Your Guide to Cat Eye Lash Mapping

Lash mapping is not just a technique; it's a testament to our expertise, ensuring uniformity across both eyes and providing our clients with customized looks that complement their unique eye shapes and facial structures. Lash mapping is essential!

Whether you're a newcomer to the lash industry or a seasoned pro with years under your belt, chances are you've encountered clients eager for the Cat Style. But what is a Cat Style, and how do you craft a Cat Style lash set? The Cat Eye Style is known for its alluring, outward sweep at the eye's edge, which not only lengthens the appearance of the eye but also delivers a stunning and timeless look.

Cat eye lash map for lash technicians

Crafting the Perfect Cat Eye Lash Set

The process for any lash set starts with defining the eye's center to ensure symmetry.

Cat eye lash mapping for beginner lash technicians

Proceed by dividing the outer corner's section into two, and then halve that section once more. The segment nearest to the outer corner will be where your longest lashes go.

lash mapping demonstration for beginners

Now, divide the very end of the outer corner into three equal parts. Despite aiming for a dramatic flick, it's crucial to safeguard the lashes in this area. Overextending the length here can lead to drooping lashes, which might give the eyes a downturned and sad look, and can also damage the natural lashes, which is the last thing we want! If you want to learn how to avoid damaging the natural lashes, check out this blog post.

cat eyelash mapping for lash technicians

The sections near the inner corner should be broader than those at the outer edge to enhance the elongating effect.

Cat eye lash mapping demonstration for lash technicians

Who Does a Cat Eye Lash Set Suit?

While many clients may request a Cat Style at some point, unfortunately, it's not universally flattering. Applying a Cat Style map on the wrong client can make their eyes appear overly spaced, droopy, or sad—far from ideal. This style is particularly flattering for clients with slightly closer-set eyes, as it creates an illusion of width. For clients with proportionally spaced eyes (where the distance between the eyes matches the width of an eye), achieving a Cat Style is still possible by adjusting the lengths used, or, alternatively, suggesting a Squirrel Style for a more flattering look.

Clients with almond-shaped eyes (assuming they're not too far apart) will find the Cat Style enhances their natural eye shape, and those with upward-growing lashes will see particularly striking results!

For clients whose lashes naturally grow straight or downward, all is not lost! While standard curls might exacerbate a drooping look, opting for an M curl or L curl can provide the necessary lift to achieve the desired effect.

Cat eye lash extensions set
Kim K Variation of a Cat Eye Lash Set


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We hope this guide has equiped you with the knowledge to confidently offer and execute the Cat Style lash mapping, ensuring your clients leave not just satisfied, but excited to show off their new look that perfectly complements their face shape!