How Your Can Work From Home as a Lash Tech

In the past couple of years there has been a shift in the lash industry, with eyelash extensions technicians moving away from working in salons to setting up a workspace at home. This is undoubtedly due in part to the pandemic forcing us out of social spaces, but also winds up saving the business owner a significant amount of money that would usually be spent on salon or bed rent and all the associated costs. 

A lash studio set up from home

One of the few drawbacks to this is that while a salon environment is designed specifically for the purpose of carrying out eyelash extensions treatments, our homes are not, so we have a little bit of work to do in setting up our space so that we can work effectively, and still provide that really high level of service that we strive for, and that our clients expect! 

We’ve put together a few of our top tips for creating an amazing and professional lashing space at home!

Get a Proper Set Up

Whether you work in your spare room, your conservatory, your loft conversion or your dining room - I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a proper beauty bed, good lighting and an adjustable stool/chair to sit on while you work. As much as it’s funny and relatable to see posts about lash techs doing their friends’ lashes in hotel rooms, or planes and trains, it’s simply not viable in the long run for your spinal health or your reputation. 

A lash bed (sometimes referred to as a massage table) is not overly expensive - you can get them online for a reasonable price and one of the best things about them is that they fold away at the end of your treatment, so they don’t even take up loads of space when you’re not working. 

A black lash bed with a beauty bed cover

A good chair is one that’s height adjustable and ideally doesn’t have arms, so that you have your full range of movement (you’ll be surprised how much arms on a chair will annoy you during a lash set!) Again, these can be picked up online for a reasonable price - I’d personally recommend a saddle style stool as they’re quite good for keeping your hips and spine in alignment, or one with a little bit of back support. It needs to be adjustable so that you can always make sure you can clearly see your clients’ lashes without stretching and straining too much. 

Good lighting is important on a basic level for giving your clients the idea that you’re a professional technician with professional equipment, but it’s going to be crucial for your eye health! Good lighting will help you work more accurately and will improve the cleanliness of your work overall - it’s SO MUCH EASIER to work effectively if you can see every tiny little detail!

A glamcor light for a beauty bed

Keep It Tidy

You’ll need somewhere to store your lash equipment - that’s a FACT. I’d recommend getting a trolley where you can keep your eyelash extensions supplies and something to go on that trolley to keep your things organised. 

Having all of your tools and products easily accessible to you while being well organised is going to be a massive help - you’ll not have to search around for the tools you need next as they’ll be right there when you need them.

Lash trolley for eyelash extension supplies


I’m serious, a bed cover will hide so much from your clients - just pop a couple of storage boxes under the bed with anything you need to hide during lashing hours and as far as anyone knows, you are a person who generates no mess. Bed covers and high quality lashing pillows are great additions to your workspace and add an extra touch of professionalism and just bring your entire lash set up together, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist!

A beige lash bed from London Lash

So, if working in a salon just isn't for you then working from home is a viable option. As long as it's convenient for you and your clients, then go for it! If you're wondering how to spuce up your lash room, check out our Lash Studio Must-Haves blog