How to Choose the Right Tweezers for Lash Technicians | A Lash Tech’s Guide

Selecting the best tweezers for your needs largely comes down to personal preference. That’s why there are so many shapes available! However, we're here to help you make a more informed decision.

Lash extensions tweezers in tweezer storage

Tweezers for Isolation and Classic Lashes

Tweezers for isolation and picking up Classic lashes are often interchangeable. Your choice might depend on what you first used in your training. For example, a friend of mine always used straight tweezers for isolation because that was the only shape available when she trained. While that angle works for her, I find angled or curved isolation tweezers more comfortable, keeping my wrists in a neutral position.

So, for isolation, you can choose between Straight IsolationAngled Isolation, or Curved Isolation tweezers, depending on what feels best for your wrists.

For picking up Classic lashes, you can use the above options or opt for Multifunctional Tweezers. These are a great addition to your toolkit because they can pick up Classic lashes, Russian Volume fans up to 3D, and they work well with Easy Fanning lashes. Plus, in a pinch, you can use them for isolation too!

Isolation lash tweezers being used

Tweezers for Volume Lashes

Once you’ve found your preferred isolation tweezers and have no issues picking up Classic lashes, it’s time to focus on Volume lashes.

Besides Multifunctional Tweezers, you have two main options for Russian Volume: Regular Volume Tweezers and Fine Tipped Volume Tweezers. If you want to create Mega Volume fans, our Mega Volume Tweezers are a MUST! 

Why these? Tweezers designed specifically for Volume techniques are sturdier and have a better grip, preventing the fan from falling apart when you pick it up. Our award-winning Lash Extension Technicians hand-test these tweezers to ensure they’re perfect for your needs.

Mega volume lash tweezers in gold

Can You Use Curved Tweezers to Make Volume Fans?

Technically, yes. However, keep in mind that curved tweezers are not as sturdy because they are primarily for isolating natural lashes or picking up single Classic lashes. If curved tweezers work for you, that’s great! Just be aware they might not last as long and may cause you to lose a lash or two when picking up a fan.

gold curved lash tweezers

Are All Our Tweezers Hand Tested?

All tweezers designed for picking up fans are tested to ensure they perform as expected. Those that don't meet our standards are sent back to the factory for recycling. Tweezers not meant for fan-making are visually inspected to ensure they meet our aesthetic standards and that their tips are intact. No one likes a wiggly tip!

What Happens If I Get Lash Glue on My Tweezer Tips? Are They Ruined?

Not at all! Made from medical-grade stainless steel, our tweezers can be easily cleaned with our glue remover for tweezers. The remover comes with little sponge balls to help get the glue off the tips, ensuring your tweezers remain in great condition!

Cleaning lash tweezers with glue remover

Choosing the right tweezers is crucial for any Lash Technician, impacting both your comfort and the quality of your work. While personal preference plays a significant role, understanding the different types of tweezers and their specific uses can help you make an informed decision. They need to be right for you, so don’t feel discouraged if you get a recommendation from another Lash Tech and they’re just not right for you! Remember, all our tweezers are hand-tested to ensure the highest quality, and they can be easily maintained with proper care. Equip yourself with the best tools, and you'll be set for success in your lash artistry journey!