How to Create Squirrel Eyelash Extensions: A Guide

Mastering lash maps is a cornerstone of a flourishing lash extension career. This might sound a bit over the top, but it's absolutely accurate! Proper lash mapping ensures your lash sets remain beautiful and symmetrical, avoids abrupt length transitions, and customizes each set to perfectly flatter each client. This means every client walks out of your salon feeling and looking their best. The Squirrel lash map, in particular, is crucial to learn. Let's dive into why it's so beneficial and how to create a Squirrel lash set.

Free squirrel lash map for lash technicians

Creating the Perfect Squirrel Lash Set

Begin by identifying the inner and outer lashes, then mark the eye's center.

Lash mapping tutorial for a squirrel lash map

Next, find the midpoint between the center and the outer corner of the eye—this spot will host your longest lashes.

Lash map tutorial for lash technicians

After establishing where your longest lashes will sit, divide the remaining outer section in half, and then divide those sections equally to maintain a smooth top line.

Lash mapping demonstration for a squirrel lash set

 Now, progressively decrease your lash length by 1mm from your longest lash until you reach the end of the lash line.

Lash mapping demonstration for Lash Technicians

Feel free to adjust the decrease in length across more than four sizes. The goal is to maintain the health of the lashes, especially since the inner and outer corners have naturally shorter and finer lashes.

lash mapping guide for beginners

After mapping from the middle to the outer corners, plan your lengths towards the inner corners in slightly larger increments. The number of lengths you use depends on how many natural lashes your client has and the desired prominence of the arch. Using more lengths will result in a more defined arch.

squirrel lash extensions mapping guide

Who Does a Squirrel Style Suit Most?

The Squirrel lash map mimics the natural lash growth and eyebrow arch, making it probably the most versatile choice for most clients, unlike the more specific Dolly or Cat Styles. For instance, if a client requests a Cat Style but it might not flatter their eye shape, or if their eyes are set wider apart, making certain styles less complementary, the Squirrel style is an excellent alternative!

Understanding the nuances of different lash maps, like the Cat and Dolly styles, and when to put them into practice, allows you to tailor your lash applications to each individual, ensuring the best results and, of course, client satisfaction.


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