The Ultimate Guide To Lash Mapping: Dolly Style

When creating the perfect set of lashes, it goes beyond application. It's also about creating symmetry, exuding professionalism, protecting delicate lashes, and tailoring each set to complement the unique features of your client. Today, we're diving into the art of mapping out a Dolly-style lash set, exploring who it's ideal for, and discussing how to achieve varied top lines with this style.

Remember, the essence of a Dolly lash set is symmetry. What we do on one side, we replicate on the other, especially towards the eye's inner and outer corners.

Free Dolly lash map

Mapping Out a Dolly Lash Set

First things first, identify and mark the inner and outer corners of the eye, as well as the midpoint. Finding the midpoint is straightforward: ask your client to look in different directions with their eyes closed.You’ll be able to see where their iris rests, andthe position where the iris rests beneath the eyelid marks your center.


From the midpoint, draw outward and mark the edges of the iris. This area will host your longest lashes.

how to map a dolly lash set

Next, connect these marks. This visual guide will help you understand where to work from going outwards.

Demonstration of mapping dolly lash extensions

Then, segment the area outward from the center, ensuring each section on one side mirrors the other.

lash mapping tutorial of a dolly lash set

Who Suits A Dolly Style the Most?

The Dolly style visually narrows the gap between the eyes, making it ideal for clients with a wider eye set. A "wide" eye set means the space between the eyes is greater than the width of one eye. A Dolly lash set actually creates an illusion of closeness, offering a flattering look.

Additionally, the Dolly style can make the eyes appear larger and more rounded, perfect for clients with smaller or narrower eyes. However, it's best to steer clear of this style for clients with naturally large, round eyes, as it may exaggerate their size and give a perpetually surprised look.

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Alternative Lash Maps:

Cat Lash Map

Squirrel Lash Map


By understanding the key principles of lash mapping and who each style suits best, you can elevate your lash application game, ensuring each client leaves with a set that perfectly accentuates their natural features!