Problems With Isolating Lashes? Not To Worry, Eyelid Tape is Here To Save The Day!

Our eyelid tape is flying off the shelves, and we know why! There are so many benefits of using eyelid tape, it will make your life as a lash technician so much easier - trust us. 

Eyelid tape is a savior for any lash tech who doesn't want to give their client a chemical burn, doesn't want their clients’ lashes sticking to the eyepatch, and is dying to reach those teeny tiny, hard-to-isolate lashes. We’ve got you! Let us introduce you to our sticky but not tricky, eyelid tape.

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Eyelid Tape

We know that cutting your lash tape into small strips can be a hassle. It can waste time and sometimes you can never cut that perfect piece. Although a roll of tape is handy, pre-cut eyelid tape is even handier. Eyelid tape can be used in multiple ways, and will make your life ten times easier - it’s a must-have product in any lash technician’s kit. 

The London Lash eyelid tape is suitable for any client. You'll be lashing like a pro in no time!

“Why would I use eyelid tape?” You might be asking…

1. Mature Or Hooded Eyelids

If your client has hooded eyes or mature eyelids, it may be harder to apply eyelash extensions as the skin can overlap or sit extremely close to the lash line. If you haven’t already, you will definitely come across clients with hooded lids, or clients whose skin produces less collagen and elastin due to aging. It’s completely normal and not uncommon, so let’s enhance those eyes with a stunning set of lash extensions!

Eyelid tape is the perfect solution for every eye shape. To reveal your client's lovely lash line, with your isolation tweezers apply one end of the tape to the eyelid and lift the skin by attaching the other end to a higher point, without risking opening the eye. You'll now be able to clearly see the root of each lash and can apply your lashes with ease!

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2. Downward Growing Lashes

Isn’t it frustrating when your clients’ lashes are sticking to the eyepatch? We feel your pain, but there’s no need to panic. At Least, not when you have the London Lash eyelid tape. To ensure that your client’s lashes don’t rest flat on the eyepatch, we need to use the previous method. As the downward angle of the lashes makes them prone to sticking to the eyepatch, we use eyelid tape to gently lift the natural lashes from the eyepatch. 

3. Lashing Inner Corners

Arguably the most common issue that lash techs must face is lashing the inner or outer corners. If your client has LOADS of tiny lashes that are difficult to isolate, eyelid tape will be your new best friend. 

There's nothing worse than thinking you've finished a lash set, and realizing that you've missed a few corner lashes. Especially if you are doing Russian volume lashes and want a full and fluffy effect, the inner corners really make a difference!

To expose those hard-to-lash inner corners, place one end of the tape towards the inner corner and gently pull inwards towards the middle of the eye. You could even create a criss-cross with your eyelid tape if you are also struggling to isolate and lash the outer corners too. 


4. Preventing Chemical Burns

A chemical burn can be scary, especially if you're not sure what’s caused it. A chemical burn can, unfortunately, occur if your client’s eyes are not fully closed, and due to exposure to the glue fumes during the treatment, they can turn red and become irritated. No matter what you do, if your client’s eyes just won't close a chemical burn may happen. 

News alert: panic over 📣From trying to weigh the lid down to sticking one of your client’s lashes to the eyepatch - eyelid tape is the best solution. 

If you can see that your client’s eyes are slightly open or are fluttering, use eyelid tape to attach the eyelid to the eyepatch. This will help the eye to stay closed, meaning your client will leave the salon with gorgeous wispy lashes - and not red, irritated eyes.

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Not sure how to use eyelid tape? Check out our Insta for tips and tricks.

Our Other Eye Tapes:

3M Micropore Tape

Struggling to keep those bottom lashes down? Our 3-meter micropore tape is the easiest way to secure those bottom lashes. As you probably already know, eyepatches are the best way to protect your clients’ bottom lashes, but sometimes a few sneaky lashes seem to pop out unexpectedly. The solution: micropore lash tape. Simply use a small piece of tape and secure those small lashes to the eyepatch, it’s a match made in heaven. 

Foam Tape

An alternative to eyepatches, foam tape is perfect for clients who are allergic to eyepatches, have a unique eye shape, or have watery eyes. This hypoallergenic eye tape is ideal for lash techs too! It’s cost-effective, the thickness of the tape minimizes the risk of poking clients with your tweezers, and it’s great for covering that small gap between the eyelids - minimizing the exposure of glue fumes to your client’s eyes. It’s also amazing for sketching out your lash maps; this tape has the best-textured surface for many types of pens. Long-lasting and cost-effective, what’s not to love?

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Dynarex Paper Surgical Tape

Similar to the 3m micropore tape roll, our paper surgical tape helps secure the lashes to the eyepatches, aids in holding down the eyepatches, and can be used to lift the skin in the inner and outer corners. The paper-type finish allows you to perfectly map out your clients’ eyelash extension style, without smudging. This tape allows maximum breathability of the skin and is easy to tear, especially with a tape cutter. If you want smaller rolls, the dynarex paper surgical tape is for you.

Perforated Transparent Medical Tape

The perforated transparent tape is perfect if you want to see the lashes you have just secured down. If your clients’ lashes are creeping out from under the eye patch and getting stuck to the extensions, the medical tape will come in handy. It features bi-directional perforations, meaning that the tape is easy to tear. It’s also not majorly sticky, so the tape is easy to remove without causing any discomfort to your client. It’s a win-win!


Top Tip: You can also use lash tape to apply the lashes in layers, and for the lash tape back method - the uses are endless!