Why Shaking Your Lash Glue is Important | How to Shake Eyelash Glue

As a Lash Technician, you’ll already know that every detail matters. From the consultation to the application, each step is crucial to ensure your client leaves your salon with a stunning set of lashes and a fantastic experience overall. One such detail, often overlooked but of great importance, is the act of shaking your lash glue. But is it really necessary? Let's take a look.

Airtight container holding lash glue

Why Shaking Your Lash Glue is Essential!

Getting the Perfect Consistency

Lash glue is arguably the most important product of your eyelash extension treatment (besides the lashes themselves!), and shaking it is a must for maximum retention. For it to work at its absolute best, you need to shake your adhesive vigorously to ensure the ingredients are properly mixed. Over time and with temperature fluctuations, these ingredients can settle or separate and when this happens, the glue's efficacy can be compromised. Shaking it will ensure that the formula remains homogeneous, preventing any ingredients from settling at the bottom. This consistent mixture is crucial for achieving the perfect application, ensuring that every lash extension adheres properly. 

Maximize the Bonding Strength

The best lash glue formulas are designed to offer a bond that can withstand daily activities, from blinking, to washing your face, the world is your client's oyster. If the glue isn't shaken and the bonding agents aren't evenly distributed, the resulting bond might be weaker in some areas. This can lead to premature shedding of the lash extensions. By ensuring that the adhesive is well-mixed, you can be confident in the longevity and durability of your work.

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Prevents Premature Drying

The drying time of lash glue can be a tricky thing to get right anyway, so when your working conditions are at their optimum, the last thing you need is your lash glue to be playing up because you’ve not shaken it properly. The drying time needs to be quick enough for efficient application but not so fast that it becomes unworkable. When the ingredients in the glue separate, it can alter its drying time. Some drops might dry almost instantly, causing clumps or stickies, while others might remain wet, leading to sliding extensions that don't adhere properly. A Lash Technician’s worst nightmare! Shaking the bottle ensures that the formula retains its intended drying time, allowing for a flawless application every time.

Satisfied Clients

In the beauty industry, client satisfaction is paramount. Clients are not just paying for lash extensions; they're investing in the experience, the expertise of the technician, and the promise of beautiful, long-lasting results. When lash glue is properly shaken and mixed, it performs at its best. This means extensions that last longer, look more natural, and feel comfortable. Happy clients are not only more likely to return for future appointments, but they also become ambassadors for the service, sharing their positive experiences with friends and family.

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How to Shake Your Lash Glue

Shaking your lash glue is not just about giving it a quick shake and go. To shake your lash glue properly:

Firm Hold: Grip the lash glue bottle firmly between your thumb and fingers.

Vigorous Motion: Shake the bottle vigorously side to side for about a minute before the first use and 30 seconds before each new drop. Shaking it with this motion, rather than up and down, prevents the adhesive from getting stuck in the nozzle. 

Check Consistency: After shaking, check the consistency of the glue. It should be smooth and uniform, without any visible separation or discoloration.

Shaking lash glue demonstration

The London Lash Glue Shaker

The London Lash Glue Shaker is not just a tool; it’s an essential to have in your lash kit! In a profession where precision and consistency are key, using a lash glue shaker will ensure that you can deliver your best work every time. Manually shaking a bottle can lead to inconsistencies, not to mention the physical strain over time - no one wants the dreaded wrist strain.

Its ergonomic and user-friendly design makes it an indispensable tool for professionals. Not to mention, you’ll reduce the time needed to shake your lash glue down from 60 seconds, to just 15 seconds!Using centrifugal force, it will mix your eyelash glue perfectly, whilst also keeping the eyelash glue from clogging the nozzle of the bottle - amazing right? By incorporating this device into your lash kit, you can elevate the quality of your service, ensuring that every client receives the best that the industry has to offer.

The benefits of a lash glue shaker

Signs Your Lash Glue Isn't Mixed Properly

Knowing when your lash glue isn't mixed properly is crucial for optimal retention. Here are some signs to look out for:

Visible Separation: If you can see clear layers or separation in the glue, it's a clear indication that it hasn't been shaken well and mixed properly. Your glue should, if containing a black pigment, appear black and not gray.

Inconsistent Texture: The glue should have a consistent texture throughout. Any clumps or overly watery sections suggest inadequate mixing.

Altered Drying Time: As mentioned earlier, separated glue can either dry too quickly or too slowly. If you notice a significant change in the drying time during application, it might be due to improperly mixed glue.

Weak Bonding: If the extensions aren't adhering as strongly as they usually do, or if they're shedding prematurely, it could be a result of unevenly mixed adhesive. 

The ingredients in lash glue

By being vigilant and ensuring that your lash glue is always mixed properly, you can guarantee an amazing application every time. Correctly shaking your lash glue is a small step, but it makes a world of difference in the final results. Trust us, if you look after your lash glue, it will look after you! Your clients will leave with a huge smile and Insta-worthy lashes that stay intact.