What Are Volume Lash Extensions? | A Comprehensive Guide

While navigating the wonderful world of lash artistry, it may feel slightly confusing knowing which type of eyelash extensions you should offer. Whether it be Classic eyelash extensionsHybrid lashes, or Volume lashes - as a professional Lash Technician, it’s best to familiarize yourself with all three. As we have seen for a while now, Volume lash extensions have emerged as a fan favorite, promising clients a fuller and more captivating look. Whether you're an experienced Lash Technician or a newcomer to the scene, grasping the intricacies of Volume lashes is essential. From the allure of Volume lashes to the drama of Mega Volume lash extensions, our comprehensive guide will tell you all you need to know about the ever-so-popular Volume lashes. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together!

Isolating a lash during eyelash extensions treatment

What Are Volume Lashes?

Volume eyelash extensions represent a clever technique that involves making fluffy lash fans with multiple light and fine individual lashes. Distinct from Classic eyelash extensions, which involve adhering one extension to one natural lash, with Volume lashes, multiple extensions are applied to a single natural lash. Hybrid lashes, on the other hand incorporate both of these techniques, including both single Classic lashes and Volume lash fans in a single lash set to give a ‘hybrid’ effect, as the name suggests. Fine lash extensions can be crafted into a Volume fan, which can encompass anywhere from 2 to 6 extensions or even more if you want to create a Mega Volume set. The allure of Volume lashes is down to their adaptability. They can be customized to provide a delicate, wispy Volume lash appearance or a bolder, more dramatic effect, all based on the client's wishes. The choice is really your client’s but with your professional input, of course.

wispy volume lash extensions

Who Are Volume Lashes For?

They are a popular treatment for a reason! Volume lashes cater to a diverse clientele and offer a wide range of benefits. One of the standout advantages of these lash extensions is how they amplify the length and fullness of your client's lashes, offering a bolder and more captivating look. They are an ideal choice for individuals with sparse lashes desiring a fuller look and a go-to for those who yearn for a more glamorous and voluminous appearance than what Hybrid and Classic eyelash extensions offer. The best part? Your clients can ditch the mascara! This treatment reduces the reliance on mascara and other cosmetic products and not only shaves off precious minutes from your client's morning routine but also shields their natural lashes from potential harm due to conventional makeup use. 

Another significant perk of Volume eyelash extensions is their durability; based on your client's lifestyle and maintenance, they can endure anywhere from a couple of weeks to well over a month. In essence, if your client’s goal is to enhance their lashes without resorting to eyelash curlers, falsies, or layers of mascara, Volume eyelash extensions are the top pick!

Volume lash extensions with mink lashes

How Long Do Volume Lashes Last?

Provided the right pretreatment and post-care are followed, lash extensions can endure throughout the entire growth phase of the lashes! That being said, we strongly suggest your clients schedule consistent lash infills every three weeks to maintain that full and fresh appearance. It's important to remember that each natural lash follows its own unique growth timeline, so every client can be different.

We cannot stress this enough: Your clients should cleanse their lashes daily using a gentle lash cleanser - preferably a foaming lash shampoo. They should steer clear of oil-based products near the eyes and exercise caution while washing their face to extend the lifespan of their eyelash extensions post-lash treatment. In addition to this, it's crucial they minimize eye rubbing or excessive touching, as this can lead to early shedding of the extension and that’s the last thing we want!

How To Make Volume Lash Fans

The method for applying Volume lashes mirrors that of Classic lash extensions, but with a few distinct variations. Let’s approach this step by step. Like with any lash set, start by using lash shampoo to cleanse your client's natural lashes. Follow this with Protein Remover Pads and Cleanser for a thorough clean, and then prime the lashes with Primer. Remember, pretreatment is key for ultimate retention. There’s nothing worse than spending over 2 hours on a lash set, only for them to shed as soon as your client goes to wash their lashes, because rather than bonding to the natural lashes, they have adhered to the dirt on them instead. 

