Do Glue Shakers Improve Lash Retention? Absolutely!

It’s time to shake it up (literally). Forget the old-school method of manually shaking your adhesive—it’s exhausting, messy, and sometimes just doesn’t mix well enough! The era of hand-shaking your lash glue is officially over, and the age of the glue shaker has dawned.

So, what’s the big deal with glue shakers? And why not just stick to the traditional hand-shake?

Glue shaker for lash glue

It’s a Time-Saver

Manually shaking your glue is less efficient and takes up precious time. To properly mix your lash adhesive’s components by hand, you need to vigorously shake the bottle for at least a minute. But with a glue shaker, you cut down the shaking time by 45 seconds each time! It might seem minor, but let’s dive deeper…

In a typical 2-hour lash extensions session, you might refresh your glue drop around every 20 minutes, totaling about 6 times, or possibly more. By using a glue shaker, you’re saving approximately 4.5 minutes per client, which you can use to enhance the fullness of the lashes or snap a few extra pics for your social media!

shaker for lash glue

Ensures Thorough Mixing

The centrifugal force from a glue shaker mixes the adhesive more effectively than any hand-shaking method could. This means your glue remains consistently high-quality from the first application to the last. Say goodbye to the days of uneven mixes, where halfway through a bottle, you’re left with nothing but pigment and stabilizer.

How to use a lash glue shaker

Protects Your Nozzles

The centrifugal force not only mixes better but also keeps the adhesive away from the nozzle, preventing clogs and spills. When you shake a bottle by hand, it’s too easy to end up with adhesive in the nozzle, leading to blockages or messy accidents upon opening. A glue shaker ensures that the glue stays where it should, keeping your nozzles clean and your workspace tidy.

Perks of a lash glue shaker

Additional Perks?

Beyond its functionality, a glue shaker is a stylish addition to any salon. Its sleek white and gold design features a built-in shaker attachment designed for durability and long-term use. Simply choose the right rubber attachment for your glue bottle, secure it, and attach it to the shaker!

With two rubber attachments included, it accommodates nearly all eyelash extension glues on the market - certainly every glue from London Lash. We suggest using the smaller attachment for London Lash glues. Its three-speed settings ensure a perfect mix every time, with a recommendation of speed 3 for the initial shake of the day and any speed for 3-5 seconds for subsequent shakes.

The inclusion of a built-in rechargeable battery (with a USB charging cable) reduces waste, making this glue shaker a more eco-friendly choice.

how to use an eyelash glue shaker

If you haven’t incorporated a glue shaker into your lash toolkit yet, now’s the time to do so. And if you already own one, perhaps it’s time to consider an upgrade!