The Importance of Getting Your Lash Tweezers from a Reputable Company | Why Should Buy Eyelash Tweezers from a Reputable Brand 

Lash tweezers are essential tools for your lash artistry, just like lash glue or the lashes themselves! Therefore, investing in high-quality pairs from a reputable brand ensures durability, top-notch performance, and reliable customer support for those rare moments when things aren't perfect.

Using gold lash tweezers

“Lash Extension Tweezers Cost Less on eBay and Amazon”

Sure, they might be cheaper, but there's a reason for that. Tweezers sold on platforms like eBay and Amazon often don't undergo the rigorous testing that reputable lash brands perform. For example, when our tweezers arrive at our warehouse, they undergo an additional round of quality control before hitting the shelves. We check for balance, precision tips, flawless finishes, and proper grip.

Any tweezers that don't meet our standards are sent back for recycling. Only those that pass our stringent checks are added to our inventory and shipped to you. Even before shipping, we open and inspect them AGAIN to ensure that only the best reach your hands!

lash tweezers in tweezer storage

“But The Eyelash Tweezers Look the Same!”

They might appear identical, and some might even come from the same manufacturers, but that's not a given. Without knowing the origin of the tweezers, you can't be sure they won't tarnish easily due to incorrect metal compositions. You also can't guarantee they'll withstand the autoclave and the chemicals needed for thorough cleaning, nor can you count on years of reliable use.

DID YOU KNOW it's possible to have an allergic reaction to tweezers? Stainless steel, even medical-grade, contains metals like nickel and copper. Some people are sensitive to nickel, and while it's not very common, if you lash without gloves and your fingers often itch, you might be allergic to your lash tweezers!

Lash extension tweezers and accessories on lash trolley

“But If They Cost Less, Even If I Have to Buy More, It's Still Cheaper”

Not necessarily. You could buy one pair of high-quality curved isolation tweezers from a reputable brand for $15 or three pairs of similar tweezers from eBay for the same price. Sounds good, right?

But have you factored in additional shipping fees? What about the environmental impact? Consider the frustration if you arrive at the salon to find your cheap tweezers tarnished or bent after leaving them in the autoclave overnight. You'll have to wait a week or so for a new pair to arrive, disrupting your schedule, instead of starting your day smoothly with reliable tools. 

Gold Mega volume lash extension tweezers with fiber tip

What If I Don’t Like My New London Lash Tweezers?”

You can exchange them! First, we'll discuss what you don't like and suggest an alternative pair. If anything is wrong with them—which is rare—we'll send a new, perfect pair and only ask for photos of the issue. 

Every pair of London Lash tweezers comes with quality assurance, thorough hand testing, and ongoing support from a team of real lash experts who care about your experience. Those elements are invaluable.

Have questions? Drop an email to our support team for advice!