A Guide to the Best Lash Tweezers for Isolation, Separating Stickies, and Volume Fanning!

Whether you're new to lashing or a seasoned pro looking to update your toolkit, finding the right tweezers can make all the difference. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the best tweezers for all your lashing needs!

Using gold lash tweezers on a client

The Best Tweezers for Isolation

Choosing the right isolation tweezers often comes down to personal preference, but we've outlined a few variations to help you find your perfect match. Let’s explore some options to help you master your eyelash extension isolation technique!

Straight Isolation Tweezers

A staple in most Lash Techs' kits, straight isolation tweezers are straightforward and effective. When the lash industry was newer, every Lash Tech started off with these tweezers, so they’re pretty common to find in most Lash Techs’ kits. As the name suggests, these lash extension tweezers are straight in shape and are perfect for isolating lashes and separating stickies with ease.

Angled Isolation Tweezers

A slightly angled alternative to straight isolation tweezers, these are great if you prefer to hold your wrist in a different wrist position. They can be particularly beneficial for those with stiffer wrists or who just like a bit of an angle.

Angled isolation lash tweezers

Pointed Isolation Tweezers

These tweezers offer a middle ground between straight and angled tweezers, providing a unique angle that can help with precise isolation.

Curved Isolation Tweezers

Curved isolation tweezers are a personal favorite for many Lash Artists! The curved tips allow for comfortable wrist positioning, letting you rest your wrist on the client’s forehead (gently, of course!) for perfect isolation without strain.

Multifunctional Tweezers

These versatile tweezers are a great addition to any kit. They’re excellent for isolation, sticky separation, and even making small volume fans (up to 3D), thanks to their sturdy build.


Remember, all isolation tweezers can also be used for picking up Classic lashes. It all comes down to what feels best for you, but curved isolation and multifunctional tweezers are top picks for Classic lash sets!

Multifunctional lash tweezers

The Best Tweezers for Volume Lashes

Volume tweezers are specifically designed to pick up volume fans, offering sturdier construction and better grip than isolation tweezers. Each pair is hand-tested to ensure top quality!

Volume tweezers are specifically designed to pick up volume fans - surprising, I know What I mean by this is that they’re sturdier and have more grip than isolation tweezers. We also hand test every single pair of volume tweezers to make sure they are perfect for you, so you can count on quality! 

Multifunctional Tweezers

These are great for creating volume fans up to 3D and are particularly useful for Easy Fanning lashes, which require less manual effort to form perfect fans. 

multifunctional lash tweezers uses

Fine-Tipped Volume Tweezers

Our best-selling tweezers, fine-tipped volume tweezers, are favored by both trainers and students! Their thinner tips are ideal for fans of all sizes, especially for shorter lashes, as they take up less space on the fan.

Regular Tip Volume Tweezers

Known as the OG volume tweezers, these feature a thicker boot for excellent control over your fan. This tweezers is perfect for creating and applying volume lash fans of 2D up to 6D, making them a favorite among so many Lash Artists. The tips are angled perfectly to help you create both narrow and wide fans on the strip (if that’s you’re chosen method) without risking injury to your fingers, but can also be used for any volume fanning technique. However, if you’re looking to create mega volume lashes of up to 16D, it’s best to opt for our mega volume tweezers…

Volume tip boot tweezers

The Best Tweezers for Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume lashes require tweezers that can handle larger, fuller fans with precision and ease. The Mega Volume Tweezers, similar to our Multifunctional Tweezers, can be used in various ways such as isolating individual lashes, separating stickies, and picking up lash extensions. However, the Multifunctional Tweezers are only suitable for creating lash fans up to 2D and are not designed for volume lashes, so they do not provide the same level of grip. Additionally, the straight shape of these tweezers makes it a little harder to create mega volume lash fans. On the other hand, the Mega Volume Tweezers are ideal for making larger lash fans up to 16D.

picking up volume lash fan with tweezers

Here are some of the best tweezers for mega volume lashes:

Long Slim Mega Volume Tweezers

These tweezers are designed with a long, slim tip angled at 45º that allows for precise handling of mega volume fans. They offer excellent control and grip, making them perfect for creating large, fluffy fans with ease, especially if you prefer to use the pinching method to create volume fans.

Wide Tip Mega Volume Tweezers

These tweezers have a wider boot, an angled tip, and a curved body, which is ideal for picking up and placing larger fans while providing an ultra-comfortable fit. These lash tweezers are actually suitable for any fanning technique, so if you favor a boot-style tweezer, these are for you!

Ultra Fine Mega Volume Tweezers

These Mega Volume Lash Tweezers are super fine and slim, with 5mm-long tips for ultimate precision and optimal fan control. These tweezers are perfect for any lash fanning method, but they are particularly suitable for Lash Techs who prefer to use the wiggle or rainbow fanning technique.

Mega volume lash tweezers range

Fiber Tip vs. Regular Tip Tweezers

Understanding the differences between fiber tip and regular tip tweezers can help you choose the right tools for your specific needs.

The main difference between fiber tip tweezers and regular tweezers is the textured inside of the tweezer tip. With the tip's diamond-patterned hex texture, it is much easier to maintain control over what your tweezer picks up and how much pressure is applied to it. Regular tip tweezers are very versatile, making them suitable for a variety of tasks, from isolation to separating stickies, to fan creation. They are, of course, also durable and reliable, making them a staple in any lash artist’s kit.

fiber tip volume lash tweezers

No matter which tweezers catch your eye, you can be sure there's a perfect pair out there for you. And if they don’t work out, you can always exchange them for a pair that better suits your needs!