London Lash: A Guide to The Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

We have a range of INCREDIBLE eyelash extensions for you to choose from to create some amazing lash looks on your clients. Whether you’re the go-to babe for Classic lashes or an absolute Russian Volume boss, we’ve got you covered. We know you may not have tried every lash extension collection we have, so we’ve created a guide to London Lash lashes so that you can push your abilities and offer the most extensive range of semi-permanent lash looks!

  • Mayfair and Chelsea

  • Our London Lash Mayfair collection is our clients’ favorite for Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions! They have a shiny and bold finish to create that beautiful full, dramatic lash look - the best lash extensions! They are also suitable for Classic lash looks.

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    The strip which our Mayfair lashes come on is a little bit less sticky, so somelash technicians prefer this for creating fans - depending on your favored lash fanning method of course! The lash strip is green and has around 4mm width - which is perfect for those lash artists who prefer a wider lash strip for their fanning technique.

    Our Chelsea Lashes have a slightly more matte finish compared to the Mayfair collection and can be used in both classic and volume lash sets. 

    Whether you go for Chelsea or Mayfair, you’ll find a selection of lengths, thicknesses and curls ideal for: 

    Classic Lash Sets

    Classic lashes are light lashes that are used for one by one classic eyelash extension sets. They come in a variety of thicknesses, from 0.10 up to 0.20.

    different types of lash extensions, classic lashes, volume lashes

    Russian Volume Lashes

    0.07 lashes are ideal for creating volume lash sets up to 5D. Whether your client wants a lovely light, fluttery 2D set, or a slightly more full 5D set, 0.07 lashes will be a good call! For those who want a little more drama, opt for 0.05 for fans up to 9D!

    Mega Volume Lashes

    For the boldest among us, we have lashes in thicknesses of 0.03 and 0.04 for fans that far surpass 9D, whilst remaining a safe weight for the natural lashes!

  • Pre-made Russian Volume fans 

  • Our Premade Russian Volume Fans are the BEST alternative tohandmade lash fans. Using these can increase the speed of your treatment by up to 50% and your clients will leave with the best Russian Volume Lash Extensions - imagine being able to give your clients a bold, dramatic, gorgeous lash look in half the time!

    Sets taking half the time means you can easily fit in more clients, or even more time spent on your marketing efforts - amazing that a premade fan could lead to increased income!  

    Perfect for any lash artist, from volume beginners to advanced lash techs! We do recommend that you only use premade fans if you have successfully completed a Volume course, as you still need to know how to apply them safely, to protect your clients’ lash health! 

    TOP TIP - Clients are usually happy to pay a bit extra forSpeedy Russian Volume Lash Extensions - so a slight extra charge will not just cover the cost of the Premade Russian Volume Lashes, but will also give you an extra income as a lash stylist!

  • Easy fanning lashes

  • Easy fanning lashes spring open when you grip them with your tweezers, making them super easy to fan! 

    These self fanning lashes have multiple lengths on each strip to help create the wispy Kimmy K lash look desired by clients in just HALF the time!

    The multilayered strips of easy fanning lashes allow you to grab fans directly from the strip resulting in quicker fan creation and quicker treatment time, making easy fanning lashes some of the best Volume lashes on the market!

  • Flat / Ellipse / Cashmere lashes

  • London Lash Matte Flat lashes, also known as the Cashmere Lashes or Ellipse Lashes, are the best single lashes if you want to create a full and dark look without feeling heavy or plastic.

    A flat lash is like a regular classic lash that has been squashed - imagine taking a 0.10 classic lash and flattening it - it’s now twice the width, so it looks like a 0.20 lash, but the same ‘weight’ as your 0.10 for the client. This means that if a client with weak, damaged or thin lashes comes to you and wants DRAMA - you can give it to them! 

    They create a super dense look by having the appearance of 0.25 / 0.20 classic lashes, but only weigh as much as 0.15/0.12 - AMAZING for adding drama without the weight! 

    They’re also slightly concave in shape (they curve inwards) so they hug the natural lash, increasing retention. Flat on the base lashes are helping to create a better bond between the natural lash and theeyelash extension which results in longer lasting lash retention!

    Flat lashes can also be used as the spikes in your Kim K sets.

  • Black-Brown & colored Lashes
  • Black Brown Lashes 

    Black-brown lash extensions are perfect for clients with fair hair and lashes. They can also be used to create a subtle look if your client has a profession where their lashes cannot look too dramatic. It’s always best to have these at the ready!

    Colored Lashes

    Bright multi-colored lashes are amazing for fantasy looks and festival lashes, or simply for adding a pop of color to an everyday look. 

    By now you’ll probably know exactly what lashes you want, so make sure you’re stocked up on your glues and pretreatment products!