How to Style The Extreme L Curl for a Purrfect Cat Eye

London Lash has done it again! Not to be biased, but we really have hit the jackpot with this one. We know that you bold and daring lash fanatics love the L curl, but have you heard of the Extreme L curl? If you’re looking to create a sharp, defined, and snatched set of eyelash extensions, but your M and L-curls just aren’t doing it for you, then the Extreme L curl will be your new best friend. So, if you want to learn everything you need to know about the hottest new lash curl on the market, then listen up!

fox eye lashes with extreme l curl

What Are Extreme L Curl Lashes?

Let’s start with the Extreme L Curl’s little sister, the L Curl. L Curl lashes and M curl lashes have established themselves as popular favorites among Lash Technicians due to their distinct flair and ability to create the ultimate Fox Eye, Cat Eye, Arrow, and eyeliner lash styles. These lash curls boast a somewhat flat base compared to the standard lash curl, gracefully arching upwards. This design not only gives the illusion of a captivating uplift to lashes that naturally grow downward, but also elevates the aesthetics of any dramatic lash extensions set to unprecedented heights. Now, onto the Extreme L-curl…

The difference between M, L, and extreme L lash curls

The Extreme L Curl takes the concept of an upward flick to an entirely new level, featuring a broader and more pronounced angle. These lashes have an entirely flat base and an impressive 130º angle, which, although still extremely versatile to work with, significantly outshines the more subtle appearance of L Curl lashes in the drama department. If you and your clients adore a glamorous and striking look, with an incredible lift, then you need to get your hands on the Extreme L curl!

extreme L curl vs L curl

How to Style the Extreme L Curl

You may be thinking, how do I fan these fabulously pointed lashes? Well, it’s actually really easy if you’ve already got your fanning technique down to a T. We get it, they’re drastically different to your regular C and CC curl lashes, so you may need a little practice, but if you’re already familiar with M and L curls, then you’ll be able to fan these like a dream! What we’ve not mentioned yet, is that these lashes are 0.07 in diameter, so they will only be used for fans of up to 5D.

Fine Tip tweezers will be your best bet when working with this curl, and either Volume lash tweezersor Mega Volume lash tweezers with their fine tips will do just the trick as far as control, precision, and visibility goes. Before you dive into using this curl on a client, grab a strip of your Extreme L curl lashes in a length that you usually find comfortable to work with, and take some time to practice making a few fans to get the hang of it – don't worry, you'll get the hang of it quickly! This little practice session will boost your confidence and have you ready to create the most gorgeous Extreme Cat Eye lashes.

Mega volume lash tweezers

You may not think so, but the Extreme L curl is surprisingly versatile and lends itself well to any sort of Cat Eye lash map that you’re planning on creating. Because of their distinctive, striking, and show-stopping shape, you will be able to create the most perfect, snatched siren eyes that you may not have been able to master beforehand! If you haven't yet familiarized yourself with the process of creating a Cat Eye style lash map, we’ve already got a handy lash mapping guide that you can check out.

Extreme L curl lashes on the strip

Extreme Cat Eye (Fox Eye)

A Fox Eye - also known as an Extreme Cat Eye - is basically a more dramatized version of the regular Cat Eye. We understand the allure of the Fox Eye lash trend that has taken the lash industry by storm. Drawing inspiration from the captivating, almond-shaped eyes of a fox, this look emphasizes lashes that are longer at the outer corners, creating a mesmerizing, lifted appearance. To create this timeless yet trendy style, you will need to map your lashes similarly to how you would a Cat Eye, but to make it an Extreme Cat Eye, you’ll bring your longer lengths even further out to create a sharper look. Whilst a standard L curl can obviously be used for this daring style, why stop at daring? The Extreme L curl will, no pun intended, take your Fox Eye lash extensions to an extreme level of intensity.

Fox eye lash map

Arrow Lashes

At London Lash, we're always at the forefront of beauty trends, and the Arrow eye lash style is no exception. If you’ve not heard of them yet, don’t be too alarmed because they’re a new, upcoming style! If the name’s not already a giveaway, Arrow lashes are a style that evokes the precision and directionality of an arrow. This lash trend focuses on creating a sharp, upward lift, pointing straight to the heavens and is characterized by their straight and defined silhouette - making the Extreme L curlthe perfect candidate for the job. They offer a bold and modern twist to the traditional Cat Eye eyelash extensions, 

You can create this fierce look and perfect the arrow-eyed appearance by having wide sections in your lash map that contain shorter lashes with softer curls towards the inner corners of the eyes, and then including sections towards the outer corners of the eyes with sharper, longer lengths to form a point. Including the Extreme L curl lashes in this set will help you create a super eye-catching and dramatic finish.

Arrow lash map

Eyeliner Effect

If you want to merge the bold definition created by eyeliner with the volume and allure of lashes, the Eyeliner Effect lash style offers a two-in-one solution for those seeking a dramatic and defined eye look. Eyeliner Effect lashes creating the illusion of seamlessly drawn eyeliner - who doesn’t want that? This results in eyes that pop with intensity, mimicking the look of actual eyeliner, as you may have guessed. Whether you're a professional looking to offer your clients the latest in lash innovation, or you have clients seeking to elevate their daily beauty routine, this is the style to offer!

This style is created by using, primarily, shorter lash lengths across the entire lash line, which then increases in length towards the outer corners of the eyes. If you want to incorporate the Extreme L curl and to achieve an ultra-glamorous look, try adding softer curls throughout the rest of the eye, and adding in the show-stopping Extreme L curls towards the outer corners of the eyes.

London Lash Top Tip: To create a seamless blend, remember to map wider sections of your shorter lengths.

Eyeliner effect lash map

The Extreme L curl really does give new meaning to innovation meets elegance. Even if you’re still wary, challenge yourself and give it a go, you may create something incredible! At the end of the day, it's all about what feels right for each client, and for those who love to make an entrance, this curl is sure to be a hit!