Lash Extensions Aftercare Q&A: Expert Advice for Lash Technicians | Questions That Your Clients Will Ask

During your lash career, you’ve most definitely come across numerous questions from your clients about how they can take care of their lash extensions. First things first, this is actually a blessing because if they’ve asked these questions, then they’re obviously interested in aftercare! Technically, you're not just an expert in applying lash extensions; you're also a guide for your clients on how to maintain their beautiful new lashes too, since proper aftercare is crucial for the longevity of lash extensions and the health of your client's natural lashes. So, whatever the question, we’re here to help! This Q&A is designed to be a tool you can use to educate your clients on the best practices for lash extension aftercare, so let's dive into some of their most common questions and concerns.

Foaming lash shampoo on lash trolley

“Why Are My Lash Extensions Shedding?”

Believe it or not, shedding is a natural part of the lash life cycle, so if a client complains that when they’ve got home a few of their lashes have fallen out already, do not panic! They may think it’s their Lash Tech’s fault, but in many cases, it’s actually not. On average, we lose between 1-5 natural lashes per day, but this can vary depending on the season, and our lashes typically go through a 60-90 day growth period, which is why it is so important for your clients to have a lash fill every 2-3 weeks. Since lash extensions are attached to individual natural lashes, they'll shed with that natural lash, and this is way more noticeable than one of their natural lashes falling out. However, excessive shedding can be a sign of improper aftercare, such as rough handling or failing to clean their lashes properly. Educating your clients on gentle and effective aftercare and the importance of using a lash shampoo can help minimize unnecessary shedding. We’ve got an entire blog post here dedicated to lash shedding if you’d like to learn more!

“How Do I Sleep with Eyelash Extensions?”

For all of your front and side sleeping clients, this might be a hard one to break to them. Unfortunately, sleeping face down or on your side can cause premature shedding of their lash extensions, so it is recommended that your clients sleep on their backs and consider investing in a silk pillowcase to help reduce any friction. This simple change can significantly extend the life of their lash extensions, meaning they won’t wake up with fifteen lashes resting beside them on their pillow!

Lash extensions falling out

“Can I Get Eyelash Extensions Wet?”

Yes, and you should! There's a common myth that water is the enemy of lash extensions, and this stems back to a time when Lash Technicians used actual Mink lashes that could not get wet. But the truth is, hygiene is absolutely key to maintaining healthy lashes and retention. After the initial 24 hours post-application (to allow the lash glue to fully cure), your clients should gently clean their lashes daily with a specially formulated eyelash shampoo. However, if you use a Lash Bonder at the end of your treatments, it will instantly cure the lash glue, so your clients can get their lashes wet straight away! 

It’s also important that your clients wash their lashes every day to keep their lash lines clean and free from potential irritants like oil and dirt, which can get in between the lash glue bonds and the lashes, causing them to shed. Using a lash shampoo is also vital because it will help to reduce the likelihood of your clients experiencing eye infections, an overabundance of lash mites, and a build up of blepharitis. We have an entire aftercare guide here if you want to expand your knowledge, and you can even send the link straight to your clients!

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“Can I Have a Hot Shower with Lash Extensions?”

Hot showers are fine, but your clients should really try to avoid hot and humid environments since high humidity levels can weaken the bonds between the lash glue and the natural lashes, leading to premature shedding. To avoid this happening, it’s best to advise your clients to have warm showers (not hot!) and to keep their bathrooms well-ventilated to prevent excessive steam from building up.

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“What About Steam Rooms?”

Steam rooms, like hot showers, can also negatively affect the longevity of lash extensions because of the high humidity levels and heat. That’s why us Lash Techs always advise our clients to skip the steam room, the sauna, and hot yoga classes if they want to maintain their lash extensions for as long as possible.

We actually have a blog post about showering and going to steam rooms with lash extensions if you or your clients want to give it a read!

“What Happens if I Rub My Eyes?”

Rubbing the eyes causes friction and can result in immediate damage to lash extensions by pulling them out prematurely along with the natural lashes. This is why it's important to educate your clients about being gentle with their eyes and using a clean, dry mascara wand or eyelash brush to relieve any itches or discomfort.

Brushing lash extensions with reusable mascara wand

“Can I Wear Makeup With Lash Extensions?”

Lash extensions are actually perfect for people who wear makeup, as they can make your makeup routine so much easier and quicker! So yes, clients can wear makeup, but with caution! Water-based and oil-free makeup products are best, since oil-based makeup can weave in between the glue bonds. You also need to emphasize the importance of avoiding waterproof mascara, as it's super difficult to remove and can lead to your clients rubbing or pulling on their lashes. Really, your clients won’t need to use mascara anyway as their lash extensions will do all the work, but for those who still feel the need to use a little bit of mascara, then recommend a light application to the tips of the extensions only. If you or your clients have any more questions about wearing makeup with eyelash extensions, check out this blog post for everything you need to know!

“What About Skincare?”

Skincare products, especially those containing oils, can have a negative effect on lash retention, as we’ve previously mentioned. Advise your clients to apply their face creams and serums with care, avoiding the eye area to prevent going near their lashes, particularly the glue zone. Also, recommending oil-free cleansers and makeup removers will make it easier for your clients and help with the retention of their lash extensions.

Applying false lashes to eyelash extensions

“Do I Need to Brush My Lash Extensions?”

Absolutely! Daily brushing with a clean, dry mascara wand helps keep lash extensions neat, tidy, and free from tangles. It's a simple step that makes a big difference in maintaining the aesthetics of lash extensions, as sometimes the extensions can twist, so brushing them ensures that they’re all facing the right direction. Plus, it's an opportunity to gently inspect their lashes for any signs or issues that may need professional attention, such as blepharitis.

“Can I Remove Lash Extensions at Home?”

The answer to this question will always be a big NO! It's crucial that you stress to your clients that DIY lash extension removal is very risky and can lead to permanent damage to their natural lashes. It can even result in blindness if any lash removal product (which is intended for use only by professionals) gets in their eyes, or they end up poking their eye with sharp tweezers while trying to remove them. We cannot emphasize this enough: professional removal is always the safest option. If a client is experiencing discomfort or an issue with their lash extensions, they should contact you for advice or to schedule a lash removal appointment.

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So, there we have it - all of your clients' questions, answered! Educating your clients on these aftercare practices not only helps them maintain their lash extensions for longer, but also builds trust and loyalty, since they'll see you as a knowledgeable professional who cares about their overall satisfaction and well-being. 

For more in-depth information on each topic, be sure to check out the linked blog posts on our site, where we dive deeper into everything you’ll ever need to know about eyelash extensions.