Top Tips for Lash Technicians: How to Give Great Customer Care

Being a Lash Technician is no joke! You’re constantly going between being your own marketing executive, finance manager, buyer and social media star - not to mention actually applying lashes for countless customers every week! The hustle is real, but we’re here to help you deliver the BEST customer service experience, time and again!

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Whether you’re just starting out in your lash career or have been self-employed for years, we understand how important delivering the BEST customer service is to you, your business and your clients - remember that for us, good customer service doesn’t begin and end with the lash treatment!

We know you already have amazing customer service skills, but here are a few extra tips to REALLY set you apart…

Remember Their Birthday!

Usually, when a client is filling out a consultation card there is a field for them to input their date of birth - mostly this is used to make sure they're old enough to be having lash extensions, but you can go the extra mile and use that to wish them a happy birthday! Whether you offer them a little birthday discount on their next treatment, or just send them a happy birthday message, this little extra touch will make them feel oh-so-special! 

Start A Loyalty Scheme

This can be anything that works for you, but a good example would be giving them a discount for their 5th visit. You can keep this record digitally, but giving them a little card that you stamp on each of their visits will be really beneficial, as it is a little visual reminder for them to keep coming back!

Offer A ‘Refer A Friend’ Benefit

Word of mouth is one of the most effective, yet often under-utilised business tools - if someone loves your services and tells a friend about how great you are, why not reward them? Better yet, reward their friend as well! Having a small 'thank you for sharing me with your friends' incentive will not only make your clients feel super rewarded for their efforts, but will also motivate them to tell more of their friends! 

Show Empathy

Your clients are coming to you every 3 weeks on average, so being a sympathetic listener or shoulder to cry on is going to win you lots and lots of appreciation points! On a similar note, keep in mind that sometimes clients won’t be super lovely - sometimes people are going through hard times and that comes out in the way they react to, and interact with others - if you can be patient and kind with them, it will go a long way.

Keep Detailed Client Notes

On their client card where you keep a note of their styling (Jennifer, C, CC, D Dolly, 7-14mm), keep a little note of things they’ve spoken about during their appointment - are they going on holiday? To a wedding? Note it down and ask about it next time! Remembering those little details about people is what shows then that you genuinely care about and appreciate them.

Creature Comforts

Consider having some extra padding on your lash bed - in the age of covid, it’s not always possible to have blankets for your clients, but putting down a little mattress topper to keep then extra comfy will go such a long way in keeping them comfy for their whole treatment. 

Keep It Pretty

Other things to consider are making sure your lash room/salon is always super tidy and is decorated nicely - they're coming to you for an aesthetic treatment after all, so wowing them with your interior design prowess will show them that they're in great hands!

Communicate clearly

Let them know exactly when you are reachable - clearly display your opening times, when they are likely to hear back from you (messages are answered in no more than 24 hours, Tuesday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm EST, for example) and let them know when you’ll be away on holiday in plenty of time. This information can be displayed on your social channels, on your website, and in person in your work space - clear communication is so important for a great experience!

Educate Your Clients on the Best Aftercare

Instead of reeling off a list of ‘don’t do this, avoid that’, tell your clients whythey need to do what you tell them - ‘avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours, because this can interfere with your lash retention’, ‘make sure to clean your lashes daily, as it will keep your eyes healthy and will make your lashes last longer’ - we all benefit from being taught things, rather than just being told!

Keep it Simple

Make it very easy for them to book in with you, whether it is their first time or their 100th it should be super easy for them to book their time with you - clearly display your availability, and at the end of their lash appointment, offer them the chance to book their next infill - it will keep them coming back, and will save you both time!

Remember that a dissatisfied client is likely to tell 7 of their friends, so going the extra mile with your clients will do you and your business the biggest favour! 


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