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Picking up a volume lash fan with lash tweezers

After the lashes are clean, choose the appropriate length, thickness, and curl of lash extensions that will best suit and accentuate your client's features, and lay them out on a lash palette. With Volume eyelash tweezers in hand, grasp 2 or more lash extensions and gently spread them out to form a fan shape, ensuring the bases of the extensions remain unified, or use Premade lashes. Finally, dip the base of your Volume fan into the lash adhesive and attach it to a single natural lash. This may sound easy, but as you may already know, this method can definitely feel more challenging than your regular Classic lashes. However, with time, dedication, and practice, your Volume fans will reach perfection.

The quantity of lash extensions you use does have an impact on the desired effect; for a more subtle appearance, 2-3 lashes per fan will work wonders, but for a bolder look, up to 20D can be used with ultra-fine lashes. To wrap up, apply a Superbonder sealant over the adhesive bonds and comb through the lashes using a lash brush, ensuring a uniform and voluminous finish.

A diagram of the perfect lash fan

Volume Lashes vs Mega Volume Lashes

The distinction between Volume lashes and Mega Volume lashes is in the density. While Volume lashes involve attaching 2-6 extensions per natural lash, offering a fuller yet somewhat natural look, Mega Volume lashes go a step further. With Mega Volume lash extensions, 6 or more extensions are attached to a single natural lash, resulting in a look that's all about drama and density. For those clients who seek a less uniform look, wispy Volume lashes blend different lengths and densities to create a fluttery, textured look.

Volume vs mega volume lash extensions

What Are The Best Tweezers for Volume Lashes?

Having the right tools is paramount for creating impeccable Volume lashes. There are so many designs of lash tweezers that it can be slightly overwhelming. For example, straight tip tweezers are fantastic for isolating natural lashes and picking up individual extensions, but on the other hand, boot-shaped tweezers are perfect for picking up volume lash fans as they allow for precise control and placement. All in all, picking the right tweezers for you is simply a personal preference! It’s whichever one feels the most comfortable - remember, the lash tweezer works for you. Its purpose is to lend a helping hand, and if your current lash extension tweezer doesn’t, then unfortunately, it’s time to let it go and search for a new one. 

It's vital to choose tweezers that not only feel comfortable in your hand but also provide a secure grip on the lashes. A worthy investment in top-notch tweezers can significantly elevate your Volume lash application. At London Lash, we have crafted a selection of lash tweezers that are purposefully designed to create and place Volume lash fans. For any set using 2D fans and below, our Multifunctional lash tweezers will do just the job. These are perfect for isolating lashes, separating stickies, and picking up and placing 2D lash fans. If you want to create 2D-6D fans, our Regular Volume Tweezers are ideal! The boot-shaped tip creates for a strong grip, which helps you to seamlessly create and pick up fans of up to 6D. 

Mega volume lash tweezers for lash techs

However, if your goal is to create full, fluffy, and glamorous Mega Volume lashes, our Mega Volume Lash Tweezers will be a match made in heaven. When aiming for that Mega Volume effect, it's essential to use tweezers capable of managing a larger number of lash extensions. Our Mega Volume Lash Tweezers offer a solid grasp with an optimal surface area, enabling you to execute various fanning methods with ease. Our Regular Volume and Mega Volume Tweezers each have theirown unique “sweet point” for the best possible grip, and arealso available with a Fiber Tip for additional grip and hold. 

Mega volume fiber tip lash tweezers

Since Volume lash extensions were introduced to the lash industry, they have only skyrocketed in popularity as they offer a versatile look. Whether your client is drawn to Hybrid lashes or the undeniable drama of Mega Volume lash extensions, mastering Volume lashes is indispensable for every Lash Technician. Continual learning, consistent practice, and investing in the finest tools are the keys to ensuring your clients leave your lash studio with the most breathtaking lashes they've ever seen!