A good lash map is essential to a great lash set - not only does it ensure symmetry across both eyes, but it also helps your sets to look more professional, protects the finer lashes in the inner corners, and provides a truly customised set for each client based on their face shape and bone structure! 

Let’s have a look at how to map a dolly style lash set, including who a dolly set is perfect for, and even how we can achieve three different top lines in our set! 

To begin with, the simplest way to remember how to map a dolly lash set is that the set is all about symmetry - anything we do towards the outer corner we’re going to mirror in the inner corners. 


Start by marking the inner and outer corners - that is the first and last lash - and then the middle of the eye. 

The simplest way to find the middle of the eye is to have your client look first one way (with their eyes closed, you’ll be able to see where their iris rests under the eyelid) and then the other, where their eye comes to rest is the middle is where you’ll go from as your centre.

Draw a line out from the middle of the eye, and then mark the edges of the iris - this will be the section where your longest length is going. 

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Next, connect those marks so that you can easily see the section you’ll be working outwards from.

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Now, work outwards from the middle section in even sized segments, mirroring everything you draw on either side of the middle section. 

lash mapping, dolly lash map, lash mapping tutorial, how to map a dolly lash set



Dolly gives the appearance that the eyes are closer together, so will suit best those clients who have a wider set of eyes. When we refer to a ‘wide’ set of eyes, we’re looking at whether the distance between the eyes is wider than the eyes themselves. If a client has a wider set of eyes, a Dolly style serves to create the illusion that there is less of a gap, so is very complimentary!

A Dolly style will also make the eye look bigger and rounder, making it perfect for clients with very small or narrow eyes. On the other hand, avoid this styling for clients who already have large, bulbous or round eyes as it can make them look constantly surprised, which isn’t our aim! 


Cat Lash Map

Squirrel Lash Map