Our Top 5 Most-Loved London Lash Products - There’s a Reason Why They’re Best-Sellers

We know how mind-boggling it can be to build your lash kit, don't panic - we’ve got you! Or even if you don’t feel the need to add any more products to your eyelash extension kit, it’s always good to switch it up. You’re a lash tech, it’s meant to be fun! Trust us, trying out new products is sooo exciting. 

In our opinion, and our lovely customers' opinion; here are five of our most-loved, best-selling, and must-have products. 

London lash products

1. Royal Bond Lash Glue

As the name suggests, our Royal Bond lash adhesive is truly a part of royalty in the lash world - we think so anyway. 

In general terms, most eyelash extensions eyelash glue works best at 68 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and 45 - 55 percent humidity. The Royal Bond adhesive works in a wide humidity range of 30 - 80 percent, so you’ve got plenty of room to play around. Especially, if you don’t work in a humid climate, the Royal Bond is the one for you! It works just as well in low humidity. 

No matter what lash set you are creating, from natural classic lashes to wispy Russian volume sets, this adhesive is incredible - there's a reason why it's our best-selling lash glue.

Our Royal Bond eyelash glue is extremely fast-drying with a curing time of 1 second; therefore, it is not suitable for beginners or intermediate lash technicians - don’t say we didn’t warn you. As soon as you have surpassed 1000-1500, you can use Royal Bond to your heart's content, believe us you'll want to! Maybe even try a sample size before purchasing a full-size bottle?

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Looking for something more gradual? Try our Satin Bond lash glue instead! Also a best-seller, the Satin Bond adhesive is perfect for beginner and intermediate lash techs. Still not sure? Read more about lash glue here.

2. Retention Duo Bundle

A double threat - our Retention Duo will take your retention to the next level. Your lash game will reach new heights, and your clients will be coming back for more. By combining two of the best lash products on the market, you get more bang for your buck! If your eyelash extensions are not sticking, or your retention isn’t as good as you want it to be, this bundle will be your new go-to. 

Booster and superbonder for lash extensions

Retention & Speed Booster: If we could bottle up retention, this product would be it. This full-size has an alkaline pH, meaning that when it is applied to the lashes it gently opens up the hair cuticles without damaging the natural lashes. This process allows eyelash glue to effectively adhere and grab onto the lash, resulting in improved retention. 

How To: Apply the booster to the natural lashes as a final pre-treatment step with a microfiber swab; the product will help the extension grip onto the natural lashes, resulting in a quicker treatment time. You can also apply the product to the lash extensions in the tray to stop your fans from closing. Amazing, right?!

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Superbonder Sealant: It’s a miracle in a bottle, trust us. Superbonder instantly polymerizes with glue, without shock curing. This product locks in the fumes and adds elasticity to the eyelash glue; reducing the risk of eye irritation and sensitivity, and also ensuring that the bonds don’t break as easily so you can maximize retention.

How To: Using a microfiber brush, apply one small drop of the Superbonder to the adhesive area of the eyelash extensions once you have completed the treatment. As this product seals the bonds, the lashes can get wet straight away! Can you even believe it? “Rain on me” takes on a completely new meaning.

Wait for it… it gets even better. You save 30% when buying the bundle in comparison to buying each product separately. It’s a win-win!

3. Super Prep Duo 

This duo is not one to be messed with! Beware: once used, you won’t be able to live without them. This ultimate pretreatment duo (our lash cleanser and shampoo bundle), will up your retention to the max. I’m sure you already know that having a pretreatment routine is a MUST. If you don't incorporate one into your lash treatments, your retention will suffer.

Superbonder and cleanser for lash extensions

Lash Cleanser: A must-have pretreatment hero - the cleanser removes any remaining oil, proteins, and makeup from the natural lashes. It allows the glue to perfectly bond to the natural lashes, instead of the built-up dirt that was on them before.

Lash Primer: The primer is your next step after cleanser as you want to re-add moisture back into those lashes. This nourishing primer hydrates the lashes, providing the perfect base for lash extensions. It allows the lash glue to flawlessly bond to the natural lashes, as the moisture from the product causes the lash adhesive to cure. 

4. Mayfair Lashes

    Want to create the ultimate Russian volume lash extensions or a more subtle hybrid set? Mayfair lashes are the lashes that you will reach for the most. Like all of our other lashes, Mayfair eyelash extensions are made from pure synthetic fiber, meaning they are cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. 

    These gorgeous lashes are perfect for creating volume fans up to 9D, as they are lightweight and fine, and are available in a wide range of stunning curls, thicknesses, and lengths. Faux mink and fabulous - the Mayfair eyelashes create a dark, bold, and dramatic look. The bespoke lash looks are endless.  

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    If you want to reduce your treatment time, check out our Mayfair Premade Volume Fans - stunning, full lashes in a fraction of the time!

    5. Cream Remover

      Now, how else are you going to remove your clients' lashes? The cream remover will be your secret savior for when you want the eyelash extensions to satisfyingly slip off the natural lashes. It couldn't be any safer, or easier to remove lashes! The vibrant color makes it easy to remove as you can see any remnants of the product, and is perfect for clients with sensitive eyes. This cute pot sure packs a punch.

      Whether your client is suffering from an allergic reaction, doesn't like their lash extensions (we hope not 😢), or just simply needs them removed - our lash extension cream remover is the one to reach for.  

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      We hope you have found what you are looking for. We are certain that this list may change over time as we bring out new amazing products, but currently, these are our ride-or-die lash products, and we hope they are yours too!