Why You Should Buy Lash Tweezers From a Reputable Company

Lash tweezers are just as important to our work as lash glue or the lashes themselves, so it’s well worth investing in decent pairs to ensure longevity, quality, and support on the odd occasion that anything would be less than perfect. 

Lash Tweezers Cost Less on eBay and Amazon

Yes, they do, and that’s for a few different reasons. The first is that they’re simply not tested in the same way that tweezers purchased from a reputable lash brand are - when our tweezers arrive in our warehouse, before they ever make it to the shelf they’re sent for another round of quality control - are they even weighted? Are the tips perfect? Are there any imperfections in the finish? Do they grip the way they should? 

Any pair of tweezers found to be lacking are shipped back to be recycled, and everything that makes the grade gets added to our inventory and sent out to you. BUT, before they’re sent, they’re opened up and checked over again, so you can be sure that if something isn’t quite right, it’s not getting sent to you!

But They Look the Same!

They may well do, and some of them might even be the same pairs, however that’s not guaranteed. If you can’t guarantee where the lash extension tweezers came from, you can’t guarantee that they won’t become tarnished easily due to the levels of different metals inside being different to what they should be, you can’t guarantee that they’ll happily withstand the autoclave and the chemicals you’ll need to thoroughly clean them. You can’t guarantee years of use.

DID YOU KNOW it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to tweezers? Stainless steel, even medical grade tweezers, contain other metals such as Nickel and Copper - there are some people who are sensitive to Nickel especially, and while it’s not super common, if you’re lashing without gloves and you often find that your hands itch - particularly your fingers - you may be allergic to your lash tweezers! 

lash tweezers

Okay But If They Cost Less, Even If I have to Buy More, It’s Still Cheaper

Yes and no - you could buy one pair of curved isolation tweezers from London Lash for £12.99 and 3 pairs of similar tweezers from eBay for the same amount. Great.

But have you considered the additional shipping fees? Have you considered the environmental impact? Have you considered that if you come into the salon to find that your nice cheap eBay tweezers have tarnished or even bent whilst in the autoclave overnight, you’ll have to wait a week or so for a new pair of tweezers to arrive, rather than just getting started with your day? 

Okay, I got some London Lash Tweezers - What If I don’t Like Them? 

Exchange them! Firstly we’ll try to get to the bottom of what it is you don’t like so that we can suggest an alternative, and then we can help you to exchange them for a pair you will love. If anything is wrong with them at all - as unlikely as this is - we’ll get a new, perfect pair sent out, and ask for only photos of the issue in return. 

The fact of the matter is that every pair of London Lash Tweezers comes with quality assurance, rigorous hand testing and with lasting support from a team of real people - real lash experts - who genuinely care about you and your experience! Those are elements which are pretty much priceless. 

Have questions? Drop an email to support@londonlash.com for advice!