3 Essential Lash Styles Every Technician Must Master – Get Them for Free! 

Have you ever found yourself pondering over the perfect lash style for a client's unique eye shape? We've got you covered! We're dishing out the top THREE lash styles, complete with FREE downloadable guides to ensure you nail the perfect look for your clients!

1 - Dolly 

IDEAL for:⁠

  • Achieving that wide-awake, open-eye affect. 
  • Giving flat eyes a pop with a more rounded illusion. 
  • Amplifysmall eyes to make them appear larger
  • Accentuating deep-set eyes for a stunning effect. 

Want a step-by-step? Check out our 'How to Map a Dolly Set' blog post!


Dolly lash map for lash technicians

2 - Squirrel

PERFECT for:⁣⁣⁠

  • Elevating outer lashes that naturally grow downwards.
  • Uplifting the look of downturned eyes.
  • Balancing eyes with a pronounced brow-to-lash line distance. 
  • Widening the appearance of eyes that are closer together. ↔

🌟 PRO TIP: When in doubt, the squirrel style is your fail-safe option.😉🌟⁣⁣⁠

Discover how to map a squirrel lash set, step-by step, in this blog post!


Squirrel lash map for lash technicians

3 - Cat


  • Clients with a close set of eyes whose eyelashes naturally lift in the outer corners.
  • Softening the look of large, bulbous, round eyes.

❌ Caution: Avoid creating a droopy, sad-eye effect if the natural lashes don’t have an upward lift at the outer corner. 

❌ Note: This style doesn't enlarge the eye but it makes them appear wider.

Learn how to map a cat eye set of lash extensions with our 'Lash Mapping Guide'.


Free cat eye lashes map for lash technicians

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