Long Slim Mega Volume Tweezers


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If you are looking for the best mega volume tweezers then look no further! These mega volume lash tweezers are the newest addition to our tweezer range, featuring a Long Slim Tip for creating the most beautiful Russian Volume lash fans in a range of volume fanning techniques. 

Hand tested lash tweezers are designed and developed by London Lash Master Artists, guaranteeing excellent quality, and tweezers you can depend on!

Made of stainless steel, our mega volume tweezers can be disinfected using a tool disinfectant or sterilised in autoclave without damaging their grip.  

Just to let you know: Due to every pair of tweezers being finished by hand, each pair has its own unique “sweet point” (point of the best grip). Try to grab the fan with different parts of the tip to find the perfect grip position. 

Long Slim Mega Volume Tweezers:

  • Super slim tip, 7mm in length 
  • Suitable for various fanning techniques
  • 45º angle tips make these tweezers a go-to for Lash Techs who favor the pinching method for volume fans
  • Hand-tested by lash specialists to guarantee quality

Mega Volume Tweezers are perfect for:

Every pair of London Lash Tweezers is hand-tested by an Advanced Lash Technician to provide you with a top-quality product, always. 

Product details

  • Weight (g) - 16.5-17g
  • Material: durable stainless steel 410
  • Autoclave and barbicide resistant
  • Russian volume lash tweezers are available in different colours: gold and black 
  • Suitable to store in our Magnetic Tweezer Cases & Tweezer Holder
  • Hand finished and hand tested to guarantee quality
  • Available in 3 different shapes allow you to choose your favorite shape that will work best with your favored fanning technique. Discover other shapeshere.

How to use

  • Disinfect or sterilize after each use.
  • Use with your favorite Russian Volume fanning technique to create fluffy mega volume fans.
  • Store in London Lash Magnetic Tweezer Case, London Lash Tweezer Holder, or in the tweezer holder slots in your Acrylic Organizer while not in use.
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020