What Should You Do With Your Discounted Black Friday Lash Glues?

Just like that, Black Friday has come and gone. If you grabbed some eyelash extension glue with one of our incredible deals, now's the moment to strategize. How will you ensure that your glue remains effective 4, 5, or even 6 months down the line?

Remember, lash glue has a 6-month shelf life from its production date (DOP), which you can find on the bottle's base. Although it’s tempting to stock up, it's wise to only stock what you'll use within 6 months, or 4 months to play it safe!

lash glue for eyelash extensions with glue shaker

How Should You Store Eyelash Glue?

Every eyelash extension glue deserves a cool, dry spot that is shielded from direct sunlight and heat. What's the best way to achieve this? An airtight container is key! While specialized containers from lash stores are the best as it has been designed for this purpose, even a simple Tupperware will do. You can even toss in some rice for moisture control.

Avoid storing your glue near windows or heaters. And here's a pro tip: once opened, never refrigerate your glue. The condensation can cause premature polymerization inside the bottle. However, unopened bottles can be refrigerated if kept in an airtight container withsilica gel pouches or rice. Just ensure you let it sit out for at least an hour before use so that it reaches room temperature. Make sure you always store it upright and ensure the cap is tightly sealed - this ensures that it is airtight.

Airtight container for eyelash glue

How Long Does a Bottle Of Lash Glue Last After Opening?

Once opened, eyelash glue remains effective for up to 2 months. To keep track, simply attach a piece of tape to the bottle's base and write down when you first opened your glue. For the best results, consider replacing your glue every 4-6 weeks.

Date of production on eyelash glue

Overstocked On Glue? Here's What to Do

If within the first 14 days you realize you've bought too much, returns are an option for completely unopened glue. This means both the aluminum pouch and the bottle's shrink-wrap must be intact and sealed. Opened items won't qualify for refunds; however, if our customer service team is feeling extra giving, they might surprise you with a gift card equivalent to the glue's value.


We get it; Black Friday deals are tempting. But with products like lash glue that have specific storage needs and short shelf lives, it's best to shop smart!