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 Medical tape is one of those accessories that every lash artist uses a lot - from helping to secure the eyepatches, to lifting the skin to reach hardly visible natural lashes.

But have you ever actually looked at your tape close up? When tape is left out on the trolley, its sticky surface attracts the dirt that our naked eye can’t always see… This makes the tape’s surface potentially harmful to our clients’ delicate eyes!

That’s why a tape holder is an essential for keeping tape clean, safe and sanitary to use around your clients’ eyes.

Plus, with a handy built-in cutter, you can quickly & effortlessly cut the length of tape you need without wasting time mid-appointment searching for the end, or searching for your scissors!

  • an amazing lash gadget to keep the tape clean and sanitary 
  • ‘dustproof’ design - effectively prevents dust from entering and keeps tape away from bacteria 
  • no more searching for the end and fiddling with the tape
  • easy and fast cutting of the tape - save time and cut the tape easily into beautiful straight lines without the need for scissors

Product details

  • safe and hygienic
  • reusable & lightweight
  • suitable for all ½ inch surgical, micropore tapes, including our 3M Micropore tape and Dynarex
  • transparent/white colour

How to use

Gently remove the moveable cover of the tape cutter and open the tape holder by pulling the two sides apart. Take your tape and peel the front, up to around 1cm. Insert the tape (sticky side down) into one side of the tape cutter, securing the other side and closing the holder. Put the cover back. To cut a piece of tape, simply pull up the cover of the tape holder, pull the tape to get the size you want, and close the cover firmly. Repeat if necessary to get more pieces of the tape. When you finish using the tape, ensure that it is stored in the tape cutter to keep it clean and fresh.
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Customer Reviews

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Omg what an actual life saver! I felt like I was always picking fluff off my tape before but this keeps it all clean and neat, and means you don’t have to faff about with scissors, it such a little thing but it’s such a time saver and I don’t know how I ever managed without it 😍😍

Thank you Rosie! We love being able to help speed up your lash work!

Happy Lashing! ♥️