How to Choose the Right Eye Patches for Your Clients | Eye Tape & Under Eye Patches

As you’ll know, during a lash extension appointment, it’s the little details that can make all the difference! So, if you're a Lash Technician who’s looking to elevate your client's experience and the quality of your services, you're in the right place. Today, we're diving deep into the essentials of lash application - specifically, the unsung heroes of the process: lash tape and under-eye patches. With a plethora of options available, choosing the right ones can be a little tricky. Fear not! We're here to guide you through how to select the perfect eye patches and lash tapes from London Lash, ensuring your clients have a comfortable experience and leave with gorgeous-looking lashes.

Lash mapping on an eye patch

Understanding the Basics: Eye Patches & Lash Tape

Before we compare products, let's clarify what we're talking about. Eye patches and lash tapes are crucial for protecting your clients’ lower lashes and the delicate skin under their eyes during lash extension applications. They’re also important for providing a clean and accessible working area for you. But not all products are created equal. From Hydrogel Eye Patches to various types of lash tape, each one has its own unique benefits and uses.

Hydrogel Eye Patches: A Soothing Choice

Eye patches, like our Nano-Hydrogel Eye Patches, are a Lash Technician's dream! They're infused with gentle, skin-loving ingredients such as aloe vera, that soothe the under-eye area and make them perfect for clients with sensitive skin. Aloe vera extract is not only super soothing for your clients, it will also hydrate and soften their skin, as well as brighten and add elasticity to their under-eye area — it’s like having a mini facial and lash extensions all at once! Not to mention, you’ll also be reducing the potential risk of your clients experiencing a chemical burn since these thin gel strips will allow your clients to close their eyes completely. Plus, their excellent adhesion will ensure they stay in place throughout the lash application process. They’re the best-selling eye patches in our collection for a reason!

These eye patches are designed to keep the bottom lashes separated from the top ones during treatment, and with an ergonomic shape that fits most eye shapes, you can guarantee that these will be an excellent choice for the majority of your client base. If you’re still not convinced, we also sell sample packs of our Hydrogel Eye Patches so that you can try them out for yourself!

Nano hydrogel soothing eyepatches for sensitive skin

Teflon Gel Eye Patches

Our Teflon Gel Eye Patches are a game-changer! These eye patches have also been designed to keep the bottom lashes separated from the top ones during treatment with a non-sticky top layer. Preventing the lashes from sticking to the eye patches is also super convenient when you’re lashing a client with downward-growing lashes. In terms of design, they’re perfect for clients with small, deep-set eyes due to their smaller shape. One of our favorite qualities of our Teflon Eye Gel Patches is their specially formulated gel that keeps these eye patches in place throughout the entire appointment, making them a great product for clients with naturally oily skin. No wonder they’re a best-seller! If you want to try them out before you buy a regular-sized pack, you can now purchase them as a sample pack with two pairs of eye patches.

Top Tip: Teflon Gel Eye Patches also pair well with Surgical Tape. They’re a dynamic duo that can be used for sticking down any stray lashes and securing them in place completely.

The differences between eyepatches

Lash Tape: Precision and Protection

Lash tape is another staple in any Lash Technicians kit, and can be used instead of, or alongside eye patches. We already know that one of the best ways to protect the bottom lashes during an eyelash extension application is by using eye patches. However, you’ll also have probably experienced that it's common for those pesky, tiny baby lashes to sneak out from under the patches and get stuck to the extensions, a Lash Technicians nightmare! To avoid this, you can use small pieces of tape to secure those tiny lashes. You can also use tape to lift the skin on the eyelids to make your application of the eyelash extensions easier.

Lash tape comes in various forms, each designed for specific needs. For instance, our hypoallergenic Perforated Transparent Medical Tape is perfect for customizing the shape and size needed for each client. Meanwhile, Foam Tape is the most cost-effective eye patch solution and is a great alternative for clients who are allergic to the gel on eye patches. For those looking for a classic option, 3M Micropore Tape and Dynarex Paper Surgical Under Eye Tape are known for their gentle adhesion and ease of use.

Lash tape hacks

Eyelid Tape

Don't forget about Eyelid Tape! It's not only handy to use on clients who struggle to keep their eyes fully closed during their appointments; but it's also fantastic for lifting the eyelids slightly for easier lash application, making it a must-have for clients with hooded eyelids. With Eyelid Tape, you can also easily lash a client whose lashes grow downwards and clients with loads of lashes in the inner and outer corners of their eyes that can be really tricky to isolate and lash. The design: super sticky and super thin pre-cut tapes, meaning you won’t have to worry about wasting time manually cutting strips. If you haven’t tried these yet, you’re missing out! Learn more about eyelid tape hacks and how you can use it in this blog post.

using eyelid tape to pull the eyelid up

Top 5 Benefits of Using High-Quality Eye Patches & Tape

Enhanced Client Comfort: High-quality eye patches and tapes are designed to be gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of irritation.

Improved Safety: By securely covering the lower lashes, they prevent any accidental contact with lash glue, meaning that you can avoid dreaded stickies!

Hydration and Care: Products like Hydrogel Eye Patches offer additional benefits like hydration, which can make your clients’ lash extensions experience feel more luxurious.

Precision in Application: With the right eye patch or tape, you can work more efficiently, ensuring each lash extension is perfectly placed.

Customizable Solutions: Having a variety of eye patches and tapes to choose from means that you can tailor your treatments to each of your client's specific needs and enhance the overall quality of their service.

using eyepatches on a lash client

Customizing Eye Patch Selection for Client Comfort and Safety

Every client is unique, and their comfort and safety should always be a priority. When selecting an eye patch or lash tape, consider your client's skin type (sensitive, oily, dry), any allergies, and their comfort level with different materials. Make sure you explain the purpose of the eye patch or tape you're using to ensure your clients feel comfortable throughout the application process.

Making the Right Choice

When comparing our products, consider the following:

For clients with sensitive skin and those who appreciate that extra bit of pampering, opt for our Nano-hydrogel Eye Patches for their soothing properties.

If you're looking for versatility and easy usePerforated Transparent Medical Tape or 3M Micropore Tape should be your go-to options.

For clients with downward-growing lashes, small, deep set eyes, or oily skin, Teflon Gel Eye Patches will be your ideal choice. 

And, for those intricate lash applications, don't overlook the importance of Eyelid Tape to achieve that perfect lash line.

applying eyepatches to lash in layers

Using the right eye patch or lash tape not only ensures the safety and comfort of your clients, but also enhances the overall quality of your lash extension applications. By choosing high-quality products from a reputable supplier, you're investing in your client's satisfaction and the reputation of your services. Remember, a happy client is a returning client, and with the right tools in your lash extension kit, you're set to provide an unmatched lash experience every time!