typically see in a full coverage set of eyelash extensions.

A half set of lashes is the perfect alternative to a full set, and believe it or not, it doesn’t result in half the impact! Is that Bella Hadid? Oh wait, my bad - it’s just your stunning clients with a half set of eyelash extensions.

Who Suits Half Lashes?

When you're mapping a half lash set, you’ll realize it is extremely similar to a squirrel lash set. However, as half lashes emphasize the outer corner of the eye, you need to remember to follow the rules of a cat eye style. 

They’re perfectly suited for clients with close set eyes, as like a cat eye, half set lashes will elongate the eye and enhance your client’s natural features. If you are lashing a client with wide set eyes, we would recommend avoiding a half set as it will give the appearance of a wider set of eyes. For a more thorough guide to lash mapping, we have ‘The Ultimate Guide To Lash Mapping’ that is worth a read!

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How To Create Half Lashes

Half lashes can be applied to add length and to create the illusion that the natural lashes are thicker. To do this, apply the lashes just before the center of the eye and increase the length of the lashes as you work your way into the outer third of the lash line. When you reach the smaller outer lashes, reduce the length of the lashes. This ensures the appearance of a lift and avoids the risk of the eye looking droopy. 

Top Tip: Remember to isolate the lashes and keep checking for stickies!

C and CC curls are the perfect curls to use for a half lash set. Not only does a C curl give a ‘my lashes but better’ look, but it will also create an open-eye effect. The addition of the CC curl will add a dramatic flair, making the eyes pop. With the help of our lash map, you'll be creating half set lashes like a pro in no time!

Try our gorgeous Mayfair or Chelsea Lashes. They are the best lashes to use for your half set eyelash extensions.

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So, why not give your clients the option for a change? Spice it up a little! Clients usually opt for a full eyelash extension set, and sometimes they don't even realize there are other options. In this scenario, you are the lash guru who can guide your clients to fabulousness. 

Let us know how it goes! Tag us in your half set lash creations over on Insta; we would love to see them.